Why is Bleach Not on Crunchyroll?

We are only a few days away from the official start of the Bleach Thousand Year Blood War story on the Japanese TV Network.

However, there is still no official word on which streaming service fans will be able to use to watch the show.

On October 1, Crunchyroll took down all 15 seasons of shows that had been there before and Why is Bleach Not on Crunchyroll?

On the YouTube channel “Crunchyroll Collection,” which shares anime clips, openings, and endings, all of the Bleach-related material has been taken down.

Since Crunchyroll removed all Bleach content from its site, it means that another streaming service has bought the rights to watch the next Bleach arc and all the seasons before it.

After about 10 years, the Bleach anime is finally coming back to adapt the last part of the now-famous Tite Kubo series. But Bleach fans all over the world are pretty upset with how the series is being run, and they have good reason to be.

Fans have been waiting a long time to see The Thousand Year Blood War animated and on screen. However, a series of news has made many fans unhappy.

First, people started to worry when it was said that leaks proved that, after a long bidding war, Disney had won the right to watch the series. Many people thought that this meant that the final arc would be “family-friendly” like other Disney shows. Fans were worried about heavy censorship, bad translations, and a limit on how much bloodshed could be shown.

Some people called out the bad things and many others made jokes about this change, but not many stayed positive and pointed out the good things.

With Disney in charge of streaming the series, the marketing for the final arc is sure to have a big budget and bring in a lot of new watchers. This could show that the series is popular enough to keep going, since Bleach has a lot of side stories that could be turned into anime.

No matter what, all we have right now are leaks, and we don’t know for sure that Disney has bought the rights. But it looks like one of the main reasons Disney bought Pixar may still come true, no matter who owns the streaming rights to Bleach.

What Is Officiall Statement About Upcoming Bleach Arc?

We know for sure that Bleach will be a broadcast, which means that fans around the world will be able to watch episodes on the same day as Japan.

There will be 4 courses in the TYBW arc of Bleach. A cour is a three-month long anime season that usually has 12 episodes.

According to mobilesyrup, Disney Plus will add the first 16 seasons of Bleach on October 26. However, this is not yet confirmed by the company.

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