28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

What do you think is the longest running anime?

Prepare some extraordinary watching material, if you are planning to watch a very long episode series.

Anime series will in general come in two phases: rather short and very long.

Probably the most well-known anime accompanies scary scene checks.

Yet, regardless of whether you’ve looked after 400 scenes of Naruto or more than 700 scenes of One Piece, that isn’t anything contrasted with the longest-running anime recorded in this article.

But if you guys think that Naruto and One Piece have many episodes you are wrong.

If you just check the rundown thoroughly you will get surprised as well as shocked by watching the episode list.

Here I have prepared the Longest Running Anime Series in this rundown for you guys if you want to spend a lot of time on a character so here let’s start the rundown without any delay.

Updated June 28, 2024, by Shagun Singh: There are so many new anime released every year, and it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with all of them. It can be quite challenging to give anime a fair chance, especially when they have an extensive backlog spanning decades with hundreds, or even thousands, of episodes to watch. There are many instances where a lengthy journey is worth the anticipation, but more frequently, it turns out to be the opposite. It’s particularly disappointing when years of storytelling culminate in minimal resolution, ultimately tarnishing the anime’s longstanding legacy.

Here Are Some Of The Longest Running Anime Series

28. Black Clover

Longest Running Anime Series

This show got off to a rough start, as everyone in the community groaned at the sound of Asta’s speech.

But it just kept going. The screams got less loud, everyone got to see how powerful Yami and Luck were, some good bad guys showed up, and before anyone knew it, Black Clover turned good.

When I think about it, the ten or so annoying episodes don’t hold a match to the 130 episodes that have already aired and the 20 that will air this season.

I think Black Clover is a great and safe choice if you want to spend some time on a new-age shounen story.

27. Bleach

13 bleach anime screenshot 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

As you might expect, the big three in the world of anime are all here. At this point on the list, we’ll start with Bleach.

It has the fewest shows of the big three, with only 366.

But we might be getting a makeover soon, so the numbers might go up.

It’s a dream for edge lords because the style and mood are very sharp, dark, and cool.

In all honesty, the fights and power-ups are very well made. Aizen is only a god… a god that I can’t stop looking at.

Plus, it has that sweet, sweet memories that everyone born in the 1990s needs to keep their sanity.

26. Dragon Ball Z

08 dragon ball z anime 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

At this point, I don’t even want to count how many episodes there are in all of the different Dragon Ball shows.

Even more so since Dragon Ball Z alone has 291 episodes and fits the bill.

And what else is there to say about the series at this point?

We’ve heard dozens of times over the years that Goku is a bad father, that yelling gives you power, and that Krillin dies.

And with seasons like Dragon Ball Super, that legacy will definitely last for at least another ten years.

25. Hunter x Hunter

07 hunter x hunter anime 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

I have a very special place in my heart for this one. I think it has one of the best story arcs in the history of anime.

This is called the Chimera Ant Arc.

Also, it’s interesting to note that the arc has 60 episodes, so it would be on this list even if there weren’t 80 more episodes.

As far as the whole plot goes, HxH doesn’t have a good finish.

But the show ends on a good note and never gets so boring and repetitive that it loses its appeal.

It also had some great bad guys, great fight scenes, and made me cry a few times.

All in all, it was a top-tier movie.

24. Hajime no Ippo

06 hajime no ippo anime 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

Now, this famous show from the 2000s gives you the Rocky experience, but in a lot more detail.

With 76 episodes plus two movies in the first season, 26 episodes in the second season, and 25 episodes in the third season, you really get your money’s worth with ring.

This is a must-see for anyone who likes anime about sports.

You get those great fights with inner speeches and epic music, and we really get to know our main characters in the “background” of the show.

23. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

05 jojos bizarre adventure anime screenshot 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

It’s like joining a new faith when you start to like JoJo. A faith that is all about being a man, memes, and more memes.

It’s a little different from the other shows on this list because every season or part after the first two has a mostly new cast, with only a few familiar names.

If you’ve been on the Internet for a while and kept seeing the name Dio or someone shouting “Muda!” and punching someone… yeah.

So, let’s say you want to know what’s funny.

If so, I really think you should watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Between the 5 parts of the anime, there are more than 100 episodes, so you can really get into it.

22. Sailor Moon ( 200 episodes)

03 sailor moon anime 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

Just to be safe, let’s read one more shoujo.

Sailor Moon is the queen of anime for young girls.

It has about 200 episodes and a few movies that were hugely popular in the 1990s and early 2000s.

And since the magic girl trope has been done to death by now, it’s nice to go back and watch the original show that started it all.

The animation still looks great today.

And if you don’t watch it all at once, it might be a good way to wind down at the end of each day if you don’t watch it all at once.

21. Obake no Q-tarō (510 episodes)

Obake no Q-tarō

Q-taro, a monster, is living with the Ohara family.

He can fly and make his body transparent, but he cannot turn his body into other things like other monsters do.

He is a scattered mind, and he always makes mistakes and causes trouble.

More than 500 episodes of this anime got some kickass art so automatically got secure his place in the rundown.

20. Perman (526 episodes)


Mitsuo Suwa is the main character in the arrangement, Mitsuo is the cumbersome 11-year-old kid picked as the main Perman.

Of the five known Perman, he has had the nearest calls to having his mystery personality made known.

He takes after Nobita Nobi from Doraemon. 

As Mitsuo, he usually wears a white shirt with green shorts. As Perman, he wears a blue cap, red cape, and P-formed identification.

His duplicate robot tone is yellow or white. With more than 500 scenes, this arrangement additionally got it put on my rundown.

19. Ninja Hattori-Kun (696 episodes)

Ninja Hattori-Kun

The everyday Sanyo family gets a sudden shock looking like another tenant Hattori is a ninja kid who has descended from the Iga mountains to go to a typical school.

Become a close acquaintance with Kenichi Sanyo, who is a similar age as him, Hattori begins going to class covert, incidentally joined by his sibling, Shinzo, Shishimaru the ninja canine, and Kenichi’s better half, Yumeko. 

This is one of my top pick’s anime, I watched this anime and I truly appreciate it.

With more than 696 scenes, this series additionally persuaded an opportunity to be in my rundown.

18. Shima Shima Tora no Shimajirō (726 episodes)

Shima Shima Tora no Shimajiro 28 Longest Running Anime Series of All Time

Shimajiro a tiger kid, Mimirin a hare young lady, Torippii a parrot kid, Ramurin a sheep young lady has an undertaking on the difficult island where they live.

With more than 700 scenes, this series additionally comes in my rundown without any doubt.  

The whole arrangement centers around Shimajiro Shimano, an inquisitive tiger kid living in Challenge Island.

Being the second in the family, he goes to Kindergarten close by his companions as they all find everything around them, and learn important exercises as they grow up.

17. Naruto (700+ Episodes)


Naruto, yes Naruto. One of the series that has characterized the social anime of the last age throughout the entire existence of anime.

This is an arrangement that has changed essentially over the previous decade.

To be completely forthright, Naruto is the most overhyped show in presence.

Everybody continues forever and on about how incredible it is, and my assumptions for this show were similarly high.

Notwithstanding, I was extremely let down.

Truly. This wasn’t the best show ever, as I had suspected it would be.

Try not to misunderstand me, the show is agreeable, however, it’s unquestionably not among the best shows out there.

I trust Shippuden will in a way that is better than this… much better.

16. One Piece (1000+ Episodes)

One Piece

As time passes, One Piece’s anime transformation gets more earnestly to suggest.

Despite its charming characters and feeling of experience, One Piece moves at a particularly tiring speed that each circular segment post-Enies Lobby understands drawn.

Alongside its moderate pacing, One Piece’s animation is very conflicting, which is a disgrace considering Eiichiro Oda’s manga has such phenomenal art. 

While the later adventures outstay their welcome, One Piece is as yet a great ride up to the time skip, with more than 900 episodes.

After that point, it is ideal to stick to the manga.

15. Detective Conan (823+ Episodes)

Detective Conan

Detective Conan intends to clear his path for delivering new scenes but because of the pandemic, they end that however remain tuned on.

Detective Conan is beyond our normal detective anime. What I mean by this is that it has “everything” in it.

As I said it has humor, Love stories, Drama, and a cut of life they do have exceptionally extraordinary plots of stories some depend on the Mysteries, and that you will soon know through watching the series, it will give you the chill. 

With over 820 scenes, the prominence of this exemplary anime doesn’t appear to chill any time soon, Conan will without a doubt advance up this rundown of the longest-running anime, later on, so stand by and watch.

14. Crayon Shin-Chan (895+ Episodes)

Crayon Shin-Chan

How about we get some beloved memory with tons and huge loads of laughing!

Try not to belittle the power of a decent grimy joke. 

He is 5 years of age but then acts unmistakably develop.

When all is said in done, he is fiercely genuine, highly curious, and has no disgrace at all. 

With more than 890 scenes of this unrefined family, anime is one of the mainstream sitcoms ever.

With no language hindrances, it appears simple to observe yet has been hard to survive, particularly since a reoccurring scene in this anime is by all accounts a nearby shot of a wicked, little youngster.

13. Sekai Monoshiri Ryoko (1006 Episodes)

Sekai Monoshiri Ryoko

Peter the salaryman carries on with an exceptionally unfortunate way of life, starving at that point gorging until he feels look for, or slobbing around the house until bullied into taking up exercise, during which he perpetually pulls a muscle. 

This anime of instructive 5-minute shorts just broadcasted for a very long time, however with a telecasting in every week, it piled up a lovely high episode count, making it one of the longest-running anime with more than 1006 episodes.

12. Chibi Maruko-Chan (1,041+ Episodes)

Chibi Maruko-Chan

The second variation of the Chibi Maruko-Chan kids cut of-life manga; this arrangement has been broadcasting for more than 20 years is as yet running.

Its relatable story line is straightforward, making it mainstream with small kids, just as grown-ups who need something easy to watch that will facilitate the pressure of their regular daily existences. 

Likewise, with Conan, this long-running anime with more than 1000 scenes may develop into something additionally astounding in the years to come, ideally advancing into the top in any event.

11. Monoshiri Daigaku Ashita no Calendar (1274 Episodes)

Monoshiri Daigaku Ashita no Calendar

Monoshiri Daigaku Ashita no Calendar is an assortment of verifiable shorts, supported by Kirin brew, which was broadcast every day through 1970.

This arrangement appears to have returned again and again since the commencement of Japan, each time reawakened with another title. 

But then, it pretty much consistently appears to make it on this rundown of the longest-running anime with more than 1200 scenes.

With regards to life span in media outlets, perhaps basic is ideal.

10. Anpanman (1307+ Episodes)


The progressing experiences of these heroes produced by using bread are quite possibly the most famous anime in Japan.

Having broadcasted for more than 20 years, it is adored by watchers, everything being equal.

Alongside being one of the longest-running anime ever.

Anpanman is additionally essential for probably the biggest establishment in Japan, prospering in the amusement, relaxation, food, anime, and gaming businesses. with more than 1300 episodes.

9. Hoka Hoka Kazoku (1428 Episodes)

Hoka Hoka Kazoku

Old is gold and this anime gives you that feeling as well.

With the short satire about the day-by-day lives of individuals, with more than 1400 episodes this anime got its spot in the longest-running anime. 

In a real sense it meant ‘Warm Family’ in English, this anime, which went through 1982, is about a decent family and their regular day to day existences.

Again, with these short stories, I am pondering and hoping for something else to come.

8. Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi (1976) (1471 Episodes)

Manga Nippon Mukashibanashi

This treasury anime adjusting Japanese society stories went through 1994.

It portrays probably the most prestigious people stories throughout the entire existence of Japan, from the account of a youngster conceived from a peach, Momotarou, to that of Urashima Taro, a man who saved a turtle and was expressed gratitude toward with an excursion under the ocean.

Other than its recorded viewpoints, the assortment of stories included may likewise be another motivation behind why this arrangement got one of the longest-running anime with more than 1450 episodes.

7. Kirin Ashita no Calendar (1498 Episodes)

Kirin Ashita no Calendar

Indeed, the Kirin-subsidized everyday history shorts returned for a very long time during the ’80s, this time with a since quite a while ago run of an incredible over 1400 scenes!

It appears to be that set of experiences not just rehashes itself, it likewise outperforms itself. 

Kirin Ashita No Calendar follows Cathy, a cat, and a mouse, both from the archetype Kirin Monoshiri Kan who encourages youngsters about authentic occasions through a phase play design.

As per sources, true to life youngsters and grown-ups may have been incorporated alongside Cathy and the mouse.

6. Ojarumaru (1557+ Episodes)


Ojarumaru is the boy of a respectable family from the Heian period. His life got turn when he got a power-stick and with the assistance of that, he can utilize it to travel.

Here, he is gotten to know by a little fellow named Kazuma and turns into his relative.

Over the long haul, Ojarumaru makes numerous new companions, while avoiding the comedic endeavors of the three evil presences, Akane, Kisuke, and Aobee, as they attempt to recuperate the stick. 

This satire series is incredibly acclaimed all through Asia, however, it has not been delivered in America yet.

Highlighting a charming hero, it is an unquestionable requirement watch for youngsters, everything being equal, with more than 1500 episodes it is likewise remembered as one of the longest-running anime quite loveable.

5. Kirin Monoshiri Yakata (1565 Episodes)

Kirin Monoshiri Yakata

Kirin no Monoshiri Yakata is about a cat named Cathy and a mouse showing kid’s history while attempting to get along.

The two fight continually, for the most part, the mouse outsmarting the cat. 

Kirin again, however, with not many English outlines accessible, this series of Kirin shorts appear to be the darker on this rundown.

It does anyway have the most noteworthy scene check of all, with more than 1500 episodes making it the longest-running anime.

4. Doraemon (1787+ Episodes)


With the colossal popularity and foreign fanbase animation in which Nobita Nobi is so hapless however his life got another turn when a robotic cat named Doraemon, chooses to go back as expected and guide Nobita on the legitimate way to fortune.

Doraemon, a useless robot that the family gained coincidentally.

The robot drives Nobita on numerous experiences. 

With a scene tally of more than 1700, this blue cat experience would be the longest-running anime of all.

The pleasant experiences of Doraemon and his ridiculous companions, with an ideal blend of satire and basic life exercises, are a genuine euphoria to watch!

3. Oyako Club (1818 Episodes)

Oyako Club

This anime was run for around 20 years and has more than 1800 scenes. 

Family sitcoms with short scenes appear to be a sure thing for life span.

Oyako Club, which is a real sense means Parent and Child Club, is an endearing series that depicts the insane, however adoring, connections between family. 

Having a family-friendly-theme is probably one enormous factor in positioning as one of the longest-running anime.

2. Nintama Rantarou (1,883+ Episodes)

Nintama Rantarou

This wacky action-comedy series about youngster ninjas in preparing has run for 23 seasons and the check keeps on ascending right up ’til the present time.

The gentle plot and charming characters are an ideal match, making this anime an extraordinary Sunday watch for families. 

Nintama Rantarou was an anime that many have observed very commonly on link kid’s shows with bunches of random scenes played in the early evening.

The cast of the three comprises Rantarou, a normal ninja kid, Kirimaru, the malicious one, and Shine, the fat kid.

The story spins around the triplet doing wickedness and now and then being dragged into it. 

I understand what you are thinking: above 1880 scenes and still just second spot?

All things considered but the fact that the best is yet to come.

1. Sazae-San (7,400+ Episodes)


Here is the longest-running anime ever with an episode count of more than 7400!

Although not the most engaging Western anime for fans, this good old family show has been a noticeable figure in Japanese TV for quite a long time and holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running energised series on the planet!

From the strict guardians to the awkward elder sibling, her husband, and their young infant child, this family has its eccentricities!

In any case, as do most families, all things considered, this dysfunctional is anything but difficult to relate with for huge loads of watchers.

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