21 Best Cyberpunk Anime of All Time

Are you a fan of cyberpunk anime series? then you have come to the right place, Today we are going to explore some of the best cyberpunk anime series of all times.

These cyberpunk anime gives you post-apocalyptic, yet futuristic environment, the retro vibe and the bad-ass main characters what else can you ask for?

There are not a lot of these cyberpunk anime series but I have tried to find some of the best from the internet and here what I have found.

Lets explore the best cyberpunk anime of all times.

21. Gunslinger Girl

Gunslinger Girl cyberpunk anime

In the heart of Italy, the Social Welfare Agency rescues young girls from hospital beds and gives them a second chance at life using the latest in cybernetic advancements.

With their artificially enhanced bodies, the girls are brainwashed and trained as assassins to carry out the dirty work of the Italian Government.

Despite all the modifications, they are still just children at heart, struggling for recognition from those they love, even knowing the love they feel is manufactured.

This tragic tale unfolds as these girls grapple with their emotions in an agency that treats them as nothing but ruthless killers.

20. Genocyber (1994)

Genocyber (1994)

As the nations of the world begin to merge, world peace is threatened by the private armies of individual corporations.

The Kuryu Group has just discovered a weapon that will tip world power in their favor. The Genocyber: a nightmarish combination of cybernetics and psychic potential.

Many desire to control this monstrosity, but can its hatred be contained… Battle erupts, and the cyberpunk world of the future is about to explode with violence.

19. Accel World

Accel World

The story of this Cyberpunk Anime takes place in 2046 where “neuro-synchronization”, a powerful piece of advanced technology that allows manipulation of different senses.

Now, imagine that. In about 34 years, God knows what will happen of our world or even the Accelerated World. Nonetheless, the series stars Haruyuki Arita who has a low social esteem of himself as result of his physical appearance and views of the world.

The kid spends his time playing virtual games mindlessly to void of the reality that he wants to rid of. That of course, changes one day when he meets the popular girl of the series, Kuroyukihime.

With the beauty style of a butterfly, she forms a bond with Haruyuki-kun and together, they become close friends, partners, and even a couple at times.

18. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita cyberpunk anime

Doc Ido, a doctor and mechanic who lives and works in the hellish, postapocalyptic “Scrapyard”, finds the—miraculously preserved—remains of a female cyborg in a junk heap.

After he revives and rebuilds her, the preternaturally strong, amnesiac “Gally” begins to forge a life for herself in a world where every day can bring a fight for life.

Adapts the first two volumes of the “Battle Angel Alita” manga.

17. Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040

After a mysterious eathquake levels Tokyo, Genom becomes a powerful influence providing their artificial organic lifeforms called Boomers to rebuild and act as a labor class to humanity.

However, some of them occasionally run amok, and even the specially created AD Police are at a loss to stop them.

Lina Yamazaki travels to Tokyo for employment but also hopes to join a vigilante force called the Knight Sabers, who pilot powered suits to destroy these rogue Boomers.

16. No guns life

No guns life

The technology to create powerful cyborg soldiers has been released for public use by the Berühren Corporation. Those outfitted with robotic parts are known as the Extended.

Juuzou Inui, one such Extended, was created as a soldier and has no memories of his former life. But now, after the war, he runs a business that takes care of Extended-related incidents around the city.

Rumors of a renegade Extended that kidnapped a child reach his ears; lo and behold, as Juuzo returns to his office, a giant robotic man with a boy on his back crashes in, asking for help. While Juuzou could just turn the guy in and be done with it, something about this situation is too fishy to ignore.

It seems that everyone wants hold of this kid and, whether he likes it or not, Juuzou must find out why this Extended is on the run, how it connects to the Berühren Corporation, and just how far the treachery runs in this city.

15. Texhnolyze


This is a pitch black cyberpunk anime tale of High Quality -Abe Yoshitoshi- in all regards : entrancing music, beautyfull art, bright direction and mind-blowing plot.

Due to the slow, unusual story-telling and somewhat symbolic plot, the show sometimes fails to keep your mind plugged.

However, the directing is really top notch: centerings, lightings, designs are some of the best i ever seen in an anime, period.

14. Metropolis

Metropolis cyberpunk anime

Metropolis has a complex story plot. There are several characters and events going on to keep up with.

The story of this cyberpunk anime focuses more on the characters than the events which is kind of a downfall since this can cause some to get lost on the way.

Overall the story of this cyberpunk anime is very unique and interesting. The best part out of the whole movie was the ending. I could watch the ending a thousand times.

13. Trigun

Trigun 1 21 Best Cyberpunk Anime of All Time

Trigun is another one of my “must see in cyberpunk anime” shows. The easiest way to explain why I believe this can be summed up by one name: Vash.

Vash the Stampede is arguably one of the coolest, toughest, and funniest characters ever created. He’s everyone’s favorite superhero (even though he demolishes everything he gets close to).

Vash brings forth something that I think everyone has a little in themselves, compassion. If Vash had a middle name, it would be Compassion.

12. Mardock Scramble

Mardock Scramble

The story of this cyberpunk anime follows a young Rune Balot, who as a child was raped by her father. Enraged, her brother then proceeds to shoot the father.

As her family falls to pieces, Rune grows up as an underage prostitute, and where she is ultimately caught and put in jail.

Enter Shell, the main antagonist of this anime, who gets her out, gives her shelter, offers her his love and support… and then proceeds to blow her up.

11. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

The story of this cyberpunk ainme is set in a space western setting – a genre and setting I’m loving more and more for each show I watch that falls under the genre.

We follow two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, who own a ship called the Bebop. They travel the Solar system, chasing wanted criminals to earn money.

Along the way, they also pick up two women; the debt-laden Faye Valentine and the playful kid and computer genius Edward (yes, Ed & a girl).

10. Blame!


A young girl named Zuru sets out on an expedition through a post-apocalyptic city controlled by machines in a desperate hunt for food. Things go awry when her team accidently triggers the city’s AI defense program called the Safeguard.

Attacked by the machines, her companions are on the verge of being annihilated when a mysterious man named Killy arrives and exterminates the hostile units.

Despite his heroic intervention, Zuru is hesitant to trust Killy and questions his motives. He reveals to have come from thousands of levels below the city in order to find humans possessing the Net Terminal Genes—a trait that would allow humans to regain control of their civilization and shut down the Safeguard.

After hearing his story, Zuru and the rest of her team join Killy and embark on a journey in search of the Genes that could prove to be mankind’s last hope of survival.

9. Bubblegum Crash

Bubblegum Crash

The saga of the Knight Sabers continues as the group tries to find out who or what is behind the recent string of robberies, murders.

And Boomer malfunctions which are somehow related to the creation of an advanced artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, it seems that the Knight Sabers may be breaking up.

8. Megalo box

Megalo box

“To be quiet and do as you’re told, that’s the cowardly choice.” These are the words of Junk Dog, an underground fighter of Megalo Box, an evolution of boxing that utilizes mechanical limbs known as Gear to enhance the speed and power of its users.

Despite the young man’s brimming potential as a boxer, the illegal nature of his participation forces him to make a living off of throwing matches as dictated by his boss Gansaku Nanbu.

However, this all changes when the Megalo Box champion Yuuri enters his shabby ring under the guise of just another challenger.

Taken out in a single round, Junk Dog is left with a challenge: “If you’re serious about fighting me again, then fight your way up to me and my ring.”

7. Ghost in the Shell – Border:1 Ghost Pain

Ghost in the Shell - Border:1 Ghost Pain

Cyborg cops battle an anonymous super-hacker who takes control of people’s computerized brains and forces them to do his bidding. It’s a wicked sci-fi thriller, yet it’s also so much more.

Not only is it a refreshingly original take on the standard Cops vs Criminals plot, but it manages to do it in such an intelligent manner. At it’s core, the movie asks the audience What is it that makes us Human Although it never truly finds an answer (can anyone?), it gets closer to it than any other film has yet dared to go.

The best part is, with all the philosophical, existentialist and technical chatter, it never really tries to beat the audience over the head with it.

Many of the big questions are handled in subtle ways that keep the pace of the film going, while still making the audience think. Ghost In The Shell is cyberpunk anime at it’s best.

6. Megazone 23

Megazone 23 1 1 21 Best Cyberpunk Anime of All Time

Shougo Yahagi is a young motorcycle enthusiast living in a world of hot bikes, hard rock, and J-pop idols. The general populace go about their lives in peace, under the watchful eyes of a computer program in the guise of pop idol sensation Eve, unbeknownst to them.

Shougo himself is mostly concerned with riding his motorcycle and picking up beautiful women like Yui Takanaka, who aspires to be a dancer. Shougo’s life suddenly changes when his friend, Shinji Nakagawa, shows him a top-secret project: the “Garland,” an advanced motorcycle that can transform into a robot.

Ambushed by the military, Shougo hijacks the Garland and escapes into the city. Evading the military with the help of Yui and her friends, he gradually discovers that their idyllic society is only an illusion.

5. Psycho pass

Psycho pass

The series is set in the near future in which it is possible to instantaneously quantify a person’s state of mind, personality, and probability of committing a crime, all recorded on an individual’s “Psycho-Pass”.

When their “Crime Coefficient” index becomes too high, they are pursued and apprehended by police officers known as Inspectors, and their ‘hunting dogs’ the Enforcers; in this way, order is maintained.

Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau’s division of criminal investigation, navigate the system to uphold justice in their seemingly Utopian society.

4. Serial Experiments Lain

 Serial Experiments Lain

Given that Lain’s story progression is very disjointed, if the execution were to be even off by the slightest, the show would have been ridden with plot holes.

Lain however doesn’t need worry about plot and story in the same sense as other anime, but instead relies on the atmosphere and the characters to tell the story. What little plot Lain does have, the show works with it fabulously. Now some may argue that Lain is completely plot driven, but to each his own.

Personally I believe that Lain strays as far as it can from bland episodic story telling, and in essence is similar to Citizen Kane in the aspect that the story has little to do with the show. Lain above all is a character study, and the plot only moves forward under the characters.

3. Akira


Akira is a very controversial piece of art—but a remarkable one regardless. It’s not an easy watch by any means, nor it is an easy review subject: the ambition and influence exerted by the movie and its creators make grasping and appraising it in its entirety far from trivial.

As virtually every other seminal work of art, Akira is nowhere near flawless, hence why many people don’t even consider it a good movie—what with all the gratuitous bloodbath, plot holes, odd side-characters and whatnot—just read some other reviews here.

A good bulk of the criticism is valid for sure. But what do we have beside it?

2. Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

The actual story and plot of this cyberpunk anime isn’t bad other then being a bit confusing. It jumps into the plot right away for the first few episodes.

The story progresses rapidly at first before coming to almost a complete stop. For about 7 or 8 of the episodes between 10-20, I felt like nothing happened nothing really changed and that the story and plot crawled by very slowly and in some cases made no progress at all.

And then at the end when I expected things to pick up and everything to come together like in the movie Fight Club or Donnie Darko. It just didn’t happen. I felt like the ending was throwing answers at me that didn’t add up, like a puzzle where the last 5 pieces don’t fit at all.

1. Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex

In the not so distant future, mankind has advanced to a state where complete body transplants from flesh to machine is possible. This allows for great increases in both physical and cybernetic prowess and blurring the lines between the two worlds.

However, criminals can also make full use of such technology, leading to new and sometimes, very dangerous crimes.

In response to such innovative new methods, the Japanese Government has established Section 9, an independently operating police unit which deals with such highly sensitive crimes.

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