Hello my favorite Fans of anime! Today we will talk about the most iconic duos of ANIME.

It’s no secret that strong character relationships are what keep your favorite shows interesting and make you want to watch them all at once.

Some of the most popular anime wouldn’t have made it past the first episode without these famous pairs!

There are great pair that steals the show and our hearts with their strong bond. These people have something unique about them that makes them stand out, whether they are friendly or fierce foes. Let’s have a look.

1. Natsu & Happy (Fairy Tail)


It’s surprising how dark the setting of Natsu and Happy’s story is. There was a time when Happy and the other Exceeds were told to kill the Dragon Slayers. Happy doesn’t remember any of it.

He lost his memories, though, and the two of them became best friends. They grew up together with the other Fairy Tail members.

In fact, they never leave each other’s sides, and if they do, one of them is in big trouble.

2. Duo of Spike and Jet from Cowboy Bebop


The pair of Spike and Jet from Cowboy Bebop is one of the most famous anime pairs ever. As two bounty hunters who live on the spaceship “Bebop,” they travel the galaxy looking for ways to make quick cash.

For example, Spike used to be in a crime ring and Jet used to be a police officer. But over the course of their long trip together, they’ve formed one of the best bromances in animated media.

From their dangerous journeys after criminals all over the galaxy to the memorable times they talked about life and dealt with existential crises, Spike and Jet will always be famous in pop culture as examples of how to never give up on our goals, no matter what.

3. Dazai Osamu and Kunikida Bungou Stray Dogs

Dazai Osamu and Kunikida Bungou 10 ICONIC DUOS OF ANIME (ALL TIME)

A lot of popular anime couples are Japanese, but Dazai Osamu and Kunikida from Bungou Stray Dogs are two of the most well-known and intertwined. For people who watch this show, they’re like old friends.

There are some problems in their relationship, though. Even though they are close friends, they often disagree.

Even though they are different, they bring out the best in each other. Kunikida trusts study and data analysis, but Dazai goes with his gut and has the ability to make people feel things.

They trust each other and have skills that complement each other, so they can handle almost any task.

4. Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss – Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck and Gon Freecss 10 ICONIC DUOS OF ANIME (ALL TIME)

These two are some of the most famous shounen power couple. Gon and Killua are so connected that it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

Gon’s happy optimism (except for that one time) balances Killua’s extreme angst perfectly, making their relationship believable and heartwarming. When it comes to fight, they work great together. Killua is a one-target killer, while Gon is more of an area-of-effect attacker.

You can’t help but love this pair. They have an unbreakable bond because they have been through so much together. This makes them one of the best and most loved pairs in all of anime.

5. Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward and Alphonse

ICONIC DUO OF Edward and Alphonse

Edward and Alphonse have been through a lot of bad things in their lives. A mistake they made when they were young caused them to lose parts of themselves. But because they’ve been through so much pain and loss, they’ve become kind and giving people.

They will always be brothers, and they both have a special skill for chemistry. They’ve worked together many times to defeat strong enemies, using all of their combined strength to win.

Their story shows how powerful love between siblings and sticking with something can be. Even though things have been hard for them, they’ve stayed true to each other and themselves.

6. Tanjiro And Nezuko – Demon Slayer


Even though Tanjiro and Nezuko are siblings, their bond is not like most siblings. Instead of arguing and fighting, they work really well together. Due to how well they work together, they’ve fought many monsters together and come out on top.

Even in the most recent Entertainment District story arc, they were too strong to be stopped. When they used all of their skills together to fight Daki, the demon got angry and lost.

The brother and sister team can’t be stopped when they work together!

They will always look out for each other and have their backs no matter what. It’s easy to see why they’re one of the most famous anime pairs.

7. Naruto and Sasuke

sasuke and naruto 10 ICONIC DUOS OF ANIME (ALL TIME)

Naruto And Sasuke as a team is famous, even though you don’t always get to see it as much as fans would like, especially at the beginning. They are also one of the two most famous anime figures the world has ever seen.

Naruto was turned into a monster and shunned by his peers, but he says that Iruka Sensei “saved” him. Naruto grows a good heart because of the person who looked out for him.

Sasuke goes through hell and loses everything. His life and thoughts are changed by his desire for payback. Their friendship is unique because they are so different from each other.

8. Megumi and Itadori – Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi and Itadori 10 ICONIC DUOS OF ANIME (ALL TIME)

There are many strange ways that Itadori and Megumi became friends, but their friendship has stood the test of time. Even though their personalities seem to clash on the surface, the way they talk to each other is always interesting and never dull.

Through thick and thin, they’ve been through some really tough times, but they always manage to come out on top. Because they have untapped potential that is just ready to be used, the right training could make their skills even better.

They should be friends, even though they don’t always agree. They are so strong together that nothing can stop them!

9. Mugen and Jin – Samurai Champloo


It’s not even close; these two were thrown together in a mess and are barely friends. But it’s very exciting to see them fight together, even though the odds are against them.

Mugen was born to fight, and his skills are a unique mix of hip-hop and sword fighting. Jin, on the other hand, is a good student who knows how to use a blade well.

They may not be close, but they are very loyal to each other, which lets them trust each other fully in battle.

It’s nothing but great when Mugen and Jin work together. Some of the most exciting and famous fight scenes in all of anime happen in these shows.

10. L And Light – Death Note


In Death Note, the rivalry between L and Light was famous. Many episodes of the show were spent with them trying to outsmart each other. Everything changed, though, when Light gave up the Death Note and all the memories that went with it.

During this short window of time, L and Light were able to work together to answer a mystery that affected people all over the world.

They are two of the smartest people in anime and can beat almost anyone.

If they worked together again, it would be very hard to stop them since they would have the Death Note.

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