Best Dystopian Anime

Some of the most impactful and memorable dystopian anime are also the most dreadful for viewers.

Dystopian anime fiction tends to be speculative, pushing potential developments to their extremes and creating societies where happiness and fulfillment are impossible.

While commonly connected with futuristic concepts, the two are not always intertwined.

There are many aspects to appreciate about dystopias, especially within the realm of anime.

Unlike traditional Shounen series, where the main characters typically triumph through sheer willpower, the worlds in these shows rarely offer moments of true success.

They depict somber truths where joy and honesty remain elusive.

Here are Some of the Best Dystopian Anime

10. 86

Dystopian Anime 10 Best Dystopian Anime

Whether the world of 86 leans more towards a utopia or dystopia is heavily influenced by the perspective being considered.

For the silver-haired Alba residing peacefully and carefree in the Republic of San Magnolia, trusting the deceitful information they receive, life is incredibly simple.

Nevertheless, the so-called autonomous unmanned drones striving to protect their safety are in fact under the control of the Eighty-Six, a clandestine military subgroup where individuals of diverse appearances are compelled to battle.

For the Alba, these individuals are practically non-human; their names and welfare are only important to Vladilena Milizé.

9. From The New World

Dystopian Anime 9 Best Dystopian Anime

The New World is a classic example of a seemingly perfect society gradually unveiling its true nature.

The setting is a world where a small percentage of the population suddenly gains psychokinetic powers, leading to centuries of chaos and tragedies.

Psychic humans discovered that peace could be achieved by isolating themselves from the outside world, leading to the creation of towns like Kamisu 66, according to the story.

Nevertheless, enigmatic occurrences result in startling discoveries, demonstrating that this community is governed by dreadful falsehoods and fragmented recollections.

8. Patema Inverted

Dystopian Anime 8 Best Dystopian Anime

Patema Inverted tells the tale of Patema, who lives in an underground village linked to other parts of civilization by a network of tunnels.

Despite her relatively comfortable life, she struggles to understand the necessity of following numerous rules and facing various restrictions without clear explanations of the potential risks.

She eventually finds herself venturing too close to the forbidden zone, ascending into the sky, and encountering Age, a resident of Aiga, a totalitarian country where people are indoctrinated to distrust one another.

Together, they strive to uncover the truth in their mysterious world.

7. Sunday Without God

Dystopian Anime 7 Best Dystopian Anime

In the story of Sunday Without God, we unfold in a world where God has left, sealing off the gate to heaven.

Life now exists in a perpetual state, devoid of both its end and beginning.

The power to pass away or bring forth new life has been stripped from individuals, leaving them adrift without direction or significance.

Gravekeepers are the only ones capable of maintaining a somewhat natural order by putting the dead to rest. To both the living and the long departed, a world destined for destruction is not a source of hope.

6. Berserk

Dystopian Anime 6 Best Dystopian Anime

While Berserk primarily focuses on Guts, his adventure highlights the harsh and unforgiving nature of the world, where death and tragedy are constant companions.

He has faced numerous acts of abuse and betrayal, starting from his birth when he had no family and was then taken in by a man who betrayed his trust.

Despite forming alliances, it always culminates in tragic events like the well-known Eclipse.

Life is challenging for everyone, with the land plagued by evil demonic beings and corrupt humans.

5. The Promised Neverland

Dystopian Anime 5 Best Dystopian Anime

The Promised Neverland depicts a group of orphans living together as a family, under the care of their guardian, “Mama” Isabella.

Yet, Grace Field House is not your typical orphanage. It’s a farm where children are nurtured until they are sold to demons for consumption.

After stumbling upon the truth, the older orphans decide to come up with an escape plan, despite not knowing if the outside world is safe for them.

Little do they know, their farm is just one of many, and the world is haunted by the terrifying presence of man-eating demons.

4. Serial Experiments Lain

Dystopian Anime 4 Best Dystopian Anime

Serial Experiments Lain is an intricate narrative that follows the main character Lain Iwakura, a young girl whose journey with technology parallels her personal growth in the series.

At first reserved and hesitant about technology, her life takes a turn when she receives an unusual email from a classmate who has passed away.

This leads her to discover the Wired, a virtual realm mirroring the internet. It’s evident that Wired has the potential to pose a significant risk to its users, particularly if it becomes an obsession.

3. Ergo proxy

3 Best Dystopian Anime

Ergo Proxy is a prime example of a futuristic narrative set in a post-apocalyptic world that takes a dark turn, where the very technology meant for survival transforms into a looming threat. In a world devastated by a global ecological disaster, only a few habitable places remain for humans, forcing what’s left of civilization to seek refuge in domed cities like Romdo.

Created to aid humanity’s rehabilitation, “AutoReivs” were intended for daily tasks.

However, they become infected with a disease that gives them self-awareness, turning them into a greater threat than anticipated.

2. Blood Blockade Battlefront

2 2 Best Dystopian Anime

Set in the dystopian world of Blood Blockade Battlefront, Hellsalem’s Lot was once New York City.

Here, humans and supernatural beings live together after a mysterious gateway between Earth and the Beyond appeared, enclosing the city in a bubble.

Despite the efforts of the secretive organization called Libra to uphold order and control the chaos, they struggle to stop the ongoing paranormal events that trouble the city. In this area, illegal activities and criminal organizations flourish, leading to a sense of constant fear among the local residents.

Furthermore, the situation deteriorates as one approaches the heart of the city, where the Eternal Nothingness is located.

1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

1 Best Dystopian Anime

The setting of the acclaimed series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the futuristic and dystopian Night City, where neon lights and advanced body modifications fail to conceal the dark realities of its corrupt society.

David Martinez is the protagonist of the story, hailing from a less fortunate background.

His primary concern is providing security for himself and his mother. David is drawn into the world of Edgerunners, a group of criminals who use cybernetic enhancements and are always at risk of losing their sanity.

In a society where kindness is rarely acknowledged and trust is scarce, a tragic outcome is almost certain.

Final Thoughts

As we near the end of this list, it’s worth noting that discussions about dystopian and post-apocalyptic scenarios have been ongoing for decades, focusing on survival and potential outcomes.

There have been numerous books, movies, shows, and animes on the same topic.

References to the apocalypse, zombies, and the end of the world have been around for a long time, but let’s hope they remain just that—jokes.

While it may not be accurate at the moment, it’s hard to deny the appeal of dystopian anime.

They offer captivating and distinctive storylines that are both engaging and thrilling. Our heroes face a variety of challenges in these.

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