12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

Anime is all about the creative side for the fans and watchers, right????

However, many anime left an impression on us with their great animation and art styles and after watching some of the amazing artwork we get interested to know who made them, then we go on a quest to find the director and studio name.

For example, if we go out shopping everyone has their particular favorite brand so the same thing go for anime and movie each fan has their favorite character, story, a director (who gives all his/her efforts to make the anime look amazing in the eyes of fans).

So, today I have prepared the list of Ufotable Studio anime, and let me tell you one thing about Ufotable this is one of the studios that stands out from others.

Its design work by effectively blending computer-generated elements and hand-drawn animation and especially known for its action-oriented anime.

Updated June 26, 2024, by Shagun Singh: Ufotable may not be considered one of the largest studios to emerge from Japan, but it continues to establish itself as a strong presence in the industry with each passing year. Ufotable has created a range of content that can be quite influential, which might feel a bit overwhelming for those who are new to it. One way to begin exploring the company’s anime catalogue is by looking at the top-rated shows on IMDb.

Here Are Some Of The Best Ufotable Studio Anime

1. Dokkoida?!


Dokkoida is a hero of the series and potentially one of the best heroes known to the universe!

Even though you wouldn’t know and expect much from it just by looking at the youngster in the suit.

Dokkoida was a significant series of Ufotable that was pointed more toward the youthful segment.

Not many of the anime created by Ufotable was pointed at pre-youngsters.

However, with Dokkoida, the studio demonstrated they can make anything under them to entertain the fans.

2. Gyo


The series is about Japan is being under attack by the dead creature. Here, Zombies aren’t the single issue.

But between the attack Kaori, the Lead of the series re-visits Tokyo to search for her boyfriend.

During the chaos, she put some distance. She’s concerned he’ll be slaughtered by these killers. 

GYO by Ufotable didn’t win any significant honours from critics.

Even though it is nothing but an extraordinary anime from my point of view to get his spot here.

3. Demon Slayer (2019)

image 18 12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

One of the best works by Ufotable without any doubt with some amazing creative work and visuals the studio shows the best character, design, and animation. 

The story revolves around Tanjiro, whose family turns into a demon spirit when he is out to sell charcoal.

The sole survivor Nezuko the sister of Tanjiro, endures very well yet transforms into a demon. 

On the off chance that you haven’t watched it, do it as of now you experience much better epic minutes.

Indeed, it is the best anime made by Ufotable studio.

4. The Garden of Sinners (2007)

ufotable studio anime 1 12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

Most importantly, the series is dark from various perspectives, including the story and visuals too.

Even though it sets some form that is similar to the Fate series, the method of CGI is one of a kind.

This by itself demonstrates why the Ufotable studio is outstanding amongst other anime studios

The story follows the tragic suicide of a secondary school young girl in Japan.

The people of Japan and even the police couldn’t be more afraid of this incident.

A detective organization takes up the task to find the reality behind the suicide.

5. Fate Zero (2011) 

Fate Zero

Fate/Zero is the tale of the fourth Holy Grail war and is a prequel in the Fate universe.

The Holy Grail War as we probably are aware is a competition against mages and their workers against others.

You get a look at each of every characters’ inspirations and objectives for being in the brutal battle just as a story with a ton of exciting turns in the road. 

The best motivation to watch this series is Kiritsugu; he has quite possibly the most impressive character.

The series will be loaded up with tons of action. However, get the spot on the rundown.

6. Ninja Nonsense (2004)

Ninja Nonsense 12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

With the comedy factor as a base this one is one of my favorites and also the big hit by the Ufotable franchise and indeed got his spot on the list.

Out there we have lots of anime based on ninja themes but what makes this anime unique from those is it entertains you in a comedy way rather than concentrating on the Ninja adventures. 

The story revolves around Shinobu, a ninja trainee who is trying hard to pass the ninja exam.

7. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2015)

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

This series is the continuation of fate and the 5th Holy Grail War between seven mages using seven spirits.

While the character in the series Shirou Emiya, a high school student and a novice mage.

Unlike most involved in the war, he was drawn into it by accident.

The Fate Franchise is whole and sole of Ufotable.

The story of masters and servants was a smash hit making them is one of the most successful works by studios in the business.

The Unlimited Blade Works arc is one of the best adaptations of the franchise.

8. God Eater (2005)

God Eater

God Eater is the adapted story from play station that puts you in the role of the character and challenges you to work your way up the ranks of god eaters.

The special forces that can wield weapons that can kill the aragami called god eaters and A god eater named Lenka who fights against the monster called Aragami who came to the earth with the utter motive to kill humanity.

Definitely with the lots of CGI work and with the flashy thing which perfectly belongs to Ufotable, so naturally, it gets a spot on this list for is the heavy CGI and the groundwork it lays for future works.

9. Tales of Zestria X (2016)

image 28 12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

The story starts with Sorey who grew up high in the mountains in a town of seraphim, in other world creatures not commonly obvious to people.

Sorey is a special case as humans who still to see the fairy-like people.

While exploring with his seraphim friend Mikleo, he meets princess Alisha, who left his home looking for the shepherd who additionally has some supernatural power.

The mix of CGI and standard animation that Ufotable is known for is on full showcase in Tales of Zestiria the X, with the detailed plan, design, and color. 

We place this on our rundown because of its incredible quality in story and animation.

10. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu (2017)

Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

Katsugeki is a modern anime that was made literally with a lot of creativity and a blend of CGI and animated frames.

With lots of color mixture and detailed background.

And if you like historical anime you should give it a try and If you like cute guys doing battle like Katsugeki!

Touken Ranbu is the perfect Ufotable project for you.

The character design is the most amazing factor for me to hold up on this anime with lots and lots of tall characters make this action anime a little more top on the list and fighting against the enemy give you a feel every time.

Now what? what next?

11. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight (2007)

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight

The story based on a school life plot and the work by Ufotable really is out of the box from different anime.

The Story of a high school girl who loves her all-girls Seioh Private High School.

But school is having some difficulty, and everything she wanted losing its grip and she doesn’t want to leave the school.

To increase the morale of the students, Manabi becomes student council president and begins planning a school festival.

The story is about how she focuses on her fellow partner as a president to revamp the school body and students.

12. Twin Love: Alternative (2005)

hk 1 12 Best Ufotable Studio Anime

If you are into mystery anime then this anime is the perfect meal for you.

The story is basely based on a romance with a love triangle between Rentarou and his assistants.

Rentarou is the main character in the anime who had to drop out the take over his family business which is a detective agency.

He often struggles as a detective, the main problem was a lot of unfinished business left behind by his father.

But with lots of hate around him he is not alone he has two, twin sisters on his side Sara and Souju as his assistant.

The animation may not be what you think of when you think Ufotable, but the story and the animation are solid to give it the spot on the list. 

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