Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has been officially confirmed. However, there is no other release date other than January 2022 for this anime series.

Now the question is when will Tokyo Revengers Season 2 be released? How many manga volumes will the new season include?

This post will answer the following questions: When is Tokyo Revengers Anime Season 2 coming out? How many episodes will Tokyo Revengers Season 2 have? But first, some important information:

Tokyo Revengers is an amazing shounen anime series that combines action-time travel elements with shounen. Takemichi Hanagaki is the main character in this anime series.

Takemichi Hanagaki learns from his ex-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana that the Tokyo Manji Gang has killed him. After an accident, Takemichi Hanagaki finds himself in a time jump.

There is currently only one season of the Tokyo Revengers anime. The first season aired 24 episodes from April 2021 through September 2021. The second season of Tokyo Revengers has yet to air.

After the first season, there isn’t an OVA or movie that you can view. Only a live-action adaptation of the series aired in Japan in 2021.

tokyo revengers gang Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers 2 has not yet been released. Many anime fans are eager to find out when the next season will be available.

Let’s now look at the manga volumes that the new season will adapt and the likely Tokyo Revengers 2 release date.

Tokyo Revengers, Season 2: Manga

The Tokyo Revengers anime, known as Tōkyō Ribenjāzu in Japanese, is based on a successful manga series.

Ken Wakui has illustrated and written the manga series Tokyo Revengers.

How many volumes of Tokyo Revengers are there?

As of February 2022, there were 26 volumes published in Japan for the Tokyo Revengers manga series.

Shinpei Funatsu also illustrated a parody manga called Todai Revengers.

Is the manga still going strong?

The Tokyo Revengers manga series continues in 2022Ken Wakui released the most recent volume in Japan on February 17, 2022.

In 2021, the author stated that the series was in its final arc. Also, the Tokyo Revengers manga 27 release date is likely to be April 2022.

What volumes will Season 2 cover?

tokyo revengers mickey Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date

The anime begins with manga volume 9 and ends with volume 12. The Tokyo Revengers anime adaptations of volumes 1 through 8 were used for the first season.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 should contain around 12 episodes. Only the Christmas Showdown arc should be adapted for the second season. 

It won’t be two courses, I think. A quality second season of two-cour seasons is not possible in one year unless it is much worse than the first.

Additionally, after the second season, enough material should exist to make Tokyo Revengers season 3

Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date

tokyo revengers gang mickey Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 has been confirmed. Tokyo Revengers Season 2 does not yet have an official release date. The release date for season 2 will most likely be January 2023.

It takes, on average, 12 to 18 months to release a new season after it’s confirmed. It will likely be released in January 2023.

The studio has not done a great job of adapting this anime. I hope that season 2 of Tokyo Revengers will do a better job. Given how fast-paced the second season was, I don’t believe there is much hope.

As soon as I have information about the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release dates on the official Tokyo Revengers Twitter account, I will update this article.

We are still waiting for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 episode 1 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Tokyo Revengers: Cast & Characters

CharacterVoice actor
TakemichiYuuki Shin
KenTatsuhisa Suzuki
SanoYuu Hayashi
BajiMasaaki Mizunaka
HanemiyaShunichi Toki
KisakiShoutarou Morikubo

Anime staff

Position for Anime StaffPersonal
DirectorKouichi Hatsumi
Series Composition. ScriptYasuyuki Mutou
Character DesignKeiko Oota
StudioLiden Films

Final Words

We now know the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date.

Let’s also hope we get a Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Release Date soon. 

As I stated previously, I will update this article as soon as more information is available about the new season.

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