15 Incredible Code Geass Characters

Code Geass is one of the all-time best series to watch and what makes it that best? yes, these Code Geass Characters are the reason behind this awesome series.

Yes, I agree that code geass has some flows but still, this series gave me a bombastic and unforgettable experience when I was watching the last episode.

This Series is filled with mind games, mecha fights, hamlet narrative, and tons of fights according to me this series is a must-watch to all otakus.

And this great anime series would be nothing without its incredible characters, so let’s count down of these 15 code geass characters.

15. Akito Hyuga

Akito Hyuga Code Geass Characters

One of the codes geass character name as Akito he a person who doesn’t interact with other people, always like to stay within his own company and he has a personality that is twisted.

And this happened because of his traumatizing childhood and then he received a geass from his brother, and this disturbing experience throughout his life is the reason behind the hatred for his brother.

Akito has shown a helping personality by assisting Leila in battle planning and even he has shown intelligence by his geas to aid him on the battlefield.

Of course, not only fighting skill is the one reason to win a battle but tactical knowledge is a must in a battle and Akito has used both his fighting skills and knowledge always to survive in all of his suicide missions.

14. Mao

moa code geass

Another character in code geass is mao, his behavior was like a normal person before but with time, it seems he is suffering from some mental illness the way he destroys all his mental ability and then he continues and increases his level of madness.

He once causes suffering to Lelouch when he threatened to explode his sister and he enjoy this because it some fun moment for him, because he love to watch others in pain.

This dangerous and unpredictable person is not counted in the crowd of those people with responsibility apart from this he is the type of person who is immature emotionally and there is no empathy for anyone will found in him.

13. Arthur

Arthur code geass

Arthur was a lost cat wandering on the roads of Area 11 when Euphemia met him and instantly chose to keep him.

Even though Suzaku end up taking care of him the most. He causes many inconveniences for the student of Ashford Academy, going from practically destroying Lelouch’s to trouble Suzaku at whatever point possible. How could I not love Arthur?

His adorable plan – the eyes! – and adorable liveliness makes him a decent character from the power to enclose him. At the point when he took the Zero head protector and wore it, I yell out of my head.

12. Cornelia li Britannia

Cornelia li Britannia

The Second Princess of the Britannia Dynasty, and Chief General of the Imperial Army, likes to get her hands dirty.

She often participates in battle with her Knight mare Frame, in any event, building up her name– The Witch of Britannia. She has a solid relationship with her sisters, Euphemia specifically.

Even though devoted to her family, she holds a few concerns towards her siblings and father.

Her character design, decent personality, and battles make her one of the champion Princesses of the Britannia family.

11. Villetta Nu

Villetta Nu

Villetta was one of the best and loyal characters under the lord of her empire. At the point when he’s disrespected, she stays faithful to him. This causes her to be distant from the Black Knights and Lelouch.

Villetta is the main individual Lelouch controls and is along these lines presented as a key piece prior on. It’s how she gets in all cases through the account, her faithfulness and becoming hopelessly fascinated with a Black Knight, that makes her so convincing.

10. Nunnally vi Britannia (Nunnally Lamperouge)

Nunnally vi Britannia

At the point when she was a youngster she got into an accident and after that he get blinded and paralysis but she endured all this with a warm smile. And also she is genuinely kind and she feels empathetic for all the people around her.

She’s one of the main reasons Lelouch chooses to oppose Britannia, wanted to make a world she can be and sometimes maybe see.

Sweet, charming, and needed protection are naturally is the compass by which we measure Lelouch’s quality framework.

9. Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd Asplund

Lloyd built up a respectable name for himself among the Britannian tip-top, at last in any event, turning into a duke.

This is because of his inflexible methodology towards science and innovation, which permitted him to sacrifice social aptitudes and connections for Knight mare’s creation.

His abilities are coordinated by his unusual discourse and conduct. Continually fancy and mixed, yet almost unequaled in his cunning nature.

8. Kaname Ohgi

Kaname Ohgi

All through the series, we see him develop as a person uninvolved, continually adjusting to the circumstance, and having an independent mind. Ougi is a full-grown supporting character that never occupies an excess of screen time.

Before Lelouch showed up and set up the fearsome Black Knights, Ougi was driving the Japanese hurdle against Britannia. He’s a quiet and trustworthy individual who consistently puts the points that are needed.

7. Euphemia


The Third Princess of Britannia, Euphie is a compassionate and significant caring individual. Adored by her family, and even those Japanese who come to know her, she’s what might be compared to Princess Diana.

She accepts struggle to consistently be avoidable, leaning toward a thoughtful majority rule talk over the carnage. At the point when she meets the youthful warrior Suzaku Kururugi, she designates him a position in Knight.

Her sympathy for poor people, rich, and solid, makes her a special of harmony. Everyone loves Euphemia; thus, her figure is one of the most grounded in the series.

6. Suzaku


After the passing of his dad, the last head administrator of Japan, Suzaku joins the rival side. He accepts political change can just come from the inside and is restricted towards strong change.

Regardless of being a disfavored Japanese, he rapidly ascends through the positions, turning into the sole Knightmare Lancelot pilot.

His legacy becomes his mission, in any case, as people around him hold against his high-status notwithstanding being Japanese.

Large numbers of his belief systems are defective, and all through the series, we come to perceive how Lelouch and his perspectives on autocracy are extraordinary.

5. Jeremiah Gottwald

Jeremiah Gottwald

Jeremiah is a fascinating character. To start with, he’s an idealist Britannia supporter and the Margrave of the Area 11 military.

Be that as it may, he’s mortified and controlled by Lelouch and detached his titles, and imply as Orange Boy. The remainder of his story is an angel study of his loyalty and qualities.

For what I expected would be a minor supporting character, he sure had an enormous impression by the end. Also, I love Jeremiah’s tasteful plan.

He’s defective toward the start, ready to lie and execute a blameless man to conceal any hint of failure, yet it’s hard to not feel compassion towards his ruin.

4. Schneizel el Britannia

 Schneizel el Britannia

Schneizel is a lot of Lelouch’s perfect representation. The Second Prince of Britannia is clever, smart, and savage – the solitary individual Lelouch couldn’t beat in chess.

This contention proceeds onto the genuine front line, as Lelouch finds an ever-increasing number of that his most established sibling had an enormous influence in the homicide of his mom and incapacitating of his sister.

Egoistic, pompous, and certain decision characterizes Schneizel. In numerous regards he’s simply similar to Lelouch – it’s hard not to regard him when he stands in a dead heat with his more youthful sibling despite the Geass advantage.

In any case, he before long uncovers himself to be more obscure than many would have imagined.

3. Kallen Stadtfeld (Kallen Kouzuki)

Kallen Stadtfeld

Conceived of Japanese and Britannian guardians, Kallen sides with the Japanese and means to topple the bad government through psychological fighting. Her stepmother is a blue-blood who treated her real mother as a housekeeper.

She abuses her to the point of drug misuse and in the long run. Presently hating the Britannian tip-top for their cold-bloodedness, she compensation fight utilizing her completely able Knightmare Frame aptitudes.

Kallen is a solid character for her loyalties – ready to play either side, much like Lelouch, yet deciding to battle for the persecuted.

2. C.C.

C.C. code geass

C.C. is a strange lady many years old. She can’t die, can renew herself from injuries, all things considered, but not age.

She can likewise give individuals the intensity of Geass – however she doesn’t do this routinely – thus when initially meet her, she is detained for experimentation by Britannia. Lelouch saves her, she gives him a Geass capacity, and they build up security.

She goes about as his most grounded associate, the one in particular who knows him as a sovereign, an understudy, and a progressive.

1. Lelouch vi Britannia (Lelouch Lamperouge) (Zero)

Lelouch vi Britannia

The main character of the series code geas Lelouch and is known for his depressed attitude. He’s not intellectually regular, even more than once asserting he’d kicked the bucket previously. He enjoys his life and challenges occur in front of him.

His group regards him, yet at the same time need trust in him because of his detached methods towards society and way of command.

He’s calming and has a vital impact on the fight as an expert. His design is smooth, and the animation is made for the absolute best action in the series.

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