ISTP Anime Characters

15 Best ISTP Anime Characters of All Time

ISTP, the virtuoso, the craftsman, the handyman, whatever you want to call them, ISTPs are wacky problem-solvers.

Like who, you ask?

Well, here’s a list of 15 anime characters who are of this personality type!

15. Stephen Gevanni From Death Note

Stephen Gevanni From Death Note

Gevanni embodies one of the greatest strengths of ISTPs.

They use their incredible adaptability and efficiency to make miracles.

Gevanni is skilled at a variety of tasks such as lock-picking, the ability to forge handwriting, tracking and marking individuals, and many others.

He was tasked with making a copy of Teru Mikami’s Death Note.

He managed to make an exact copy in just one night.

Thus, whenever someone accomplishes a huge task in a very short amount of time, they are called ‘Gevanni’, in Japan.

14. Ging Freecs From Hunter X Hunter

Ging Freecs From Hunter X Hunter

Ging is Gon’s father and an Ancient Ruins Hunter from Hunter X Hunter.

He is the stereotypical absent father in anime who cares more about their job than their family and just disappears from their lives as if they never existed.

13. Rakshata Chawla From Code Geass

Rakshata Chawla From Code Geass

Rakshata shows all the main characteristics of an ISTP.

She is efficient to the point where she doesn’t do anything other than working on her machines and lazing around.

She doesn’t like talking about anything that relates to her feelings or her past.

She is a logical thinker and has a friendly rivalry with Lloyd.

She is invested in her work and defines herself by the work that she has done which is often something ISTPs do.

12. Tsubaki Amamiya From God Eater

Tsubaki Amamiya From God Eater

Tsubaki is one of the main Squad commanders of the Squad in God Eater.

Tsubaki is a strict rule follower for the lives of the squad members are in her hands.

However, when she is off-duty, with Rindow, or in a problematic emergency, her more free-spirited and logically chaotic side takes over and she is able to drag the team out of trouble.

11. Dutch From Black Lagoon

Dutch From Black Lagoon

Dutch is one of the most collected members of the Lagoon Delivery Company.

His experience in the military and the Vietnam War represents itself in keeping all of the members together.

Dutch doesn’t express his emotional attachment to them but rather shows it by having their backs at all times.

He keeps Revy in control when she goes on a violent spree, gives orders as Rock and Benny panic.

10. Vulcan Joseph From Fire Force

 Vulcan Joseph From Fire Force

Vulcan is the best representation of a healthy and balanced ISTP who is in touch with their emotional side!

He is very loyal and forgiving to those that he loves.

He is an easy-going individual who is fiercely independent and once he gets to know the members of the 8th Department, he is able to use their abilities and flaws for his plans and benefits.

Vulcan loves his animal-inspired inventions and his idea of testing them is to throw them on the ground with all his force to check their reliability.

Quite the literal approach, isn’t it? Classic ISTP.

9. Emiya Kiritsugu From Fate Series

Emiya Kiritsugu From Fate Series

He is pragmatic to the core.

He is able to use all of his abilities and resources to the fullest in order to get what he wants in The Holy Grail War.

He doesn’t stay away from the action!

He’s ready to get down in the dirt and does everything he can to win using his own methods.

8. Takeru Gouda From Tsurezure Children

Takeru Gouda From Tsurezure Children

In the beginning, Takeru seems a bit standoffish but as we get to know him throughout the series, his awkwardness and how he doesn’t understand ‘feelings’ and doesn’t like to deal with them.

But later as he continues his relationship with Kamine, he becomes more and more comfortable with talking about them and begins to understand them and himself as well.

7. Sanada Ryu From Kimi ni Todoke

Sanada Ryu From Kimi ni Todoke

Ryu is probably the best written kuudere out there.

He doesn’t force his feelings or even talk about them to Chizu.

He is happy just by being by her side.

He excels in sports, keeps to himself not talking to anyone until need be, gives necessary advice, and often flies under the radar in class.

6. Lloyd Asplund From Code Geass

Lloyd Asplund From Code Geass

Lloyd loves his machines.

He is a scientist at heart and enjoys his world of data.

He doesn’t miss any opportunity and doesn’t really care about what the authorities have to say about him or his inventions.

All he wants is to enjoy the little world of his experiments.

5. Iwaizumi Hajime From Haikyuu!

Iwaizumi Hajime From Haikyuu!

Iwaizumi is the ace of Aoba Johsai.

He keeps Oikawa and the team having their act together.

He is strict in regard to his sport, he takes a more hands-on approach, he doesn’t really care about people’s feelings if something is going to get results which shows in the way he often talks to Oikawa.

He also isn’t ashamed of acknowledging someone’s abilities even if they’re an opponent or he dislikes them.

4. Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran Host Club

Haruhi Fujioka From Ouran Host Club

This anime did quite the gutsy thing having an ISTP heroine!

Haruhi, being an ISTP herself, is not interested in any of the flashy romances that are actually central to the series!

She likes to live in her own world, trying to study and get by in a high school like Ouran.

She is logical, doesn’t really understand the club but she slowly starts mixing with them and enjoying her time in the club.

3. Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna From Jujutsu Kaisen

Sukuna is the epitome of unhealthy ISTP-ness.

When unhealthy, ISTPs lock their feelings into a corner and turn into these chaos-loving hedonistic narcissists.

Sukuna is exactly that. He doesn’t care about anyone, all he wants is to have fun and do what he likes.

We can also see that his intellect is adept at analyzing and figuring out what is important to him and what he can use.

Sukuna knows when and how to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented before him.

Sukuna doesn’t care about anyone else.

Whether they suffer or die, is none of his business.

All he cares about is his comfort and his enjoyment.

He is nobody’s ally and nobody’s enemy.

Only he exists, for him.

2. Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Roronoa Zoro From One Piece

Zoro is basically how you’d find an ISTP regularly.

Keeping to himself, a no-nonsense person but is completely loyal to his friends and his own moral compass.

He is tolerant and non-judgemental, always getting to the heart of the problem trying to figure out the most efficient way of doing anything.

He typically spends all of his time perfecting his craft which is one of the regularly seen characteristics of an ISTP.

1. Hatsuharu Souma From Fruits Basket

Hatsuharu Souma From Fruits Basket

Hastsuharu is probably the greatest representation of the ISTP type in an anime character!

This character has two sides to him, a normal Hatsuharu and a black version of him.

Usually, he is cool, calm, and collected.

He takes life in stride, is cool, and doesn’t really show his emotions outwardly.

He is absolutely loyal to all the people he holds dear. This Hatsuharru is a healthy ISTP.

The Black version is that of an unhealthy ISTP who just doesn’t care about his own or anyone else’s feelings.

He goes wild trashing classrooms and not listening to anyone.

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