15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

A story of high-schoolers forming independent delinquent biker gangs and beating the heck out of each other to see who can rule Tokyo while each maintains a specific moral compass for their own gang.

Tokyo Revengers is top fiction and it features some of the coolest characters who do inhumane stuff.

So, let’s take a quick look at some of the coolest characters in Tokyo Revengers.

15. Atsushi Sendou or ‘Akkun’

Atsushi becoming upper echelon member of Toman 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

One of Takemichi’s best friends, while he’s in his school, Akkun hold an important place in Takemichi’s life.

He’s always there for these friends and is always ready to help them no matter what he has to do that.

Akkun promised Takemichi that once he becomes a hairdresser, Takemichi would be his very first client.

14. Akashi Senju or ‘Senju Kawaragi’

Senju Kawaragi Color 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

The self-proclaimed leader of Brahman is a trap character. She is often mistaken for a boy due to her short dishevelled hair and characterizes like her older brother.

She is a great leader who wants to take her gang to new heights while still keeping corruption and immortality at a distance. She struggles with responsibility as she takes any setbacks to heart and often thinks of herself as an unfit leader for her gang.

Despite all of this, Senju is one of the most notable fighters of Brahman. She is able to send decoys, to execute sneak attacks.

Her acrobatic style, strength and position as a leader make her one of the coolest and most notable figures in the Tokyo Revengers world.

13. Sano Emma

Sano Emma

Emma’s most notable contribution to the series is her serious crush on Draken.

She goes to the lengths of even trying to sleep with other people to get Drake jealous.

She is deflated immediately after his indifferent reactions.

She tries to maintain a cool and calm demeanour, but her childish behaviours sometimes take over who often worries about things.

12. Matsuno Chifuyu

HD wallpaper green eyes chifuyu matsuno chifuyu matsuno 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

As the Vice-captain of the first division, Chifuyu has a strong attachment to his Captain Baji. He always tries to support his captain who takes everything upon himself.

His calm and composed demeanour and logic asked decisions often help him a lot. Chifuyu is a great fighter even putting his Senpai to shame.

Chifuyu has a strong moral compass and things that he can accept and things that he doesn’t. He is not afraid to fight anyone who goes against these things.

His kindness, compassion, willingness to fight for things that he believes are right and his adorable friendship with Baji makes him one of the most memorable and cool characters in the series.

11. Shinichiro Sano

Shinichiro Sano Anime 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

“Weak to women, weak in fights, but reliable.”

Is the description he had earned for himself. As a former member of the Black Dragon, he had earned the respect of many delinquents much stronger than him.

His younger brother Manjiro admired this about him.

Shinichiro taught him everything he knew about delinquents, fashion and bikes.

Shinichiro’s coolness comes from his unparalleled innate charisma and ability to inspire and uplift others.

Shinichiro was respected not just by Black Dragon as their leader but also by many other rival gangs as well.

10. Hayashida Haruki or ‘Pah-chin’

Hayashida Haruki or ‘Pah chin 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Pah-chin was one of the founding members of Toman and was appointed as the flag-bearer.

Once given his authority as Toman began to rise in power and status, Pah-chin resorted to abusing his strength in order to maintain his authority.

He is rude and aggressive, not very tactical and arrogant.

Despite all of this, he is a loyal friend and always stands up for Mickey and the people that he cares about and has a sense of guilt as well.

He stayed back to pay for his crimes after stabbing Osanai.

After his release, Pah-chin uses his abilities to run a successful real estate business.

Turning over to a new leaf after having paid for his sins is what makes this character respectable and cool.

9. Takashi Mitsuya

maxresdefault 3 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

One of the founding members and the former Captain of the Second Division of Toman, Mitsuya serves as the sunshine of the group.

Mitsuya has to take care of two of his younger sisters growing up since his parents were mostly absent.

Mitsuya is a great fighter, coupled with his high endurance and sturdy body; he makes for a fearsome opponent.

His calm and optimistic behaviour despite the situation, his balance with his delinquent life and his domestic big brother live makes him an incredibly cool and loveable character.

8. Hanemiya Kazutora

maxresdefault 4 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Kazunori has been scarred ever since a very young age. Kazunori since the beginning had been unstable and often resorted to violent means.

He often looks for someone else to blame in any situation. He placed the entirety of the blame on him murdering Shuichiro and having to go to Juvenile on Mikey.

Kazunori was extremely lonely and only clung to sanity because of Baji whom he believed was his true friend. Once he realized his loyalty and gained Mikey’s forgiveness, he went into custody again and got the help that he needed.

Kazunori got the help that he needed and improved upon himself solving all the emotional issues that made him a violent maniac in the beginning. Anything cooler than that?

7. Tachibana Naoto

Tachibana Naoto 1 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Tachibana Naoto is Hinata’s younger brother who becomes a police officer when he grows up.

His shaking hands with Takemichi is the trigger with which Takemichi can go into the past to save his sister’s life.

He does everything possible to save his sister from becoming a police officer for this purpose.

His love for his sister and goal orientedness makes his character one of the best in the story,

6. Tachibana Hinata

Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Hinata is a ray of pure sunshine.

She is strong and determined to always do better and look on the bright side.

She doesn’t just stand by the side as her friends are being bullied.

However, while doing so, she can become rash and reckless while doing something like slapping Mikey right across the face.

She is very kind and makes friends easily.

She’s cool because of her friendliness and willingness to stand by her friends no matter what and lift them up to be themselves.

5. Hanagaki Takemichi or ‘Take-mitchy’

Takemichi challenges Masataka 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

The protagonist of the story, Takemichi struggles with a lack of motivation in his life.

He always apologizes even for the smallest of things, is not very financially stable and develops a sort of apathy towards his own life.

Facing challenges in the past, over and over and over again, changes Takemichi as a person.

He is loyal to his friends and loved ones.

Takemichi is incredibly cool in the way that he is willing to take up people’s suffering.

He doesn’t mind being in pain and taking punches for his friends.

4. Kisaki Tetta

Kisaki Tetta 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Kisaki is sadistic, cruel, ruthless, and power-hungry.

He looks at everyone as tools to use for his plan and then discard them once he’s done using them. He sees nothing wrong with manipulating people to get his way.

He wants to become the most powerful and influential criminal in Tokyo and he will stop at nothing to achieve that.

Kisaki is willing to do whatever it takes, whatever he needs to sacrifice in order to achieve his goal.

His drive is what makes him so cool.

3. Sano Manjiro or ‘Mikey’

Sano Manjiro or ‘Mikey 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

What makes Mikey so cool is the contrast between his carefree teenager who loves his friends and the leader of Tokyo Manji Gang who will go to any lengths to protect his friends.

Mikey is susceptible to darkness because he already has had to face a lot.

Without the right people to be there for him and guide him, Mikey can do unimaginable things like committing murders.

2. Keisuke Baji

Keisuke Baji 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Baji was the Captain of the first division of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Baji loves the thrill of combat and enjoys fighting so much that he is never with his trademark grin in a fight. Baji is completely loyal to Mikey and the Toman.

He is a very useful individual with an arsenal of skills in his bag.

He is very perceptive of the dynamics between people and can understand who the true villain is, a great actor enough to deceive his own comrades and his high intelligence.

The only problem is he takes it upon himself to solve everything alone.

Baji embodies all of the virtues of the Toman by sacrificing for his friends before anything else, not employing any underhanded tactics and his fighting prowess are the major reason why Baji is one the coolest characters in Tokyo Revengers.

1. Ryuguji Ken or ‘Draken’

tokyo revengers ryuguji ken draken hd wallpaper preview 15 Best Tokyo Revengers Characters

Draken has one major responsibility, keep Mikey in line.

Draken is quite a charming individual. He hates showing that he cares about people outwardly but goes to great lengths to take care of them remembering their favourite food, carrying them on his back and so on.

Draken maintains Mikey’s and by extension, entire Toman’s principles.

 He is mature, logical, caring and both, physical and moral strength is the reason behind this exceptional coolness factor!

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