It’s nice to take a break from some of the cynical stories that dominate modern anime and to relax with some moe anime tales.

These anime will fill you with happiness, joy, and probably give your heart a feels attack!

27 Most Moe Anime to watch

Here is the list of most moe anime you can watch today.

27. Saint Young Men

For when ya’ll need both Jesus Christ and Buddha to forgive your many anime sins.

Saint Young Men

This is the part where you share your favorite moe anime and remind me of the ones that were forgotten!

Plot : Saint Young Men is a Slice of Life manga about two guys sharing an apartment. They face more or less ordinary problems like not having enough money, facing Japan’s packed public transport and so on. The Catch? The two guys are Jesus and Buddha, currently on vacation in Japan.

26. New Game!

For when anime girls decide to make video games.

 New Game! moe anime

Plot. Having been inspired by the character designs of a particular video game when she was younger, Aoba Suzukaze, a high school graduate, begins working as a character designer for the game’s developer, Eagle Jump.

25. Flying Witch

For when you need a family of cute witches to cast a relaxing spell on your heart.

Flying Witch

Kowata Makoto is an air head with a bad sense of direction that just moved into her relative’s house… But is that all?

24. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

For when both ball and moe are life.


Plot: Hasegawa Subaru enters a basketball club of Nanashiba High School, but the activity of the club gets suspended because the club leader falls in love with an 11 year old daughter of the coaching teacher.

Subaru’s aunt asks him to coach a basketball club of elementary school girls. At first, he is reluctant to teach small girls, but he devotes himself to the club as he knows the complex circumstances of them.

23. Tamako Market

For when a talking bird is a literal wingman.

Tamako Market

Plot: Tamako knows just about everything there is to know about mochi, the traditional Japanese dessert treats. When she’s not attending her first year of high school, she even invents new flavors and varieties for Tama-ya, her family’s mochi shop.

School and growing up, on the other hand, are some things that she’s still trying to find the right recipe for. But with the help of her best friends Kanna and Midori, two girls whose parents run businesses in the same shopping district, Tamako’s determined to make the best of things.

It’s complicated though, especially when it comes to emotions and her relationship with her best boy friend Mochizo, whose family runs a rival mochi shop. And lately, Kanna’s been feeling a little odd about her feelings towards Tamako as well.

And what’s with up with that strange bird fluttering around, the one that speaks fluent Japanese? It’s all very mysterious and overwhelming, but at least Tamako always has one thing she can count on: No matter if your day’s been good or bad, there’s certain to be something sugary and delicious waiting at the end of every adventure whenever you take a walk through Tamako Market!

22. Working!!

For when you wish your co-workers would be the embodiments of moe. Its The third season of the Working!! series.

21. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

For when you need cute detectives to solve your mysteries.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

Futari wa Milky Holmes, which takes place two years after the other series, follows two young girls, Alice and Kazumi, who, inspired by Milky Holmes, form their own detective unit, Feathers, and fight against a group of thieves known as the Color the Phantom.

20. Sound of the Sky

For when moe girls suffer from PTSD.

Sound of the Sky

Plot: The story is set long in the future where the world has seen many wars and has settled into a quiet decline. The story begins as Kanata Kumika, a 15-year-old girl who enlists with the army, was assigned to a unit of five girls as they defend a fortress.

It also seems that music would play an important part of the series, since the series has some pretty heavy emphasis on the girls playing music across lands from their fortress.

19. Osomatsu-san

For when sextuplet brothers become the most moe thing in modern anime. Plus hilarious parodies. A wacky comedy about identical sextuplets.


18. Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

For when the world is being invaded by adorable aliens.

 Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

Plot: Mao Onigawara is a happy 8-year-old grade-schooler and the granddaughter of Chief of Staff of Ground Defense Force.

Equipped with her cloverleaf-shaped badge which enables her to transform (but gives her no special power whatsoever), Mao and her best friends (granddaughters of Chief of Staff of Air and Marine Defense Force, respectively) will defend Japan against the invasion from “cute aliens,” who are way too cute to be dealt with regular armed forces.

17. Lucky Star

For when you need a hit of ADHD and otakuism.

Lucky Star

Plot:Portrays the lives of several school girls attending a Japanese high school with a very loose humor tone. The main heroine is Konata Izumi, an athletic and intelligent girl who, despite these attributes, is not in a sports club, and her grades remain low.

16. Hidamari Sketch

For when you need some psychedelic art and goofy friends.

Hidamari Sketch

Plot: Hidamari Sketch is a Japanese yonkoma manga series written and illustrated by Ume Aoki. It centers around a group of young female art students, following their daily lives as close friends and neighbors at the nearby Hidamari Apartments.

15. Girls und Panzer

Cute girls + Tanks = Explosive Moe!

Girls und Panzer

Plot: You may have heard of kung fu, but the girls at Oarai High School practice gun-fu – really, really BIG 75mm gun-fu, in fact. It’s called Sensha-do, and it’s the martial art of operating armored tanks! They take it seriously too, and since winning the national Sensha-do championship is such a huge deal at Oarai, they sometimes go to extreme ends in order to get the best students from Panzer class to sign up.

Which is how Miho Nishizumi, who HATES operating tanks, gets drafted to join doomsday-driven driver Mako, even-triggered gunner Hana, highly receptive radio operator Saori and combustible tank-fangirl and loader Yukari as the incomparable Anko Team.

They may not be on the half-track to fame and fortune, and maybe a few of them would rather shop for tank tops than become tops in tanks, but once their focus is locked and loaded, they’re absolutely driven.