12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Sk8: The Infinity is an upcoming winter anime that has become extremely popular with fans!

Its animation is among the most ambitious plans of 2021. The fans have been entertained by season 1, which comprises 12 episodes. 

Sk8: The Infinity is the story of skaters from Okinawa who take part in a secret competition known as “S,” invented by Adam.

The story starts when Reki is a high school student, goes to”S” to hand over a skateboard to a customer but is unable to deliver it. 

The new student transferred Langa is a participant to take his place, and he wins the fight against Shadow and is gaining a lot of attention. 

Let’s look at some of the characters from SK8: The Infinity and what they contribute to the story!

12. Koyomi Kyan

Koyomi Kyan 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Koyomi is a nice girl who enjoys a positive relationship with her sister, Reki Kyan. 

She behaves as a typical younger sister would, sometimes taunting her brother at times.

However, she is also compassionate and helps her brother when she’s down.

After her lack of motivation after Langa Hasegawa’s remarkable growth, she’s worried for her brother after she discovers that his cheerful personality has diminished and speaks to him about how cool she thinks he is skating, even though she believes she’s a fool throughout the time.

She provides her family members with real love but also showcases her motivation and character in their presence.

11. Kiriko Kamata

Kamata 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Kiriko is a strong woman, a characteristic typical of someone working in her field of work, and she has been proven to possess a keen conviction for justice and trust in the effort she puts into the criminal justice system. 

Her goal is to ensure the law that every illegal and criminal activity she comes across is dealt with and the information revealed regardless of who the perpetrator might be.

10. Nanako Hasegawa

Nanako Hasegawa 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

She is a very exuberant woman who is deeply devoted to her son. 

Following the death of her husband, she becomes overly nervous or excited.

She often seeks out the picture of Oliver for help.

There are times when she will jump to conclusions about her son’s isolation. 

For instance, she might assume that the injuries stemmed from being bullied and not from skateboarding. 

When she learned that he had made a new friend, she was extremely pleased as well as proud of his son. 

She is very proud of him and often mentions his name to her colleagues.

9. Masae Kyan

Masae Kyan 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Masae is a caramel-coloured, short-haired girl who is usually messy.

She has warm cinnamon-coloured eyes and an extremely expression-packed face. 

Her personality is warm and inviting.

Masae is a friendly and warm woman. 

She is devoted to her four children, and she is aware of the signs of trouble with her oldest, Reki. 

Her primary love language is food, which allows her to recognize that her son’s actions were different from his.

8. Snake/Tadashi Kikuchi

Tadashi as a capman 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Tadashi Kikuchi is Ainosuke’s secretary.

He is responsible for his duties. 

He was the person who taught Adam to skate and later regretted his teaching. 

Adam’s family didn’t like his passion for skateboarding, so he burned his skateboard. 

Since then, Adam harbours a grudge against Tadashi.

He took part in the contest as Snake to take on Adam and keep him from participating. 

He believes skateboarding isn’t right and does not agree with Adam’s love for skating. 

But, after meeting Reki and deciding to leave the contest, she goes to Langa to fight with Adam.

Professionally, he could be more skilled than Adam since he was able to beat his performance at the event, but this isn’t proven because they’ve never played a match.

7. Shadow/ Hiromi Higa

hiromi higa 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Shadow (also known as Hiromi Higa) is a violent skater who will be willing to do anything to be successful. 

Shadow employs violence and rowdiness in his races against his opponents. 

His rival, Hiromi, is a florist who operates a florist shop.

Shadow is well-known for his excellent customer service.

He retains a positive outlook at work. 

Shadow has been dubbed the “self-proclaimed antagonist” in S.

He fights with Reki at the beginning of the series, and he defeated Reki.

6. Adam/ Ainosuke Shindo

Adam 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Ainosuke Shindo, also known as Adam Shindo, is the most skilled and experienced skateboarder who founded S.

The politician has a strained relationship with his relatives.

His eccentric personality could be explained by his parents, who reprimanded him in his younger years.

Adam has a delusional mentality and believes that violence is a sign of love. 

Adam is a dangerous participant who has been the cause of numerous incidents and was the reason Reki and Cherry both suffered injuries during a beef. 

Adam has shown an interest in Languor Snow and is looking to follow his career (in the sport of skateboarding).

He would like to skate alongside him and doesn’t pay any attention to other skaters. 

Adam’s romantic desires Adam’s isn’t clear and only pertain to skating. 

The meaning of the phrase can be understood in many ways. He is in a love-hate relationship with the secretary, Tadashi Kikuchi.

5. Joe / Kojiro Nanjo

Joe talks to Reki 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Joe, also known as Kojiro Nanjo, is a top skater just like Cherry and is one of the founders of S.

He had been friends with Adam and was acquainted with Adam from high school

He is a professional chef, and Cherry frequently visits his kitchen. 

Cherry is regarded by the audience as a playboy who is at ease with women.

Joe can be seen flirting and is observed flirting with many girls. 

He is deeply concerned about Kaoru and accompanied his body when he was injured in a game against Adam. 

Even though Joe and Cherry argue a lot, they’re exceptionally loyal to one another.

He is kind and is considered an example of a father figure to younger skaters. 

He was a great help to Reki when he was struggling with doubts about skating.

4. Kaoru Sakurayashiki/Cherry Blossom

12 Best SK8 The Infinity Characters 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Kaoru Sakurayashiki, also known as Cherry Blossoms, is a talented skateboarder who was acquainted with Adam from the beginning. 

Cherry is among the original members of “S.”

Cherry is a member of an AI named Carla, which is an advanced technology that assists Cherry to make informed choices.

Kaoru, Kojiro, and Ainosuke were high school friends, yet they became different over time. 

Cherry and Joe frequently fight and are not able to like each other. However, there isn’t any anger between them. 

Both want to push Adam into the fight to settle their old grudges.

He is often at Kojiro’s restaurant even though he wants to take him skateboarding. 

He’s a cold-hearted person on the outside but is genuinely concerned about his fellow skaters. 

Kaoru Sakurayashiki works as a professional calligrapher and is well-known. 

He isn’t a fan of being known as Cherry outside of the “S,” as Reki nearly revealed his skater identity.

3. Miya Chinen

Miya taunts Reki to copy his tricks 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Miya Chinen is a middle school student and an elite player who belonged on Japan’s team. 

He was a jolly person in his youth and loved skating with his buddies. 

As he grew older, his skills were discovered, and he became closer to his peers, he grew tense.

They began to stay away from him because of their differences, and this harmed Miya. 

Miya began to be wary and distant from each other. 

He is known for trash-talking and calling Reki an untalented slime. 

Miya was plagued by expectations of others that, eventually, he would stop skating.

Miya has a competitive streak and has tried to be the best against Langa, but eventually lost. 

He eventually became close with Langa, Reiki, Shadow, Cherry, and Joe.

2. Langa Hasegawa

Langa Uniform 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Langa Hasegawa is an exchange pupil from Canada. 

He and his mother relocated to Okinawa. 

The father of Langa taught him how to snowboard. 

After the death of Langa’s father, he became demotivated and quit snowboarding.

In his first battle with Shadow, he taped his legs and then performed skateboarding with snowboarding skills. 

People were amazed after the victory over Shadow, who was given the name “Snow” and sparked the attention of Adam.

Adam is known as Langa, the girl who is his Eve and would like to play with her.

He declares Langa his greatest rival and lover. 

Langa loves Reki and regards him with high regard. 

When Reki did not support him during the event, his enthusiasm for skating was absent.

He was depressed and wondered why he had even participated.

He uses skateboards made by Reki and is unable to use anything other than them since he believes they are precious and fortunate.

1. Reki Kyan

Reki nailing his first ollie 12 Best SK8: The Infinity Characters

Reki Kyan is an avid skateboarder and was the person to teach Langa skateboarding. 

He is knowledgeable and knows the technical information regarding skateboarding. 

He has designed Langa’s and his skateboard.

Reki and Langa regularly go to “S”, where skateboarding events are held. 

As far as skateboarding skills, the guy is average and not as proficient as Langa. 

He was a bit unsure, and he decided not to participate in the competitions that were held underground. 

He also had a heated argument in a row with Langa, and they went off on a tangent for a while.

But Reki was shocked when he realized that Langa was not skating with spirit, and he clapped for him, cheered, and Langa took the win in the final. 

Reiki and Langa have a strong emotional, spiritual, and physical friendship in which they trust each other.

So, which SK8 Infinity character is your favorite? 

Which skateboarder do you cheer for? 

Let us know in the comment section.

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