Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Some of the strongest characters in the anime are the Seven Deadly Sins.

See which character is in which position between these combatants.

The fantasy adventure series The Seven Deadly Sins follows seven knights who failed in their attempts to destroy the kingdom of Britannia.

Ten years later, the holy knights who had defended Britannia rose up and seized power.

Elizabeth, the daughter of the king, embarks on a quest to track down the seven knights who are now known as the Seven Deadly Sins in order to recapture the realm.

This ranking examines each of the Seven Deadly Sins’ maximum power levels.

There will be manga spoilers in this section because not all power levels have been covered in the show.

Let’s examine the combat class to see who is the strongest. It combines a character’s magic, physical prowess, and spiritual prowess.

Balor’s Magical Eye, a magical sensor that Merlin offers Hawk, enables this. Hawk, for instance, has a combat class of 30, 25 for strength, 0 for magic, and 5 for spirit.


Goddess Elizabeth anime full appearance Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Elizabeth is the king’s daughter, as was mentioned in the introduction.

She is not one of the Seven Deadly Sins, but some of the narratives are recounted from her point of view.

She serves as the group’s lynchpin and frequently brings everyone together when things are bad.

Elizabeth has a 1,925 combat class. 5, in strength, 1,700 in magic, and 220 in the soul.

Ark, which enables Elizabeth to use light, is her primary ability.

Despite having a low power level, she can use it to damage opponents who have far greater levels, like Meliodas in assault mode.


ban seven deadly sins by brozed258 dcw6k19 fullview Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

First on the list is the sin of greed.

He is symbolized by the Fox and has a combat level of 3,220. Ban possesses 930 strength, 910 spirit, and 1,380 magic points.

He has the lowest battle level of the Seven Deadly Sins, but he is eternal now that he has drunk from the fountain of youth that Elaine, who died for him, made.

Ban’s primary power is snatch, which enables him to steal an object or another character’s physical attributes. Kazuma, be careful—this is how it’s done.


Merlin Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Merlin’s position on this ranking does not accurately represent her power. The weighted average for gluttony is 4,710, with 3,540 for magic, 70 for strength, and 1,100 for the spirit.

But this is the final time her combat class will be read aloud.

Merlin is shown fighting opponents in the Seven Deadly Sins manga who have combat classes higher than 160,000.

It’s safe to conclude that she has advanced in combat skills along with the other Seven Deadly Sins.

Infinity is Merlin’s most powerful talent.

She is able to decide when a spell ends thanks to it. If Merlin so chooses, the enchantment has an infinite lifespan.


gowther 1079191 1 1024x576 1 Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Gowther, who stands in for lust, began with a combat class of 3,100.

He is 500-strong, 1,300 in soul, and 1,300 in magic.

Gowther was a founding member of the Demon Clan and one of the first 10 commandments, despite having amnesia. Gowther’s battle rating increased to 35,400 after he was able to remember things.

The primary talent of Gowther is an invasion. He has the ability to absorb his opponents into his own head in addition to reading their thoughts.


Hero illust king regent 1866501 Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

King, also known as Fairy King Harlequin, is the sin of sloth and has a combat class starting at 4,190. He possesses 8,20 spirits, zero strength, and 3,370 magic.

King’s primary power, disaster, enables him to increase the severity of wounds and attacks, give him control over nature, and enable him to govern as the Fairy King.

The disaster also gives King power over the Chastieol spear, a magical artifact carved from a sacred tree with the ability to change forms.

King frequently uses the shape as a pillow and shield. King’s power level rises by around 11,000–12,000 when Chastieol’s actual form is revealed.

King’s wings developed after a trial, giving him a combat class of 41,600, 38,800 magic points, zero strength, and 2,800 spirit points.


Diane 29 Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Nothing beats a strong female lead in a fantastic anime. The sin of jealousy is carried by the dancing giantess Diane.

Throughout the series, her combat class varies frequently, but it starts at 3,250. She possesses 480 spirits, 1,870 strength, and 900 magic.

Diane also goes through a trial; if she passes, her combat level is increased to 8,800.

Diane can influence the earth because she is a member of the Giant Clan.

Drole’s Dance is her other talent. She can raise her power level and ultimately her battle class by doing the dance.

Drole’s Dance improves her combat class from 2,330 to 15,100 while she is human.

Diane can increase her combat class above 50,000 while she is in huge form, but the demon Cut-Off keeps her at 50,000.


main qimg 855ad21224d0e8351feccd44528f2896 lq Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

One of the series’ primary characters is Meliodas, the Dragon’s Sin of Wrath.

Based on how many commandments Meliodas assimilates, one could claim that he is the strongest character in the entire series.

Meliodas has a battle class of 3,370 at the beginning of the series, with 400 in magic, 960 in strength, and 2,010 in spirit.

This is due to Merlin having sealed most of his power. Meliodas’ status as a demon and a member of the demon clan was made known. His combat class has increased to 4,400 as a result of his demon mark.

Meliodas’ combat class is increased to 10,300 after the Berserk phase after the unleashing of half of his demon strength. He gains his power restored, increasing his combat class to 60,000.

His combat class rises to 142,000 when in assault mode.

Full Counter, the major skill of Meliodas, enables him to more powerfully reflect a direct magic attack back at the user.


Escanor 29 29 Seven Deadly Sins Strongest Characters of All Time

Escanor, the pride of the lion, is the strongest of the Seven Deadly Sins.

It wasn’t until the final episode of the OVA special Seven Deadly Sins: Signs of Holy War that Escanor made his anime debut.

Escanor’s primary ability, Sunshine, causes his power level to change depending on the sun.

With a combat class of 15, Escanor is at his most vulnerable at night.

Five spirits, five magic, and five strength. His combat class also begins to rise as the sun rises. Escanor has a combat class of about 28,000 throughout the day.

Around noon, the sun can raise Escanor’s combat class to over 50,000. Escanor switches into The One Mode as the sun reaches its highest peak.

He virtually becomes indestructible in this state, but only for a minute, earning him the top rank on this list.

Who knows, perhaps in this shape he will be able to withstand a blow from Saitama.

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