How Did Hanako Kun Die as a Ghost?

Who is Hanako Kun? 

Which kind of anime does Hanako Kun from? 

What happened to Hanako die? 

What did he look like when he was a human being? 

Have you heard of the saying that appearances can deceive? 

Hanako is a perfect illustration of this saying because the character may appear to be an elementary school kid however, he is a very powerful more than a half-century-old ghost.

At one time Hanko Kun was also known as Yugi Amane. He is also among the principal characters in the anime Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun based on a manga series with an identical name. 

Otakus are now extremely curious about the mysterious boy who has the title of a terrifying ghost.

I’m sure you’ve probably become interested in the most adorable ghost in the world of anime. If you’re looking at this post, we’d simply like to inform you that thank you for everything and that you are rated 10/10 for cuteness. 

This article is solely dedicated to our only Hanako Kun.

Hanako Kun Personality

As the Seventh student mystery and leader in the Seven Mysteries, Hanako maintains the harmony between the supernaturals and humans of the school. He frequently assists out in the vicinity. He is fun, playful, and loves to have fun. 

Since he’s quite a naughty person, he enjoys making fun of other people and is often a bit playful. However, he can also get stressed easily. Despite his childish personality, Yako and Tsuchigomori respect him and obey his instructions as schoolmates. 

Hanako can be very serious at times, however, at other times, he is quite jolly. Hanako is also sadistic sometimes, as was evident when he jokingly threatened to transform Yako into a fox Udon (he often threatens other people by using a knife from the kitchen). Yashiro Nene says he is “hard to understand”.

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His personality is like the one he had the time he was a human aside from the fact that at the time he was enthusiastic about astronomy and had dreams of becoming an astronaut. But, he rarely is a public speaker on the topic. 

In addition, when his time was here, he appeared more shy and withdrawn. He isn’t a fan of talking about or being brought back to his past due to the negative connotations.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead.

Toilet-Bound Hanako-Kun: Synopsis

The tale of Hanako-san or the tale that tells of the ghostly figure of a small girl who haunts school toilets is among the most popular Japanese urban myths. The legend of Hanako-san has its own version within Kamome Academy.

According to the legend of the school that if one succeeds in summoning Hanako’san, she will accept a request from the person summoning her. Kamome Academy has seen many people over the years try to summon her because of the mythology, with every attempt failing. 

If Nene Yashiro is a 14-year-old student at Kamome School Kamome Academy, seeking love calls Hanako-san in a bizarre twist of fate, he discovers that the legendary girl actually is an unborn boy.

The thrilling adventure begins with Nene who is unknowingly caught up in the world of the supernatural when she becomes Hanako’s assistant. 

After a string of horrific events involving her s*xual desires and her love for Hanako, she is soon to discover Kun’s real obligation, which is to protect an equilibrium between the mortal and the supernatural.

In 2020, Toilet-Bound will be released. Hanako-Kun is currently in its first season and has 12 episodes. It’s available to stream on various platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and others.

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Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun was the first manga series written by Aidalro and is serialized within Monthly GFantasy, a shonen manga magazine published by Square Enix since 2014. 

At present, it is available in 16 Tankobon volumes. Due to the manga’s popularity, the Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun manga was made into an anime in 2020.

How did Hanako Kun die?

Trigger Warning: Mentions of Suicide

At present, only certain details of Hanako’s life were shown in the anime and the manga. What we do know today is that Hanako was through a lot throughout his life, and generally had a very difficult background as a person. 

The character is known in the manga as Yugi Amane Hanako was killed due to mysterious causes. The cause of his death has not been stated in the anime, nor in the manga. After killing his twin brother Yugi Tsukasa Amane passed away when he was just 13. 

After his death, he became ghostly, Amane took up the name of Hanako and was later one of seven mysteries at the Kamome Academy.

It is revealed through the story that Hanako is still carrying some guilt after all these years of murdering his brother Tsukasa. 

So, many fans believe that the guilt may be too to Amane to bear, and this might have led him to take his own life. But, it is important to be aware that this is just an idea. 

The manga is being published, we’re sure that the reason behind Hanako’s demise will be known at some point or another. 

Let’s be hopeful that our beloved character didn’t meet an unlucky end. In the meantime take a moment and take in what it offers.

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