18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Anime is a huge world full of amazing characters with their own personalities, skills, stories, and more.

Some will focus on amazing skills, and others will focus on romance and fantasy.

It’s not surprising that the anime would have a theme about cooking.

Japanese food is definitely memorable because of how well it is made, how it looks, and how it tastes.

So today, we made a list of the best anime chefs.

18. Kimihito Kurusu From Monster Musume

Best Anime Chefs

Jouichirou may now be able to eat outside of Japan.

But Kimihito knows about food that doesn’t come from people.

Kimihito has put it on himself to make sure all of his waifus are well-fed since he is the center of a harem with people of many different species.

This sometimes backfires, though, because his food is so tasty that the girls gain weight and feel bad about themselves.

And, like Sanji, Kimihito can make a meal out of things you wouldn’t even think of as food, but it still tastes great which is why he is considered as the best anime chef.

17. Jouichirou Yukihira From Food Wars

Jouichirou Yukihira 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

When we talk about Souma, let’s not forget that his biggest goal in life must be to beat his old man.

People are willing to travel across half the world just to try Jouichirou’s food. He almost seems like a god in the Food Wars world and is without any doubt the best anime chef.

The monk breaking his fast was probably my favorite example of how dedicated his followers were.

Even though Souma is skilled, he can’t seem to beat Jouichirou in a way that makes sense.

Because, in addition to being very skilled, the old man has also been all over the world and knows a lot about food from places other than Japan.

16. Kotori Iida From Sweetness & Lightning

Kotori Iida 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Kotori is a very down-to-earth cook, just like Ryuuji. There won’t be any food fights or praise from everyone, but there will be skills.

Since her parents ran a diner, Kotori learned how to cook and fell in love with food at a young age.

It also made her afraid of knives, but that’s something to talk about another time.

So when Kouhei and “the little munchkin of joy” start coming over more often and say they want to eat with Kotori, she turns up her passion and makes some banger dishes and which is why she is considered the best among the best anime chef.

15. Ryuuji Takasu From Toradora!

Ryuuji Takasu 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

This is probably the most “unbelievable” choice on this list since we don’t really know for sure that he can cook. I’m sure he’s a pro, though.

Ryuuji does everything himself because his mom, who is the best mom-girl, doesn’t help him much with chores.

And if you’ve seen how hard he works to clean the floors, you’ll probably agree with me that he doesn’t slack off when it comes to cooking.

He is the best kind of stay-at-home parent. Because of that, she knows how to cook better than most people.

14. Senku From Dr. Stone

Senku 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

This one might seem strange, but hear me out.

Senku is a great scientist who knows pretty much everything there is to know about everything.

We’ve seen him play around with food, like when he made ramen and then Coca-Cola. And since he made all of that from scratch without any tools, I think a normal dish wouldn’t be too far out of his comfort zone.

No matter what you say, Gordon Ramsey can’t make Coca-Cola even if his life depends on it. That might be an odd way to measure it, but I’m not going to change it.

13. Bols From Akame ga Kill

Bols 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

I know I just said Charmy doesn’t look like a typical chef. But Bols goes even further with this idea.

Since he wears a scary/kinky mask and has burned down whole villages, not to mention that his muscles are huge, you would never think that he would make you dinner.

But he does it with a smile on his face.

I’d like to think at least that he’s smiling.

I put him on this list because no one on his team has tried to kill him yet.

I mean, it’s a group of killers who have more than one loose screw.

So, I think that someone would have gone after our kind-hearted murderer if the food hadn’t been so good.

12. Charmy Papittoson From Black Clover

Charmy Papittoson 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Charmy eats as much as a small African town. So she had to learn how to cook like a chef.

She is short and acts like a child, so you might not think of her as a great cook. But Black Clover is a world of magic, which is a good thing.

Charmy can call on her fluffy chiefs to do all of her work for her. Since there are a lot of them, she puts out a lot of food.

She is also always looking for new ingredients so she can make the best meals the Clover Kingdom has ever seen.

She won’t give them to me, but that doesn’t change my point.

11. Rikido Sato From Boku no Hero Academia

Rikido Sato 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

When your quirk has something to do with food, you know you’ve reached the top of the cooking talent tree.

Sato needs sugar to get his energy back. But I guess he got tired of snorting M&Ms, so he learned how to make the best cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats.

All of his classmates seem to like what he makes. And having a muffin on hand in a stressful situation should be the norm, even if muffins don’t have magical sugar powers.

10. Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist

HD wallpaper cooking boys ao no exorcist anime other 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Rin Okumura does not cook for a living. Instead, it is just one of his many jobs, but he has shown that he is sometimes very good at it.

He has been cooking since he was a child, which shows that he has a lot of experience in the kitchen.

He cooks whenever he can, even when he is at True Cross Academy. He is a great cook, and he used to beat the spirit of the stove, Ukobach.

So, he might not be THE BEST chef in anime, but he definitely has what it takes to become one if he wants to.

9. Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler

sebastian x demon reader cooking by tarnisis d8zfbis fullview 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Sebastian is a demon who has the power to make anything perfect. So, we put him lower on our list than the others because it seemed unfair and like too much for the others.

Since Bard, the butler of the Phantomhive family, can’t cook, Sebastian is also thought of as the chef of Phantomhive House.

As a person who serves aristocrats and other high-ranking people, every meal he makes must be of the highest quality, from breakfast to supper to desserts and even late-night snacks for his spoiled master.

He also used his intelligence to beat the Indians at Curry, which was their specialty. A curry bread with Phantomhive chocolate inside that looks pretty tasty.

8. Tonio Trussardi from Jojo

Tonio Trussardi 2 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Eighth on the list is Tonio Trussardi.

He is known as the chef delivering happiness in Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures.

He has his own Italian restaurant and makes wonderful dishes.

7. Shirou Emiya from Fate/Stay Night

Shirou Emiya 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

This is probably the most unusual choice on this list because we need proof that he can cook.

We have faith in his skills, though.

He is the best among the best anime chefs.

6. Brock from Pokémon

pokemon brock cooking 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Brock shows the wide range of skills and situations in which a skilled cook can work. Brock had to take care of everything after his father left his gym and his children.

Even though he was a good gym leader, his real test of skill was taking care of and cooking for his younger siblings.

This experience at home helped him become a key member of Ash’s group and a major contributor to the delicious food eaten on the road (anyone for jelly doughnuts?).

Brock is the best anime chef both in the kitchen and out in the wild. He is also good at making tasty food for Pokémon, which is something that not many chefs get to do.

5. Liu Mao Xing from Chuuka Ichiban!

Liu Mao Xing 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Even though he is old and not Japanese, Lui Mao Xing is thought to be China’s best chef.

During the Qing Dynasty in China in the 19th century, when the Emperor was weak and the country was on the verge of disaster, the story takes place. Also, it takes place during the made-up “Era of the Cooking Wars.”

It was a time when top chefs with many different cooking styles worked hard to improve their skills and become known as China’s best chefs and best anime chefs in anime.

The Underground Cooking Society is a powerful group that wants to rule all of China through food, and Lui Mao is trying to stop them.

Mao thinks of himself as a really experienced chef, even though he doesn’t know much about cooking. His mother taught him that a chef’s job is to make a dish that makes people happy.

He always puts his customers’ needs first and can always come up with a new meal that makes them very happy.

4. Kazuma Azuma from Yakitate!! Japan

Kazuma Azuma.. 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

In anime, Kazuma is most likely everyone’s favorite pastry chef. The way Azuma Kazuma acts is easy to like. He is positive, funny, talented, modest, and driven.

He wants to make the best Japanese bread, which he hopes will one day represent Japan and be famous all over the world.

Azuma Kazuma has a trait called “Solar Hands,” which helps him make many tasty loaves of bread. Throughout the anime, he has always come up with very creative versions of Japan.

One of his most impressive things was that when one of the Judges ate his japan, the Judge went to heaven. If it doesn’t show how talented he is, you can watch the series to see what else he can do.

3. Komatsu from Toriko

Komatsu 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Even though he hasn’t been cooking long, Komatsu is one of Toriko’s best chefs right now. Even at such a young age, Komatsu is the best anime chef in anime who can make dishes with ingredients that many people think are gross or hard to make.

Toriko has also made dishes that, according to many chefs, would have taken hundreds or thousands of years to make in a matter of years, if not days, with very little help from other chefs.

Besides Toriko, Zebra, and Midora, he also has to cook for Toriko. Who all have huge, almost silly, crazy appetites that are hard to fill, but he does it anyway. Despite his outward look, Komatsu is the best anime chef.

2. Sanji from One Piece

one piece pirate recipes sanji 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Sanji is in charge of the health and well-being of the Straw Hat Crew because he is the cook.

In addition to being able to cook and make drinks and food for the crew, Sanji has a unique fighting style that only uses his legs. He thinks that a chef should only use his hands for cooking.

Sanji wants to feed everyone, whether they are friends or enemies, and he loves to cook. He really enjoys every step of making a meal, including using the tools and ingredients that helped him become a chef.

In episode 197, Sanji tricks the military chefs and makes a three-course dinner for the marines using leftovers from the chief chef, Jessica.

It shows even more that he is an excellent cook. Sanji is one of the best anime chefs in Shonen anime.

1. Souma Yukihira from Food Wars

animes like shokugeki no soma 1 18 Best Anime Chefs of All Time

Yukihira Souma from Food Wars is one of the most famous chefs in anime. He is the son of Yukihira Restaurant owner Yukihira Joichirou.

Even though he has lost to his father 500 times, he is already the best anime chef at the start of the series and wants to beat him one day.

But as it turns out, he must first make it through the school his father put him in, Totsuki Academy, where he is made fun of by both other young cooks and Alumni tests.

Because this is how the school helps its students get better, they are now well-known in the world of cooking.

Only the best cooks make it through the Academy, and Souma wants to be the best so he can be better than his father.

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