Does Legosi End Up with Haru in Beastars?

Legosi and Haru are the main characters in the popular Japanese manga Beastars. The series was created and drawn by Paru Itagaki.

This anime TV show was shown from October to November 2019 and was broadcast through Fuji TV. 

A third season was released in January 2021, and it was announced that the third season would be revealed. 

The Beastars have won numerous prizes, among them the 11th Manga Taisho and the New Creator Prize at the Tezaku Osamu Cultural Prize. 

Additionally, it also received the New Face Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival. The show follows the tale of an enormous grey Legosi who is a shy and quiet student at Cherryton Academy. 

As the story progresses, the wolf has a pivotal encounter with Haru, the dwarf rabbit. Haru is in love with the red deer, Louis. However, Legosi begins to develop feelings for her.

Are they going to be together or not? That is a question we’ll discuss during this post. In this article, we will discuss the adorable and romantic manga series Beastars. We will first discuss what happens when a herbivore and a carnivore get together. 

In what episode will Legosi and Haru have a reunion?

haru and legosi Does Legosi End Up with Haru in Beastars?

Season 1 of Beastars saw the formation of a bond between Legosi Haru and Legosi. Haru. He was completely loving her, but she was working on her weaknesses with the arrogant, rude, and egocentric Louis. 

At first, it wasn’t clear that the two of them would ever have a romance shortly, as Legosi was afraid to declare his affection for her. It takes four proposals to convince Legosi and Haru to be together. 

When for the first time, he proposed to her, but she refused. He then tries to propose at various places, but she cuts him off. After that, Haru proposes Legosi; however, he declines. After that, he proposes again to her, and she agrees.

When he tries to declare his love for her, Haru cuts off his proposal. Legosi follows her to the festival and demands she become his girlfriend. Haru was unsure about Legosi, but she accepted the offer.

Haru has overcome her doubts only when the two are reunited in Beastars Episode 11, and Haru has overcome her doubts. Haru and Legosi have a moment of romance. However, things change and take a turn.

In the second season, the majority of the time, Legosi is focused on solving the murder mystery of his best friend, Tem. Legosi remains hesitant to take things to the next stage in their relationship. 

After Haru’s breakup with Louis, Legosi became focused on Tem’s case and focused more on Haru. The two have a rocky relationship. 

Fans are left with several questions. For instance, do they have a relationship? If not, what happens to Legosi? The answer to every question can be found in the article.

Do Legosi End Up with Haru in Beastars?

haru angry Does Legosi End Up with Haru in Beastars?

Haru says to Legosi that he’s satisfied with Haru’s love for him. They have some cute and romantic moments together.

In the show’s second season, we can see Legosi sitting with Haru and enjoying the stunning sunset together. Legosi confesses to Haru that he’s planning to move out of Cherryton to travel around the world.

After experiencing many dramas and emotional turmoil, Legosi ends up with Haru. The reason Haru and Legosi end up together is that Legosi is in love with Haru. 

Through all of her existence, people have treated her as weak and unimportant. However, Legosi treated her like a queen. Even though she rejected him twice, he was never willing to give up. 

They finally end up together. Haru is not happy, and the second season concluded with the pair arguing. She jokes that she’ll be seeking an alternative boyfriend if she leaves him.

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