21 Hot Anime Guys to Raise the Temperature!

Anime has many things.

Interesting storylines, great characters, aspiring animation, and so on but we are not only here for all of those!

We are here for the characters, characters that we simp for!

Now now! Be honest here!

Let’s honor 21 of the hottest husbandos is anime that we all just can’t get enough of!

21. Anos Voldigoad From Misfit at Demon High Academy

Anos Voldigoad From Misfit at Demon High Academy

The overpowered main character, Demon Lord of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad decides to attend a high school to get his throne back.

Not only in the shortest amount of time does Anos have a fan club, but also becomes very widely popular in the school.

Girls are known to faint at the bare sight of him or even by realizing that they’re breathing the same air as he is.

20. Suzuka Takinami From Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life

Suzuka Takinami From Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life

In the beginning, he was introduced as the lazy maths teacher who doesn’t care about the club, but we later get to know his real reason for doing so.

As the club wasn’t serious about Nationals, so wasn’t Suzuka, but once the club started aiming properly and working hard, Suzuka also gave them the push that they needed.

He became their support when they lost, he guided them through their songs and even composed original ones for them! In addition to being a good teacher for his students, has got the looks to match.

With his mid-part hair, subtle stubble, and aloof expressions, Suzuka has managed to turn quite the eyes to himself.

19. Koutaro Bokuto From Haikyuu!!

Koutaro Bokuto From Haikyuu!!

Bokuto is the highlight of Fukurodani Academy!

He is the unbeatable emotional Captain and Ace of the Fukuodani’s volleyball team, Bokuto has a charm and wholesomeness and a certain innocence to his character.

His exaggerated reactions to the smallest things are contrasted by his determination to not give up despite the largest defeats.

Bokuto’s endearing relationship with his student, Hinata, adds a mature and fun side to his character.

Despite seeming childish and extravagant, Bokuto has mentor both Hinata and Tsukishima with their respective skills. Beefy, childish, and a mentor, Bokuto is extremely fun to watch onscreen.

18. Tetsuki Takaoka From Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life

Tetsuki Takaoka From Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds of Life

Every person has that one friend that is extremely good-looking, great at whatever they do from studies to cooking, and looks like they could walk the ramp for any fashion expo with a bedhead.

Tetsuki is that friend.

He is sweet, cares about Chika unlike everyone else who just judges him based on hearsay.

He understands Chika the most and often extends a helping hand and advice whenever he needs it.

Tetsuki caught his fans with the combination of his piercings with dark eyes and hair to match, his kimono look during the school festival, and of course, with his glasses while studying!

17. Ashiya Shirou From Hataraku Maou-sama

Ashiya Shirou From Hataraku Maou-sama

Ashiya Shirou is the name for the Great Demon General Alciel that he chose in Japan.

Ashiya is completely loyal and devoted to his master, the Demon King.

He does everything in his power including cooking, doing the laundry, shopping, cleaning, and all other chores for the Demon King He strives hard to fulfill all of his wishes and puts the Demon King first in everything.

He is skeptical and untrusting of other first since he is in a seemingly unknown and hostile environment but he is a loving and caring person once he lets his guard down.

Ashiya has straight blond locks that fall on either side of his face and he wears simple clothes that give him his mature and domestic charm.

16. Kyoya Ootori From Ouran High School Host Club

Kyoya Ootori From Ouran High School Host Club

The Vice-president of the Ouran Host Club, Kyoya is the mother of the club.

Kyoya manages everything related to the club from the shadows while Tamaki takes the shine.

He is the ‘intelligent’ type of host, which is evident in his genius of being able to plan and make profits out of elaborate vacations and themes of the Ouran Host Club.

Kyoya has dark swept hair with a pair of glasses and a sharp dressing sense.

What makes girls fall at his feet is his intelligence and his sweet words which he uses to get customers for the club, sell merchandise, manage everyone’s personal needs like Honey’s sweet tooth, and so on.

Kyoya can balance all of this despite the tall wall of expectations placed before him by his family.

15. White Blood Cell From Hataraku Saibou

White Blood Cell From Hataraku Saibou

You’re not into brains?

Okay. How about a man who’s almost always covered in blood?

White Blood Cell looks exactly like his name.

He is pure white from top to bottom and wears pure white clothes.

So, what makes him hot you ask?

White Blood Cell is a very strong and silent type of character who genuinely thinks of others.

His duty involves protecting others which means he needs to be physical to be able to fight and to be able to fight, he must train. We all know what one of the welcome by-products of training is.

14. Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

Spike may not be built to be very hot but he certainly has his aloof charm.

His history and love for a woman named Julia make him all the more loveable.

Spike always wears a suit and his fighting style is effortless.

He rarely loses his cool during the entirety of the series. 

Spike also has a good and lean body as revealed by the anime.

He is also a smoking gunslinger, which just adds to his regular charisma.

Spike has performed well during the series as the protagonist with his spacecraft flying skills, reckless acts, solo adventures and sometimes helping people.

13. Kouhei Imamura From Grand Blue

Kouhei Imamura From Grand Blue

Kouhei is the ‘pretty dumb blonde’.

Grand Blue is a series that takes advantage of the regular appearances of characters and adds some insane quirks to them to make them hilarious!

Kouhei has an obsession with Loli characters to the point where he wears a Peripheral High shirt all the time.

His hazel eyes paired with his fair skin and blonde locks give Kouhei an already high ranking on the good-looking meter.

Even though mostly the series portrays him in a comedic light, Kouhei has still managed to shine even as a waiter in the rare moments that he gets.

12. Seishuu Handa From Barakamon

Seishuu Handa From Barakamon

Seishuu Handa is an expert calligrapher who dares to punch a high-class critic in the face when he called his calligraphy boring.

Handa is hardened to the truths of life and wants to do nothing more than to make his calligraphy better.

What makes him so attractive is his innocent beauty and his relationship with all the people of the village.

Handa had been born and brought up in the city.

He doesn’t understand a lot of the behaviors of the villagers but he does appreciate them.

He cherishes the village more and more as he understands how the people function and starts treating them with much importance.

With his sincere love for calligraphy and a classic worker outfit, Handa managed to conquer hearts.

His sweet friendship with bubbly and adventurous Naru only earns him brownie points for his hotness!

11. Shota Kazehaya From Kimi ni Todoke

Shota Kazehaya From Kimi ni Todoke

Kazehaya shows incredible emotional maturity for an anime character.

One of the very first interactions he has with Sawako has him asking her how should she interpret her words to avoid a misunderstanding.

Such maturity is over rare considering real high school students.

Kazehaya follows his ideals and moral values instead of blindly going along with the word of the wind.

He is good-looking, sensitive, and kind but he never let the popularity get to his head.

He remained the sweetheart that we all know and love!

10. Hatake Kakashi From Naruto

Hatake Kakashi From Naruto

Who’s the most famous character in Naruto?





If not the most popular, our Copy Ninja makes the list at the top 10.

Indifferent, serious, and lazy on the surface, Kakashi is a wonderful teacher for the batch that he undertakes.

His trained physique, an alluring mask covering more than half of his face, striking hair, and genius in techniques give him the iconic look that stayed in the audience’s mind.

However, what made Kakashi a fan favorite is his backstory and his genuine support and care for his students. Kakashi despite everything is a man with the purest of hearts.

9. Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover

Yami Sukehiro From Black Clover

Here’s our second teacher with a strong build, outward indifference to his students, and weird quirky rivalry with a green man!

Captain Yami is the leader of the Black Bulls who has mostly stepped in the light only when he knew for sure that his squad was in trouble.

He believes in surpassing his limits and thus often just asks his students to figure things out on his own.

Yami, however, is a dutiful and humble man that cares about them deeply and this shines through the series on occasion.

Captain Yami managed to steal hearts dressed in a ragtag vest, cargo pants, and the Black Bulls robe!

8. Shinmon Benimaru From Fire Force

8. Shinmon Benimaru From Fire Force

Following the suit of hot teachers, we have Shinmon Benimaru on the list.

It’s not just his incredible firepower that makes him land on this list, it’s all the little things he is and does throughout the series.

From Shinra’s training to joining in with Joker, Shinmon Benimaru is a fearless wild child that loves to fight!

He cares deeply about the people around him and wants to make sure they live happily.

He does everything in his power to make sure that the people he loves stay safe.

He isn’t very open to outsiders but once he warms up, he is a little sweetheart!

Benimaru is hot on two separate levels with his looks and outwardly indifferent personality, just like his fire powers.

7. Beelzebub From Obey Me

Beelzebub From Obey Me

The Obey Me anime features the demon brothers, each more beautiful than the other.

Beelzebub is one of the most underrated characters of the show.

Lucifer and Mammon grab the most viewer attention for their strong personalities, which sidelines silent characters like him.

‘Beel’ for short, as revealed by the game, spends a lot of time working out.

His sense of style, fit muscles and kuudere personality gives him an adorable edge.

He takes pure joy in eating food of any kind and is a straightforward person.

He dressed casually in either the school uniform or a hoodie and shirt with pants and shoes.

His laid-back and tasty approach to things is something to look out for!

6. Amamiya Rindou From God Eater

Amamiya Rindou From God Eater

Amamiya Rindou is strong.

Amamiya Rindou is effortless.

Amamiya Rindou makes your heart go ‘mama-mia!’

Living in a world like God Eater’s, it is easy for a person to become hopeless and cruel because of losing too many people close to them.

Rindou on the other hand has vouched to protect everyone that he can. Rindou is a complex individual.

Shrouded in mystery, green alluring eyes, and having an altruistic streak to his personality, Rindou wants to help as many people as he can.

He is a very capable individual and can handle the battlefield just as well as any emotional matter.

5. Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai Osamu From Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai is a flirt. Dazai is a cold-blooded killer.

Dazai is hot. Dazai is cool.

Dazai is a range of contractions with comedic relief and cuteness.

Dazai has sailed in troubled waters getting a mixed reaction from the audience.

A lot of people did not like how Dazai was always made the butt of jokes and had a hard time taking him seriously.

However, this is exactly what many of the viewers found hot!

Dazai’s suave and easy-going attitude with the addition of an ability that makes him capable of taking on almost anyone is what makes him attractive.

Someone obsessed with death and yet knows how to enjoy life, someone who can take lives easily and yet chooses to live in a more humble and friendly way is what has gotten Dazai here!

4. Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

The scars? The physique? His attitude?

What makes Zoro so hot?

It’s a combination of everything! Zoro is the ‘asshole with a heart of gold’ trope in person.

He doesn’t trust anyone, doesn’t rely on anyone, and doesn’t let anyone step on him but despite everything, he can’t leave the weak in trouble or handle any insults thrown at his friends.

Zoro is loyal to his captain and crew and holds the crew up to the standard that they need to.

He is often ready to step up to say or do the difficult things.

Zoro’s striking green hair, toned muscles, and sword-fighting abilities just add icing to this beefcake!

3. Trafalgar Law From One Piece

Trafalgar Law From One Piece

This man has consistently made his presence felt with every appearance in the series.

He easily ranked in the top 5 in the Sabaody popularity poll and 2nd in the Dressrosa popularity poll.

The audience loves seeing his cool and suave style.

His strategic mind paired with the absolute reckless impulsiveness and stupidity of the Straw Hat captain.

What makes Law so attractive on screen is his devil fruit, his tattoos, and his sword style.

Law is effortlessly stylish and pair that with a talking white bear? You have the perfect duo!

2. Gojo Satoru From Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo Satoru From Jujutsu Kaisen

Gojo’s eyes are undoubted one of the prettiest eyes in all of anime.

Gojo’s arrogant, flashy, and sometimes apathetic personality usually would make a character not very likable.

Gojo, however, balances this out with showmanship, comedic timing, and his overpowered abilities.

What makes Gojo so hot is all the entertainment he provides as a character every time he is on screen.

He is playful while being extremely brutal.

In addition to all of this, Gojo is portrayed with confidence and a style of his own that adds to his appeal.

1. Itadori Yuuji as Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

Itadori Yuji as Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

The God of Curses has beaten the Strongest Sorcerer here!

Isadora is quite the beauty on his own with his naturally athletic build, suave pink hair with an undercut, and loveable personality!

Yuuji wanting to fulfill his grandfather’s last wish, that he helps as many people as he can before dying, consumes Sukuna’s finger.

When the King of Curses takes over, he does so with all of his marks and tattoos.

All this does is escalate Itadori’s already existing ripped body to another level!

The tattoo marks of Sukuna on Itadori have made the internet go wild!

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