38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

As the anime medium continues to envelope the world, and there are more than a billion anime fans around the globe.

The topic of Anime Waifu is more relevant than it has ever been!

As they say, you can’t call yourself an anime fan unless you emotional resonate with an anime girl, and you can proudly call her your own waifu!

Well then, let’s talk about some of them, here are best anime waifu of all time.

38. Shinobu Kochou From Demon Slayer

32 shinobu kochou demon slayer anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Shinobu is a great example of the idea that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

She seems like the nicest, most outgoing person in the world.

She was always happy, talked in a soft voice, and praised her teammates.

But this butterfly is dangerous.

It turns out that she is a great warrior who kills her enemies with poison.

And when she’s doing her job, she can be very cruel.

But at least you know that she can keep you safe. Just never get on her bad side.

37. Raphtalia From The Rising of the Shield Hero

26 raphtalia the rising of the shield hero anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

When I first saw Raphtalia, she was so cute and small that I wanted to give her a blanket and some hot chocolate.

Now that she’s physically older, I want to give her a blanket and a wet towel so she can wash the blood off her sword.

She is very loyal and would go to the end of the world to protect the people she cares about.

I’m not just making this up.

She has shown us that side of her for sure.

Look how cute and round her ears are.

36. Esdeath From Akame ga kill!

22 esdeath akame ga kill anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

If power were a person, it would look like Esdeath.

She is a terrifying leader who can defeat whole armies by herself and make the other captain lick her boots before dinner is ready.

When she’s in love, she’s a bit more shy and girly. But don’t think that she’s weak because of that.

Even in love, she’s the leader, and if you don’t accept that, you’re going to get frozen.

So, if you like a good amount of dominatrix waifus, she’s perfect for the part.

35. Revy From Black Lagoon

21 revy black lagoon anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Revy is nothing but a wonderful loose cannon.

When she’s holding a gun, she looks like the Grim Reaper, and she’s looked death in the eyes so many times that she barely reacts anymore.

She must not have ever bought into the idea of “being girly,” because she will drink more, eat more, and probably beat up any guy who gets in her way.

She’s not even bad or anything. She can be quite nice, though.

But if you want to get to the center of this Tootsie Pop, you have to work really hard.

34. Miria Harvent From Baccano!

20 miria harvent baccano anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Miria and Isaac are such a great match that Miria is rarely brought up in the waifu wars.

And I can’t just sit here and ignore a clear contender for “best girl.”

She is more than just sweet, kind, and naive, and she gives more help than the Canadian health care system.

Miria will do whatever Isaac wants, no questions asked.

She doesn’t really have to follow the law, so she’s the perfect partner in crime!

So stop letting this overpowered pick sit on the bench and join the cause.

33. Mirko From My Hero Academia

18 mirko my hero academia anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

If you’ve only seen the anime, this choice might surprise you since she only made a short appearance in the last season.

But if you’ve read the manga, you already know all this.

For those who watch anime, let’s just say that this woman is as charming and determined as All Might himself.

Really, once this woman gets going, she can’t be stopped.

She is also very strong for a bunny girl. That alone should be enough to convince you.

32. Celty Sturluson From Durarara!!

17 celty sturluson durarara anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

We’ve reached a point where anime can make even headless characters look and act very appealing.

Celty is such a babe and a sweetheart at the same time.

On the one hand, she has some serious booty-kicking skills.

And just seeing her ride her bike around the city gives me chills.

On the other hand, she’s so silly that you can’t help but love her.

When she’s embarrassed, she rolls her boyfriend into a ball or hides him in the dark and punches a pillow.

So young and sweet.

31. Abigail Jones From Great Pretender

16 abigail jones great pretender anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Abigail is on this list for sure, just because of how well she wears her short hair.

But she is also very determined and smart, and she learns things quickly that would take most people years or even decades.

She hasn’t had the best childhood, though.

So there will be a lot of walls to break down before you even get a hint of who she really is.

But hey, if you wait, good things will happen.

And if possible, also know how to help someone who has been through a traumatic event.

30. Shouko Nishimiya From A Silent Voice

15 shouko nishimiya a silent voice anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Since A Silent Voice is a movie, I won’t say much about it so I don’t give anything away.

I’ll just say that every time I see Shouko, my heart melts.

Rarely do you see a character as pure and kind as Shouko, who also has a personality that makes sense.

She is as determined as a god, and the world would be a much better place if there were more people like Shouko.

Man, I really like this person.

29. Himeko Inaba From Kokoro Connect

14 himeko inaba kokoro connect anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Himeko grows on you slowly.

At first, she seems very cold and logical, and sometimes she’s even rude. But the more at ease she is, the easier it is to talk to her.

Because when you take away all of her logical talk, you’re left with a clumsy girl who’s just scared to death of being left alone.

She is willing to give up what she wants if it will make those around her happy.

And I think that’s a trait that a lot of us can relate to.

28. Emilia From Re: Zero

12 emilia re zero anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

When the first season was over, Emilia wasn’t even close to being a waifu.

She had fallen so far behind that not even a blue shell could save her.

But when season 2 started, everything changed.

She was no longer just a shy girl who might become Queen or might not. Her story about her past really filled out why she is the way she is, and all of a sudden it seemed real.

She’s a real hero for still being sane after all this.

So, at least when it comes to mental strength, she and Subaru are a perfect match.

27. Maki Oze From Fire Force

11 maki oze fire force anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Maki is just so much better than most Instagram fitness stars.

The girl has the body of Zeus, is stunningly beautiful, and can probably make you drop dead as well.

She is very good at fighting with her hands, and her cool head is a huge asset on the battlefield.

With this description, you’d be sure to think that she’s a cold and unfriendly person.

But she is actually a very nice person.

She is a true romantic, and she often uses her powers to make little fiery friends and just mess around.

26. Merlin From The Seven Deadly Sins

10 merlin the seven deadly sins anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Merlin seems like the rarest card in the waifu deck because she’s so hard to get.

Don’t believe me?

She talked to two gods about joining their side, then tricked them both and took their powers.

If gods in the real world can’t keep this woman’s attention, then no one can.

Okay, those who read manga already know the answer…

Plus, she is as cold as ice. And I won’t let anyone tell me otherwise.

I mean, she made a man who can make suns with his hands get hot under the collar. Just look at all the things she has done.

25. Tsunade From Naruto: Shippuden

09 tsunade naruto shippuden anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

When choosing a representative, here are some things that aren’t usually looked for:

Being a gambler, a drinker, having a short fuse, being able to crush a mountain with your bare hands, and having a huge pet slug are all things that make someone a bad person.

Still, Tsunade was a great Hokage in her own way.

People do like to pick on Naruto’s female characters.

But Tsunade has the determination of at least 100 men.

Even if you cut this woman in half, she’ll still find a way to kick your behind.

And that kind of attitude, my friends, is what makes a waifu.

24. Akane Tsunemori From Psycho-Pass

08 akane tsunemori psycho pass anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Akane is the kind of character who had to grow up fast and in a big way.

At first, she was just a naive girl with strong morals and a good head on her shoulders.

By the end of the series, she had become a smart woman who could threaten a whole system on her own.

I really enjoyed seeing it!

She turned into a real badass, but she still had some of the kindness she used to have.

She is also a lot of fun at parties and the hero the city needed.

23. Ikumi Mito From Food Wars!

07 ikumi mito food wars anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Food Wars has so many waifu and husbando characters that they are hard to keep track of. But Ikumi stood out to me in a big way.

I love it when an enemy changes sides, and Ikumi was one of the first to do so.

The woman knows everything there is to know about meats. And when the group needs her help, she never lets them down.

She’s still very stubborn, and some of the clothes she wears probably don’t follow health rules, but who cares?

And don’t even think about making jokes about meat.

22. Miia From Monster Musume

05 miia monster musume anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

I tried to keep the number of monster girls on this list low, since they might not be for everyone.

But Miia is too famous to not include.

Monster Musume has a lot of monster girls, and each of them is interesting and attractive in her own way.

But Miia was always my favorite.

Is it because she was the first or because she seems to be the most trustworthy?

Who can say?

From my last choice, it looks like I might like the color red.

Still, Miia is an S-class waifu and deserves all the mama mias.

21. Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima From Tokyo Ghoul

Is Touka Kirishima a badass girl?

Always has been!

With short dark hair, blue eyes, and a slender figure.

She starts off as a salty young girl, and then grows on to become a mature woman with a light smile and unquestionable beauty.

20. Megumin From Konosuba

Megumin From Konosuba


Megumin can’t be described in any other way than as cute.

Her actions are always so childish, but you can’t help but love her because you can relate to them.

I mean, just add up everything:

Her obsession with blowing things up instead of being useful, her small fights with Yunyun, her normal cat, and her evil grin when she figures out how to get what she wants… Everything is too good.

So she might not be the best or most useful adventurer. But she is the one who is loved the most.

19. Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two From Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two was pretty much born into the world of waifus.

I mean, she jumped out of a river naked with a fish in her mouth as her introduction.

So not only is she happy with the way she looks, she can also catch you dinner.

When she’s not upset, she’s the most bubbly of the group.

And when she’s mad, I expect a body to be around the corner.

I’ve never heard anyone say a single word so seductively as Zero Two does when he says “darling.”

18. Violet Evergarden From Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden From Violet Evergarden

Raised as a weapon, lived as a sociopath, yet still growing up to become a person with a beautiful and lovely heart.

Violet Evergarden is an emotional drenched girl. 

Her emotions speak for themselves, and that’s how she continues to influence the life of everyone she encounters.

17. Kiyoko Shimizu From Haikyuu!!

Kiyoko Shimizu From Haikyuu!!

She is usually timid and silent, but her glistening presence is almost impossible to ignore. 

Legends say, her smile or her tears are enough to completely flip the mood of any situation.

Such is the power of beautified innocence.

16. Mai Sakurajima From Rascal Doesn’t Dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai Sakurajima From Rascal Doesnt Dream of a Bunny Girl Senpai 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Ah yes, a Tsundere! but she is mature?

That’s right folks, a mature Tsundere is not just a dream anymore.

When it comes to bunny girls, it’s time for Mai to take the stage.

Since Mai is a successful actress, you might expect her to act like a typical spoiled brat.

But because of what she went through with Puberty Syndrome, she is a very kind and quiet person.

She still gives off tsundere vibes, especially when people make dirty jokes about her. She never goes over the top, though.

In fact, she sometimes just responds in such a cute way that you forget all about the jokes.

And that’s a superpower, plain and simple.

15. Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online

Asuna Yuuki From Sword Art Online

A kind-hearted, thoughtful, and caring beauty, who can also cook!

Her autumn-like beauty and mellow hair, along with her charming persona, makes her a genuinely lovable character.

14. Yuno Gasai From Future Diary

Yuno Gasai From Future Diary

Well, there are always more than one ways to make a Man’s heart skip a beat.

Crazy, paranoid, sadistic, and a psycho.

She is in every sense of the word, a Yandere. I’d say, even “Yandere” is a small word. 

Yuno Gasai is a waifu who completely dominates the Yandere factor. 

13. Erina Nakiri From Food Wars

Erina Nakiri From Food Wars

As she walks, her queen like presence makes others stop in awe and admiration of her beauty and Charisma. 

But do not let her sassy persona fool you.

Once she gets embarrassed and starts blushing, she devolves, or rather, evolves into an adorable little mood.

12. Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Hinata Hyuga From Naruto

Her pale eyes, and always blushing cheeks make her a rare kind of beauty.

Add that with her silent and loyal personality.

And you get the perfect wife waifu!

11. Rias Gremory From Highschool DxD

Rias Gremory From Highschool DxD

If you looked up the word “babe” in a picture dictionary, you would probably see Rias.

I mean, let’s not lie to ourselves: she is very attractive.

She has the power to kill anyone who dares to stand in her way, but she’s also kind and can make you feel like you’re really loved.

She does get a little bit jealous, but these days, who doesn’t?

Also, now is a great time to learn chess because Queen’s Gambit is so popular.

And why not have a hot anime girl explain it?

10. Saber “Artoria Pendragon” From Fate Stay Night

Saber “Artoria Pendragon” From Fate Stay Night

Saber is a competent and confident young lady, who’ll rather speak her mind off than play mind games

She is sassy, badass, and tough. 

Some wise men say, “she is the face of the Fate franchise.”

9. Nico Robin From One Piece

Nico Robin From One Piece

If loyalty is her forte, what more could a man even ask for?

Her thick eyes add a layer of grace to her already pretty face. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s before or after the time skip, Nico Robin is always the ideal One Piece wafiu.

8. Holo From Spice and wolf

Holo From Spice and wolf

The beautiful and majestic presence of an anime wolf girl? Voila!

But not only that, she also has a genuinely charming personality that continues to make subtle transitions as the series goes on. 

Her realistic persona is what makes her so attractive!

That’s why, she isn’t just an adorable wolf girl…

7. Tsukuyo From Gintama

Tsukuyo From Gintama

Dressed as a female kunoichi and having the skills to back up that attire. 

Tsukuyo is a girl who had once abandoned her feminine side, but now that she has made peace with that thought.

She also continues to jump between acting as a badass anime tomboy and blushing like an embarrassed sweetheart…

She has slowly started to become the ultimate waifu.

6. Erza Scarlet From Fairy tail

04 erza scarlet fairy tail anime screenshot 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

Erza might be one of the best waifus, but she’s also a bro.

When it comes to her body, she is not the least bit shy. I mean, she’ll drink with you until the sun goes down, and she’s always up for a friendly fist fight.

Even though the last idea might not be the best…

This is because Erza is no joke when it comes to fighting.

No matter how many enemies you throw at her, she always comes out on top. Because she has a wide range of weapons and armor, she can handle any situation.

Even if it means I have to be a bunny girl.

5. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Attack on titan fans always continue to go through the dilemma of whether Mikasa should be called a Warrior or a Queen?

And can you blame them?

Mikasa is an exceptionally beautiful yet badass young girl who has the loyalty factor of the highest tier!

Yet she also has a considerably strong personality!

4. Rem From Re: Zero

Rem From Re: Zero

Honestly, Rem is the perfect girl. 

Rem has been a strong candidate for waifu for a long time.

So much so that the people working on War had to weaken her.

And it’s easy to understand why:

When she likes you, she’s like a cool breeze on a hot day: she makes everyone around her happy and cute.

And if she doesn’t like you, you’d better bring an extra pair of pants with you, just in case you poop your pants.

Because of this kind of duality, some waifu soldiers really stand out from the rest.

3. Yoko Littner From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

02 yoko littner tengen toppa gurren lagann anime 38 Charismatic Anime Waifus of All Time

I’ve loved Yoko from the start.

She was always full of energy and spirit, never gave up, and was always ready to fight for what was right.

Even though she didn’t have a mech, she was one of the army’s best assets.

She does all of this while wearing a bikini, which gives her extra points.

But (spoiler alert) I really liked the character when she became a teacher.

She was the coolest and most normal teacher I’d ever seen, and she still had that old sassy walk.

2. Hitagi Senjougahara From Bakemonogatari

Hitagi Senjougahara From Bakemonogatari

Senjougahara is a very hard client.

When she met the main character for the first time, she put a stapler in his mouth.

Isn’t that a great story to tell kids?

But once she calms down, she’ll make a great waifu.

Now, she won’t be a doormat, and if you’re wrong, she’ll fight with you. But she will also trust you when things don’t look good.

She has a clear head, is very smart, and can even do some great voice acting.

1. Makise kurisu From Steins Gate

Makise kurisu From Steins Gate

“K U R I S T I N A!!!” -Okabe Rintarou.

I’ve said this many times in many different articles: Kurisu is one of my all-time favorite characters.

She doesn’t really have anything that makes her stand out. She’s just a very believable, smart, kind, and snarky character that I can’t help but love.

Even though her huge success has caused her a lot of problems, she hasn’t stopped trying to learn more.

And when things got difficult, she doubled down.

Plus (and this is a spoiler), her Hououin Kyouma act is still one of my favorite anime scenes.

Here you go guys, these were the most beautiful and charismatic anime waifus of all time. 

Throughout the past few decades, there have been many waifu wars where a distinct number of individuals fought over which waifu is the best. 

That’s all folks!

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