28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Girls in anime have a different group of fans, and they rule over a billion hearts, no matter what gender they are.

The main reason is that they are cute and have different personalities. In short, they are perfect for otakus. Just think of the girl you want to date, and you’ll find her in the anime world.

When people talk about anime girls, kemonomimi characters are often mentioned. There are a lot of girls who are half human and half animal.

Nekomimi characters, anime wolf girls, and anime bunny girls are at the top of the list. People like bunny girls because they are pretty and cute.

I’m sure you already like them, which is why you’re looking for more of them.

Get your popcorn ready, because we’re about to see the ultimate list of the best anime bunny girls.

So, let’s get started!

28. Carrot From One Piece

carrot 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

One Piece, on the other hand, is so well-known that it doesn’t need to be introduced. Well, it’s been talked up for years, and one reason is that girls like it.

The girls in One Piece are perfect for being waifus.

Don’t be fooled by the way she looks—not she’s as weak as she seems. Carrot is pretty strong and has gotten faster and stronger over time.

The list of skills is long, but let’s keep it short. She is happy, honest, and very needy. This cute girl might seem a little silly to you.

27. Shea Haulia From Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

shea haulia 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Having the ability to see the future is a blessing, especially if it helps you spot dangers that are coming. We’ll never have this power, but that’s okay, because this beautiful anime bunny girl can make our wishes come true.

Shea can see what will happen in the future. Aside from that, she is a very brave girl. In fact, she has very little sense of shame.

But she is a good person at heart, which is to be expected since she is one of the heroes. Shea’s bravery and hard work are things to be proud of.

If you messed with this girl, you would lose. She is a skilled fighter with a lot of power, and if you dared to anger her, she would kill you.

26. Mirko From My Hero Academia

mirko 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular shonen anime. Before that, it was one of the most popular manga series, and it still is.

Fans were interested in almost all of their characters, and Mirko was one of them. She is often called “Rabbit Hero.” As a hero, she fights against evil and is always ready to teach the bad guys a lesson.

She is very direct and wouldn’t think twice before saying what she thought, which caused her a lot of trouble.

Almost everything a hero should have, this rabbit girl has. Her quirk is called “Rabbit physiology,” and it gives her rabbit-like features, as the name suggests. She has a long list of other powers and skills, though.

25. Sylvie From How Not to Summon A Demon Lord

sylvie 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

She lives in a world where people expect to have adventures and where they do so in almost every city.

Sylvie is the guild master of a team that is in charge of going on adventures in their city. Even though she seems like a simple girl, she isn’t.

Sylvie knows how to use magic well, and she is good at blocking attacks from the enemy. To explain more, she uses magic that helps her seal other people’s magic.

She is mostly known for her pretty face and ears that look like bunny ears.

24. Nanachi From Made In Abyss

nanachi 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Made in Abyss has a side character named Nanachi. When Riko landed in the sixth layer, I’m sure we were all mesmerised by this cute little baby.

She did not always look like she does now. Before she went into the abyss, she was a normal, pretty girl. But a whistler did experiments on many children, including her.

Nananchi is one of the nicest people in the Abyss, and she loves her best friend Mitty very much, even though he changed into something else because of the experiment.

She had been looking for a long time for ways to kill Mitty to end her hard life. And finally, she was able to free her friend from the curse with the help of Riko and Reg.

23. Delilah From Gate – Thus The JSDF Fought There

delilah 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Delilah kills people for a living and has also been a spy in the past. Even though this bunny girl looks cute, she is not what she seems to be.

In fact, she is the most dangerous warrior. Delilah doesn’t think twice about attacking her enemies, and she’s pretty rough about it.

This warrior will do anything to get the information she wants and make other people do what she wants.

She is also very self-centered and doesn’t like to work with others. If we talk about who she is as a person and how she acts, we can say that she is a wild, sadistic bunny girl. Tyuule, who used to be the leader of warrior bunnies, is her only goal.

She gave up herself and became a slave for her people. But she was made to look like a rebel and a liar. Delilah is another person who thinks Tyuule betrayed her people.

22. Kuku From I Have Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years

kuku 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Kuku is a very good girl. She is another rock star on the list. She loves to sing and use her beautiful voice to win people over.

She usually goes from place to place, singing and putting on shows. Kuku is shy, so she looks cuter than she really is.

Even though she was just a side character, this cute bunny girl had her own group of fans. Mostly because of her bunny ears and how pure she looked.

Fans of “I Have Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years” like her song “Arigato” a lot.

21. Frau From Peach Boy Riverside

frau 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

We’ve all seen anime bunny girls with only ears, but Frau is different. She looks like a bunny. And don’t think she’s weak just because she’s cute.

Frau has so much power that she can cause destruction with it. But for a certain reason, her powers no longer work. If not, she is a bunny anime girl with too much power.

She is a bunny, so she loves carrots, which makes her even cuter. She is a bit shy but friendly at the same time.

20. Chiester 410 From Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Chiester 410 anime bunny girl

I would choose to go by bunny killer if I had to choose.

Chiester 410 and the other Chiesters with numbers are very skilled fighters. They were originally sent to kill Rudolf to end Christmas.

Just joking!

Just some sneaky jerk in a suit.

Chiester is a good example of the “no worries, life goes on” way of life.

She just wants to relax and have fun, while making fun of people who take life seriously.

19. Hikaru Usada From Di Gi Charat

Hikaru Usada

She is seen as an anime bunny girl who uses dice to transform into her bunnygirl outfit: a pink, white and red dress with large white rabbit ears and a large round cotton tail.

Her parents left her to live on her own in an attempt to help her become an idol.

Rabi~en~Rose does not end her sentences with a rabbit sound (typically pyo in anime) and is the only character with kemonomimi animal traits other than Rik. Ky, and Coo in the Di Gi Charat franchise not to do so.

18. Komugi Yoshida From Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R

Komugi Yoshida

Komugi is the main character, as the name of the anime suggests. She is just as bright, happy, and charming as the clothes she wears.

As the main character, she can only do good things. This anime girl with pink hair is kind and can take care of people pretty well.

Komugi is not a normal girl. Instead, she is a powerful girl who can fight any evil. But she didn’t have any powers until a creature named Usa-P gave them to her.

She will be doing more than one thing at the same time. Sometimes you see her as a high school girl, sometimes as a brave girl fighting against evil, and sometimes as your famous idol.

17. Usa-Tan From Etotama

usa tan 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Usa-tan is likely one of the richest anime bunny girls on this list. She is a very interesting person who could live a very luxurious life but instead works as a maid.

Let me explain more: This bunny girl is rich enough to own a helicopter, a limousine, and several high-tech gadgets.

Oh, yes, she is quite the person! She doesn’t live like this because she cares a lot about how other people feel. She is a blunt person who wouldn’t think twice about saying what she thinks if she thinks it’s right.

So, if you were looking for anime bunny girls who are normal, you should be happy because you have found one.

16. Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims From Astarotte no Omocha!

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims

Ini is a small anime bunny girl with long light-purple hair arranged in bunches. She usually wears a red suit very similar to a one-piece swimsuit covered by an elegant oversized long sleeve blouse that she uses like a jacket.

She wears a red ribbon in the blouse and red shoes. Her eyes are red. In the anime her blouse is dark purple while in the manga it’s black.

Having the knowledge of everything, she has no particular shyness towards anything. Ini is mostly serious, but also has playful personality which she displays from time to time.

15. Mina Tsukuda From Getsumento Heiki Mina

Mina Tsukuda

She changes into Tsukishiro Miina when she eats a carrot or something that has carrots in it. She fights and catches bad aliens who are making trouble on Earth with her Carrot Weapons.

Mina is a bunny girl from an anime. She was found by the producer of LunaTV’s Onoue show, and she starts out as an active high school student-announcer.

When Rabbit Force’s Earth commander Nanashi also chooses her to become a Miina, she has three different jobs to do.

She is still new as both an announcer and a Miina, but her hard work and the support of the people around her help her get through hard times.

14. Chuchu From Show By Rock!!

chuchu 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

No matter what gender they are, rockstars are famous in both our world and the anime world. Chuchu is a cute bunny girl who makes people fall in love with her beauty and skills.

She chose to be an artist, and that was her dream. Almost everyone looks up to and loves her.

Now, Chuchu wants to be a solo singer and is working towards that goal. During her trip, she met Cyan, another famous rock star who had a lot of fans, which made Chuchu jealous.

But her talented teammates helped her get over how she felt about Cyan.

13. Vert Far Breton From Dog Days

Vert Far Breton From Dog Days

She is a bunny girl from an anime, and all of her clothes are green, which is also her name.

She wears a long black and white jacket with green sleeves and a green skirt. She also wears black tights and black boots with one white ring and two black rings.

Except for the bow in the back, her blonde hair is always out. She has a white puffball tail and two white rabbit ears that start at the back of her fringe. It’s also said that she has big breasts.

Vert is a kind character in the Galette faction, but he is also a fool. Even though she’s a master archer, she’s known to be “destructively clumsy” when she’s not in battle.

12. Charlotte E. Yeager From Strike Witches

Charlotte E. Yeager

Charlotte, or “Shirley” as her friends call her, is a thrill-seeker who is tall and curvy. She is fascinated by speed, and her dream is to break the sound barrier.

Charlotte is an anime bunny girl who cares about cleanliness. When she moved from the Liberian Army 363rd Fighter Wing to the Strike Witches Britannia base, she had her own bath brought all the way there. She is strong, sure of herself, and friendly.

She doesn’t usually care about small things, but she has a wide perspective and always looks at things objectively.

She is the kind of person who thinks about how to use her strengths in battle. She is very independent and loves her freedom.

Someone who cares about having enough time to do what she wants. But she still gets along well with everyone, and when it really matters, she always does her part well.

11. Melona From Queen’s Blade

melona 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Melona is a slime, which means she has a soft, slimy body. She’s not a good girl, though. Instead, she’s a bad, seductive woman.

Melona is known for what she does, so people call her a monster. This is the thing that bothers her the most.

She can change into any shape because she is a slime, which is very helpful for her. We all know that slimes can take in anything and get powers from it.

Melona is the same way. Her behaviour and character are as strange as they come. She is not an easy opponent to fight in battle, and her list of attacks is pretty daring.

She usually uses these attacks to make her opponents look bad.

10. Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra From Rokka no Yuusha

Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra

Her name sounds as unique as she is. “50 shades of Nashetania” would be the four words I would use to describe her (XD).

This anime bunny girl has a lot of different sides to her. Sometimes she’s carefree and chill, and sometimes she’s the exact opposite.

Nashetania tricks people by being able to switch from one personality to another. In short, she knows how to get people to do what she wants them to do.

She is also known as the “saint of blades,” which means she is a saint.

She is hard to hurt because she will either attack or put up a shield in front of herself. What she wants to do depends on how she feels and who she is. Aside from that, she has a lot of impressive skills.

9. Kurousagi From Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?


This pretty girl is also a moon rabbit, just like Reisen. She is one of the show’s main characters. Kurousagi is a well-known anime girl whose name means “black rabbit.”

She is one of the most trustworthy people in the anime. If you want a happy, generous, loving, and devoted woman, she is the one.

She will worry about other people and try to help them solve their problems. She’s a good person at heart. Black Rabbit also has a lot of supernatural abilities, which is the cherry on top.

8. Yoshino Himekawa From Date a Live


Yoshino, the anime bunny girl, is described as a shy but kind young child. She is much more passive than most of the other Spirits, and the AST is always trying to kill her, but she never fights back.

Yoshino was so shy at her first appearance that she couldn’t say full sentences or express herself well. Instead, she let her alter ego, “Yoshinon,” speak for her.

But even though this wasn’t a healthy way to live, it did help her keep her mind somewhat stable.

On the other hand, when Yoshinon was taken away from her, the spirit, who was usually very calm, would lose all control and even be willing to use violence to get her puppet back.

7. Meroko Yui From Full Moon wo Sagashite

07 full moon wo saga meroko yui anime girl 28 Adorable Anime Bunny Girls Of All Time

Meroko is an anime bunny girl and has long pink hair and magenta eyes (red in the manga).

She wears a red magician hat with white bunny ears, a red crop tube top paired with a red mini-skirt, white thigh-length socks, large boots, and a pair of red gloves.

In the manga, the magician hat, tube top, mini-skirt, and gloves are all black.

She also has small angelic white wings.

When she is in her bunny form she looks like a bunny plushie.

6. Reisen Udongein Inaba From Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin Anime: Musou Kakyou

Reisen Udongein Inaba

This girl is very interesting because she isn’t from this world. Yes, you are right.

She is from the moon, but she ran away to earth to save her life because there is a war going on between the moon and earth.

Well, she is a strong woman, just like some of the other anime bunny girls.

Brain waves come out of her eyes as one of her special moves. I know that sounds strange, but it’s one of her many great skills.

A lot of her attacks and skills don’t make sense, which is what makes her so interesting.

5. Rito Tsukimi From Absolute Duo

Rito Tsukimi

Rito Tsukimi works as a homeroom teacher, and her students seem to like her a lot. Just looking at her makes it easy to figure out why she is so popular.

It’s her cute bunny ears and her friendly personality. She never misses an opportunity to surprise people, and most of the time, her students don’t know what to say when she’s around.

The reason is that she has two different sides to her personality. Sometimes she is the cutest girl you can find, and sometimes she is the complete opposite.

So, to show how different she is, the students change her name from White Usa Sensei to Black Usa Sensei.

There are only two kinds of teachers: those who are kind and those who are strict. Rito is both. Also, she’s not just any bunny girl; she’s a girl with amazing powers.

She uses a sword, and her special skill is called Blaze. She mostly uses it to protect herself.

4. Tabane Shinonono From Infinite Stratos

Tabane Shinonono

Tabane is just an energetic ball.

She seems to always be happy and running around.

Even more so when Houki, Chifuyu, or Ichika are around.

She thinks she is a genius, and it’s hard to argue with her. She always looks like she’s having the best time.

The fact that Houki, the tsundere queen, is her sister makes it even funnier, as Tobane can’t get enough of her sister’s “plot,” while Houki can’t help but punish her.

I don’t find her to be a very complicated person. But she is definitely nice and makes the show better.

3. Alice Shiratori From Moetan

Alice Shiratori From Moetan

Pop culture has taught me one thing, and that is that taking off your glasses should make you look very different.

And if anime has taught me anything, it’s that flip phones are always amazing.

With all this information, we can make Alice.

On the surface, she seems like a normal girl. But when she pulls out her flip phone, she changes into a magical girl with bunny ears and a long tail.

Her hair changes color, too, but let’s not pay attention to that.

2. Haru From Beastars

Haru From Beastars

Maybe not what you’d expect from a girl who looks like a rabbit. But, like, she is a bunny that has human feelings.

Really, it was too true to how people feel.

Haru does great things for the plot, and that one scene makes some people in the crowd angry.

She has a lot of problems, but she stands tall and tries her best to live.

In this way, the fact that she was born “weak” but still fought back and stood her ground sends a great message.

Her friendship with Legoshi is one of the most interesting and complicated in anime, and I really want to thank the writers of this show for their hard work.

1. Mai Sakurajima From Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai

Mai Sakurajima

How could we forget to include her?

Mai is your favourite, and everyone else’s, too.

Mai is just a girl who sometimes dresses up as a bunny.

But “bunny girl” is in the title, so that makes it true.

I also wanted to include her on this list because, holy mother, she writes great characters.

I really don’t want to talk about Mai or why she wears her rabbit clothes, because I think that if you’ve never seen the show before, you should go in blind.

Is it a chick flick?


Is it a great idea?


Go see for yourself why Mai thinks she’s the best bunny girl.

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