15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

If you’re a fan of the thrilling anime series “Bungo Stray Dogs” and are on a search for more shows that capture its essence, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some fantastic recommendations that will absolutely keep you entertained.

A few shows may not have received as much attention as some mainstream series, but they offer unique and enjoyable experiences.

So, here are some Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs. Let’s dive into the world of these captivating shows and explore the common elements that make them so beloved.

15. Durarara!!

durarara anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

Set in Ikebukuro, this anime features a large ensemble cast and blends supernatural elements with urban legends, gang conflicts, and mysterious characters.

It follows Mikado Ryugamine, a young boy who moves to Ikebukuro, Tokyo, where he enters a world filled with strange characters.

He encounters color gangs, information brokers, underground surgeons, and supernatural beings. Central to the plot is “The Headless Rider,” a mysterious biker rumored to be an urban legend.

Twisted stories intertwine as the biker’s hidden history and the enigmas of the city unravel, revealing Ikebukuro’s distinct atmosphere and how Mikado and his new friends navigate those challenges.

14. A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

We follow the incredible journey of Touma Kamijou, a unique individual with the extraordinary ability to nullify esper powers.

Set in a city brimming with secrets, conspiracies, and intense conflicts, Touma finds himself entangled in a web of supernatural forces and unexpected alliances.

As we delve into this mesmerizing universe, we witness Touma’s encounters with a wide array of supernatural entities.

13. Psycho-Pass

Psycho Pass anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Psycho-Pass” occurs in a dystopian future in Japan where citizens’ lives are managed by the Sibyl System that quantifies their mental states into a “Psycho-Pass”.

Investigators, aided by Enforcers, solve crimes before they occur by quantifying people’s crime coefficient.

The narrative revolves around Akane Tsunemori, a rookie inspector, navigating this complex system. Reviews praise its unique premise, intricate character development, and thought-provoking themes on morality and society.

However, its intense violence and complex philosophical discussions may not appeal to everyone.

We have also covered the watch order of Psycho-pass as well do check that out.

12. D.Gray-man

578290 d gray man trailer nuevo anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

D.Gray-man” is set in an alternate 19th-century Earth where the Black Order, an organization of Exorcists, battles Akuma demons and the Millenium Earl, who creates Akuma to destroy humanity.

The story follows Allen Walker, a young exorcist with a cursed eye that can see hidden Akuma and an anti-Akuma weapon grafted onto his body.

As he becomes a fully-fledged Exorcist, he allies with other members of the Black Order to uncover secrets behind the catastrophic event known as “the Great Flood,” and he fights toward the ultimate defeat of the Millennium Earl.

11. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

This anime is set in the crime-ridden city of Fukuoka, in which 3% of the population are professional killers. In the city’s Hakata ward, diverse killers like hitmen, detectives, informants, and professional revenge-seekers cross paths.

The story centers on two characters, specifically Lin Xianming, a killer with a moral code, and Banba Zenji, a detective with a love for baseball. Their lives intertwine in a murderous web of politics, intrigue, and baseball.

The series receives praise for its unique premise, complex characters, and twist-filled plots, although some find it convoluted.

It’s a unique, well-executed crime thriller with a diverse cast of hitmen and assassins in a gritty city setting.

10. Kekkai Sensen and Beyond

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers anime 1 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Kekkai Sensen & Beyond” is the second season of the “Kekkai Sensen” series. Set in the bustling, supernatural-filled city of Hellsalem’s Lot, it follows Libra, a secret organization dealing with paranormal threats.

The show introduces bizarre incidents, unique abilities, and eccentric characters. The plot of this anime continues to unravel the mysteries surrounding the city’s existence and the secret society responsible for it.

With stylish animation and a mix of humor and action, “Kekkai Sensen & Beyond” is a captivating, entertaining series, perfect for fans of the supernatural genre and those who appreciate an offbeat, urban fantasy setting.

It’s a fast-paced, action-packed anime with quirky characters and unique abilities.

9. Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers” is a thrilling anime series filled with mystery and action. When seven heroes are chosen to save the world but only six show up, suspicion and intrigue run high.

This anime is a mix of fantasy and mystery, where a group of chosen heroes must come together to defeat a demon lord. However, things take a twist when they discover that there are seven heroes instead of the prophesied.

With engaging characters and a unique plot, it keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

It combines intricate world-building with a unique plot where a group of heroes must identify a traitor among them.

8. B: The Beginning

B The Beginning 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“B: The Beginning” is a captivating anime that combines elements of crime, mystery, and the supernatural. Set in a futuristic city, the series follows a brilliant investigator, Keith Flick, as he pursues a notorious serial killer. Simultaneously, a mysterious vigilante known as “Killer B” wreaks havoc.

The plot interweaves these two storylines, unraveling a complex web of conspiracies and supernatural phenomena. With its intriguing characters and a well-crafted blend of genres, “B: The Beginning” keeps viewers engaged.

The animation and music are impressive, and the series successfully delivers an exciting and thought-provoking experience.

It is a must-watch show.

7. Blast of Tempest

Blast of Tempest 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Blast of Tempest” is a unique blend of Shakespearean drama and fantasy. It revolves around two friends, Mahiro and Yoshino, who find themselves entangled in a world of magic, revenge, and existential crisis.

Mahiro seeks vengeance for his sister’s murder, while Yoshino attempts to balance reason and emotion in this whirlwind of chaos.

The series expertly navigates complex themes, incorporating Shakespearean references and intricate character dynamics.

With beautiful animation and an engaging storyline, “Blast of Tempest” is a thought-provoking and visually stunning anime that keeps viewers hooked from start to finish.

6. Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Devil Survivor 2: The Animation” is an anime adaptation of the video game “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2.” The story revolves around a group of teenagers who receive a mysterious app predicting their deaths and soon find themselves battling demons in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

They must form contracts with devilish creatures to survive and prevent further destruction. The plot explores themes of survival, free will, and the consequences of one’s choices.

While the anime has its moments of intrigue and action, it’s often criticized for its pacing and deviation from the game’s source material, leaving room for improvement.

5. Taboo Tattoo

TabooTattoo bungo stray dogs anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

Our protagonist’s life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon a mysterious tattoo that bestows upon him extraordinary supernatural abilities.

Little does he know that this newfound power will lead him into a captivating realm filled with secret organizations and intriguing conspiracies.

4. Black Bullet

Black Bullet anime like bungo stray dogs 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

 It is set in a dystopian future and follows a team of agents as they battle against a virus-infected population.

The series is known for its dark and gritty tone, as well as its unique blend of action and science fiction elements.

If you’re a fan of dark anime with a touch of science fiction, Black Bullet may be worth checking out.

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

3. Un-Go

un go anime 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Un-Go” is a thought-provoking anime series set in a dystopian future where a war-torn Tokyo is under tight government control.

This detective series follows the brilliant but eccentric detective Shinjurou Yuuki and his companion, Inga, as they solve supernatural cases in a near-futuristic world.

They investigate crimes in a world filled with political intrigue and cover-ups. The series delves into the consequences of sacrificing individual freedom for societal stability and the ethical dilemmas faced by its characters.

While it features intriguing mysteries and a unique blend of supernatural and noir elements, some viewers may find its complex narrative challenging to follow. Overall, “Un-Go” offers a dark and intellectually stimulating viewing experience.

2. Deadman Wonderland

Shiro.Deadman.Wonderland.600.2219887 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“Deadman Wonderland” is a dark and thrilling anime set in a dystopian world where the titular prison, Deadman Wonderland, forces inmates to participate in deadly games.

The story follows Ganta Igarashi, a teenage survivor of a massacre at his school, who is wrongfully convicted and sent to this horrific place.

He discovers he has a strange power and becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving other “Deadmen” with supernatural abilities.

The series offers a mix of gore, action, and mystery, with intriguing characters and a suspenseful plot. While some may find the violence excessive, it’s a gripping and unique anime for those who enjoy darker themes.

1. The Case Study of Vanitas

vanitas anime 1 15 Best Anime Like Bungo Stray Dogs

“The Case Study of Vanitas” (Vanitas no Carte) is an anime based on a manga series by Jun Mochizuki. It’s set in a steampunk-inspired Paris where vampires and humans coexist.

The story follows Noé Archiviste, a young vampire, and Vanitas, a human who claims to be a “vampire doctor.” They embark on a journey to uncover the truth about a cursed grimoire that could bring either salvation or destruction to all vampires.

The series blends elements of the supernatural, fantasy, and mystery. It offers a compelling narrative, intriguing characters, and a beautifully designed world.

It’s a must-watch for fans of the supernatural and Victorian-era aesthetics.

Final Words about these anime, like Bungo Stray Dogs

These anime offer a mix of action, supernatural abilities, and interesting characters, much like “Bungo Stray Dogs.”

You may find some that resonate with your taste within this list.

Let me know in the comments if you like our recommendations!

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