25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Who doesn’t enjoy an anime with good fight scenes now and then?

I myself enjoy watching a good fight.

Even if no words are used, they can still wow me with breathtaking animation or tell a compelling tale.

Great conflicts frequently accomplish both of these goals.

For this ranking, though, we’re focusing on anime that has some of the best fight scenes in the genre.

25. One Punch Man

anime with good fight scenes

If you’ve ever visited one of our suggestion pages, you’ve probably heard of the anime Saitama, about a man who has worked out so hard that he can now defeat his foes with a single punch.

This Japanese anime features superheroes, but it also features celestial-level monsters and vigilantes that are capable of blowing up planets, mind control, and much more.

Thankfully, where there are powerful villains, there are also powerful heroes.

24. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

We’d like to recommend this Japanese anime if you prefer conventional boxing and are not a fan of exoskeleton modifications.

In Hajime No Ippo, young Makunouchi Ippo is followed as he rises through the ranks of professional boxing by submitting opponent after opponent with one uppercut after another.

In this boxing anime, it’s amazing to watch him score victories with each swing.

23. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

If you’re searching for a humorous anime, seek elsewhere because Kaneki turns into a ghoul after a disastrous date with the man-eating beauty.

From there, we witness excellent battles between ghoul after ghoul who look to be hungry for either people as a source of food or one another in order to gain more strength.

Until you’ve seen ghouls battle, you’ve never seen fight scenes like these.

22. Gangsta

Gangsta 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Do you desire unique, top-notch fight scenes featuring former super soldiers? The Japanese anime you’re looking for is here!

To put it mildly, Worick and Nicolas are employed in the bad-people-filled town of Ergastulum.

These men work for both the police and the mob, which makes for an unusual turn of events when it comes to action scenes and terrible fights with memorable individuals.

21. Megalo Box

Megalo Box 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

This vintage anime centers on Junk Dog, a boxer in an underground ring who may have heart but doesn’t have the best equipment.

While the combat choreography in this anime is based on boxing, the fighters use exoskeletons, and the stronger your exoskeleton, the greater your chances of winning a battle.

Despite this disadvantage, Junk Dog enters the Megalonia boxing competition with the hope of defeating the current champion, Yuri, and claiming the title of Megaloboxing Champion.

20. Darker than black

Darker than black 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

A supernatural occurrence results in you being given superhuman talents that you must conceal from the public using logic and reason while managing a double life under one alias and carrying out tasks as a Contractor.

This is the tale of Hei, a Chinese Contractor sent by the Syndicate to carry out assassinations and espionage in Japan’s cherished Tokyo.

But when Hei receives a vision of the horrors to come, he must go above and beyond the call of duty.

19. Fire Force

Fire Force

Shinra, a third-generation pyrokinetic, is the main character of this Japanese anime.

He searches for his mother’s killer while attempting to protect his younger brother, Sho, from the same foes who want to actually set the globe on fire once more in the service of a religious icon.

This newly designed animation features fight sequences with Shaolin Kung Fu choreography and inventive weaponry made of, you guessed it, flames.

18. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Have you ever watched a great anime and instantly thought, “Oh this is different.” Yes, that describes this.

These combat sequences aren’t anything to dance about, with an old-school art style and tunes that’ll make you nod your head during a fight.

This anime follows a young woman, a rogue, and a ronin as they make their way through life while kicking butt and trying to survive.

Although the battle scenes are entertaining, the story and the hip-hop-inspired instrumental music are what keep the movie moving forward.

17. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Let’s Bop! 3. 2. 1.

Aware of the introduction?

After seeing this neo-noir sci-fi anime recommendation, you will understand why it is thus described.

After a hyperspace disaster rendered the Earth uninhabitable, humanity decided to colonize space instead.

You will travel across space with a motley crew of bounty hunters who resemble Cowboys as they capture fugitives in their Bebop starship.

Wild fight scenes that are unique to this westernized sci-fi universe are produced by this concept.

16. Fate Series

tohsaka rin archer fate stay night fate series fate stay night wallpaper preview 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

So after your parents perish in a fire, a wizard named Kiritsugu Emiya adopts you and teaches you about magic and justice.

You lose your guardian, and one night as you clean your school, two superhuman people known as Servants engage in combat.

Welcome to Shirou’s life in the anime.

Shirou receives a deadly blow while trying to flee, but he lives, and when the Servant returns to finish the job, Shirou summons Saber, one of his own Servants.

15. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

This is the best combat sequence you’ve ever seen!

Demon Slayer is exactly what it says on the tin.

It tells the story of a little boy named Tanjiro who is on a mission to exterminate the demon that killed his family and transformed his sweet little sister into one of those heinous creatures.

Travel through the Taisho era of Japan as Tanjiro aims to reclaim the Demon King’s head from the Muzan and heal the last member of his family, little Nezuko.

All the while using breathing techniques and swordsmanship that mimic the earth’s elements to defeat demons with teammates.

14. Black Clover

Black Clover 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

This youngster’s only ambition is to rise to the position of Wizard King, but lacking access to magic makes it challenging to achieve this goal.

If you don’t have what’s known as Anti-magic—you know, the kind that negates other people’s magic—what will you do?

Asta here for you.

There are a ton of inventive battle scenes in this anime as each character displays their distinctive magical prowess in competitions and against foes that want to destroy the Clover Kingdom.


BLEACH 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

As the main character, Ichigo, battles his way through the most infamous evil of the Soul Society as a Soul Reaper, this anime is one you’ll enjoy for its outstanding character design and even better combat scenes.

This Japanese animation features outstanding characters with extraordinary abilities and a unique concept.

But instead of using magic or chakra, they channel soul energy into a blade resulting in an intriguing perspective on swordsmanship, art, and personal abilities.

12. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

The protagonist of DBZ, Goku, has a large group of allies as well as a formidable opponent by the name of Vegeta.

They all work together to defend the earth from evildoers who want to kill them.

As Vegeta works hard to stay up with Goku in an effort to one day outdo him as the Crown Prince of the Saiyan race, you can see Goku having a blast as he battles and always comes out on top!

This anime excels at good fighting choreography in each conflict our characters engage in.

It is action-packed and features opponents who are deserving of being opponents.

11. Baki

Baki 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Because the fight sequences in this anime are so brutal, you really need a steel stomach to see it. Each punch sticks just as true as the fighters’ hearts because they are realistic.

The main character of this anime is a young guy by the name of Baki Hanma, whose final ambition is to defeat his father and establish once and for all that he is the best warrior deserving of the title, World’s Strongest Man.

10. Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

The only character in the program is a half-naked woman who jumps around while wearing a talking costume and beats up pupils whose clothing abilities are inferior to hers.

It is as foolish as it sounds. And yet, it’s the most enjoyable anime you’ll ever watch.

The comedy is top-notch, there is a ton of fanservice, and the fight scenes are far superior to what you would expect from a show like this.

Kill la Kill is so full of surprises, I swear.

9. JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure

JoJos Bizzare Adventure 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

When it comes to combat, JoJo’s is divided into two distinct eras.

At first, the conflicts were nothing more than testosterone-fueled brawls in which big men would exhale deeply while trying to punch a bird person off a volcano.

Despite the humor, stand battles are one of the anime’s more meticulously planned battle systems. Furthermore, predicting how a conflict would play out is rare.

8. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

We have Hunter x Hunter and the idea of Nen, two incredible power systems that have just led to even more amazing fight situations.

However, I can’t argue that the combat in Hunter x Hunter is as strategic as those in JoJo’s because power cliffing is much more obvious here.

Never mind Netero vs. Meruem; it was a masterpiece in and of itself.

7. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

My Hero Academia is sure to appeal to you if you enjoy superhero movies (and, more importantly, superhero fights).

There are a few storylines in the program where the students are merely practicing or participating in school events, like preparing for a festival, and it almost seems like a slice-of-life show at times.

However, once the activity begins, it doesn’t stop until your pants are totally destroyed.

6. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Even though this show is the youngest on the list, it has already had a significant impact.

The only thing I can truly say to describe what makes the bouts so entertaining is how unpredictable they are.

Yes, I agree that the animation is flawless. But what makes the program so great is how strangely powerful the bad guys, the curses, are.

5. Naruto

Naruto 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Naruto is frequently criticized and labeled as trash by people. You cannot, however, look me in the digital eyes and deny that Naruto features some of the best anime battle scenes.

Gaara vs. Lee became an immediate classic and is still lovingly recalled.

When it comes to animation quality, Kakashi vs. Obito is right up there with the finest. It did a fantastic job conveying a tale.

And of course, Sasuke and Naruto’s ultimate confrontation effectively marked the end of an era. And despite having such a significant title, I don’t believe it disappointed.

The Ninja War and everything involving the Akatsuki is off-limits to me.

4. Mob PSYCO 100

Mob PSYCO 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Mob vs. Megumu Koyama was one of the most expertly staged fights seen in this decade.

Despite the fact that almost every fight in Mob Psycho 100 is fantastic, the crew went above and beyond for Mob vs. Koyama.

As Mob went 100% Animosity against Koyama, a brilliant and driven group of animators created a powerful punch of action.

Mob crushed his opponents into the earth after pulling himself hundreds of feet into the air to end the amazing battle between these two powers.

3. Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

Everything you might expect from a top-notch contemporary shounen is in Bungo Stray Dogs.

The skills are quite unusual (the dude who gets stronger when he spends money is a prime example).

There isn’t just one overpowered character who can fix every issue, and the animation is excellent as well.

The majority of the characters in this program have engaged in a few good fights. And variety is the spice of life, as they say!

Additionally, I’m in awe of how fierce the Port Mafia characters are. They must all be wearing suits, so that explains it.


Tokyo REVENGERS 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

The match between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Valhalla in the inaugural season of Tokyo Revengers was without a question the best one.

The two gangs engaged in combat to establish which was the superior gang at this pivotal point in the story.

Kazutora proved to be too far gone during the combat, and both sides lost heavy losses.

Takemichi, who lacked combat prowess, was unfortunate enough to become caught in the midst and put in danger.

In addition to trying to capture Baji’s attention and stay alive in what turned out to be carnage, his objective was to persuade Mikey to exclude Tetta from the gang because he is an evil man.

1. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan 1 25 Anime With Good Fight Scenes to Watch

The conflict in Attack on Titan is primarily split into two sides.

The protagonists spend the majority of the show zooming around on their bikes, slicing titans, and trying desperately not to turn into mince meat.

However, there are giant fights as well.

These are really uncommon, but wow, can they make your blood boil?

These fights seem so exciting, even though they are just fistfights.

Because you are aware that one mistake could result in the death of many.

Boy, that season really was something, especially the most recent season.

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