25 Impressive Anime Hackers Characters

Anime Hackers

You maybe think hackers are nerds and boring peoples but if we talk about anime hackers they are cool as hell by default.

The way they works with data and internet defines their very nature they may not always be as analytical as they look.

So today we are creating a list to celebrate this hacker culture in anime that why today I’ve created this list of best anime hackers of all times.

25 Impressive Anime Hackers Characters

Now let’s get into it!

25. Nagato Yuki From Suzumiya Haruhi

Nagato is a humanoid interface with the appearance of an ordinary North High student. It is not clear which faction of the Data Overmind she serves, though she has confirmed that she belongs to the “majority” faction and is not a member of a radical one.

Nagato was created with limited social abilities, something she claims will affect her until she ceases functioning. She rarely speaks, often either ignoring attempts to communicate, or using gestures like nods, staring or pointing, or giving one word replies.

Nagato Yuki From Suzumiya Haruhi

Her responsiveness has increased over time, at least when dealing with those she is familiar with.

24. Anonydeath From Hyperdimension Neptunia

Anonydeath has rather flamboyant personality to say the least. He is obsessed with teasing Noire, going so far as to hide cameras in her room and watch her work while taking pictures.

Despite his obvious gender being male, he truly believes that he has the heart of a pure maiden.

Anonydeath From Hyperdimension Neptunia

Anonydeath in general is not a bad person; he repays his debt to Noire and somewhat defends Rei during the Seven Sages’ meetings.

23. Matsu From Sekirei

Due to her incredible hacking abilities, Matsu serves as Minato’s personal source of information.

She serves primarily as Minato’s unofficial ‘strategist’, rarely venturing outside of the Inn and using her vast network of information to aid him. 

Matsu From Sekirei

However, despite her high intellect, This anime hackers is very perverted – she uses her resources to peep on people and often tries to “experiment” with Minato and so most call her the ‘Shameless’ Sekirei.

22. Manami Aiba / La Brava From My Hero Academia

Manami is a loyal fan and admirer of Danjuro, making sure to record his acts to subsequently post them online, following Danjuro’s instructions to interrupt a stream if needed.

Despite knowing about his strength and abilities, Manami becomes worried if Danjuro finds himself in potential danger. Manami is in love with Danjuro, as shown through her Quirk, Love.

Manami Aiba / La Brava From My Hero Academia

When Manami was a younger girl, she professed her love to a different boy, telling him that she was completely smitten. She seems to fall in love quite freely and when she does, quite deeply.

21. Jun Lee From Genesis of Aquarion

He and Reika gave Tsugumi the support that she needed to break the barrier in the episode Heaven’s Gate.

In the episode called Element School, he hacked into DEAVA’s system and learned about the events from 12,000 years ago.

 Jun Lee From Genesis of Aquarion

He may look like just a nerd, but he’s a very adaptive smart person among some of his other fellow classmates. He even tries to asses situations using his watch-like gadget.

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