How Old Is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey’s Tokyo Revengers anime has been regarded as an extremely enthralling series of the year. There are many aspects of the show that have completely won over fans. 

The story is based on the Ken Wakui manga that was released by Kodansha. Tokyo Revengers tells the story of fighting and bonding as well as love. Many of the characters in the series have been created with such skill. 

If you’re an avid Tokyo Revengers fan, I’m sure you have some of your favorites. The show is filled with humor and slice-of-life moments that keep viewers glued. 

The most loved character on the show has to be Manjiro Sano, who is also known as Mikey. Do people frequently ask you questions about this character, such as who Mikey is?

Tokyo Revengers is a story that is centered around the concept of time travel and is frequently described as “time leaps” in the story. Takemichi, the main character of the show, continues to leap between two timelines to help his friend, Hinata, from her terrible fate.  

One timeline represents the present. However, when Takemichi gets pushed by a train, he travels 12 years back into the past. Mikey’s age is different between the two time periods (naturally). 

What was the age of Mikey in the previous timeline? What is Mikey’s age now? Mikey is a key character in the story in both timelines. I’m betting that all Mikey fans would like to learn more about him.

Who is Manjiro Sano, a.k.a. Mikey

Mikey in Tokyo Revengers

Mikey was the head of Touman, the famous group of criminals that would, later on, become Hinata’s cause of death. As a child, Mikey was carefree and was a great caregiver for his subordinates and friends. 

Mikey regarded Takemichi as a beloved friend and appreciated his determination, despite his weaker physical characteristics. Mikey had big dreams of making a better world for criminals, in which they were seen as worthy rather than just goons. 

He was fun and sometimes a little immature, but he always kept his and his friends’ honor as a top priority to guard.

But, Mikey was more than simply a jolly teenager. He was the prime leader of Toman. Mikey considered it a necessity to cover up his pain and present a confident appearance. 

Mikey was also extremely strong and gained the respect of all those who were around him. Mikey accepted the group’s burden and decided to do it all on his own. 

This is the reason the man would sometimes stray from his direction and proceed toward a dark path for the future.

How old was Mikey in 2005?

ep 7 mikey being mikey 910x512 1 How Old Is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey was just 15 years old when he was born in 2005. Takemichi flies across time, and lands in 2005. Takemichi is one year younger than Manjiro.

Manjiro was born on the 20th of August 1990. When Takemichi meets Mikey at the age of 15, he’s already fifteen years old. Mikey is impressed by Takemichi’s sexiness and immediately develops a fondness for Mikey. 

He has always been athletic since he was in elementary school, which earned him the admiration of Draken.

He was a child who beat youngsters who attempted to bully him because of his size. As he grew older, Toman formed his own gang of criminals who did not fight for petty issues, but rather for honor and friendship.

They were also able to defend one another. Toman increased in size over time. Through Takemichi as well as Draken, Mikey takes Toman in a new direction.

What is Mikey’s age Today?

Mikey in Tokyo Revengers 1 How Old Is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey is 27 at the moment. Manjiro is a guest in the current version. Takemichi’s age is 26 at the moment, and as an entire year older than Mikey, he is 27 years old. 

He is currently the head of the Touman group. However, the group has also become very dark. Manjiro is not often noticed by the public. He is also considered to be one of the most powerful gang leaders in Tokyo. 

There isn’t much information about his future other than that he slipped away and surrendered to the darkness that was within him.

How Old is Mikey in the Final Arc?

*Spoiler Alert: This session will contain spoilers of the manga

When Takemichi saves Hinata and Hinata, he finds Manjiro Sano’s first tape, where he realizes that he was planning on creating a new gang, even though the rest of the members decided to quit. 

In the current timeline, Takemichi comes across Manjiro and talks with him about his reasons for changing. However, Mikey is shot by Mikey. 

In desperate search of a way to save him, Manjiro triggers his time jumping again, and then jumps back to the past. However, this time, Mikey has reached the age of 17.

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