Violet Evergarden Watch Order Easy Guide

Violet Evergarden is a well-known anime show based on the same-named light book.

The story was written by Kana Akatsuki, and Akiko Takase did the pictures. The brand has put out a TV show, a TV special, and two movies.

It is a sad war-themed story about a girl named Violet Evergarden who is looking for the meaning of “I love you,” the last words that Major Gilbert said to her.

To find the answer to her question, she decides to work as a Ghost Writer to figure out what that line really means.

The cartoon has a great story, a powerful script, and beautiful visuals, all of which are made possible by Kyoto Animation.

Here is the order in which you should watch Violet Evergarden.

Violet Evergarden Chronological Watch Order

Violet Evergarden Watch Order 1 Violet Evergarden Watch Order Easy Guide

Violet Evergarden’s main story starts with the first episode. After that, there is an OVA and a movie.

But one of the OVAs of the series is meant to be watched in between the episodes of the TV show.

So, here is the right order to watch the episodes of Violet Evergarden.

Serial NumberTitleFormat (Series/Movie/OVA)Release Date
 1Violet Evergarden (Episodes 1-4)SeriesJan 11, 2018
 2Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Hi ga Kuru no Darou SpecialJul 4, 2018
 3Violet Evergarden (Episodes 5-13)SeriesJan 11, 2018
 4Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou MovieSep 6, 2019
 5Violet Evergarden: The MovieMovieSep 18, 2020

Where To Watch Violet Evergarden: Netflix?

Netflix seems to have every episode of the TV show and OVA about Violet Evergarden. Both movies are also available on Netflix, so people can watch them there.

Violet Evergarden Watch Order Based On Release Date

Violet Evergarden has a TV show, a special episode called an Original Video Animation (OVA), and two movies.

All of these parts have come out between the years 2018 and 2020. Based on when the episodes came out, this is the order in which to watch the series.

Violet Evergarden (Episodes 1-4)

In the beginning of Violet Evergarden, Violet gets a job making auto memory dolls after she stops being a fighter.

She was a member of the Passionate Army and worked for Major Gilbert Bougainvillea. But when she loses him, she realizes she has nowhere else to go.

And that’s when the watchers start to get interested. She decided to become a Ghostwriter because she wanted to figure out what Major’s last words meant.

She wanted to be able to show what the words “I love you” really meant.

And that’s going to be hard for her to do, since she’s become a very hard person.

But if she has worked on more than one project, she might know how these feelings feel. Most of this half of the show is about Violet’s early days as a ghostwriter.

Violet Evergarden (Episodes 5-13)

From shows 5 to 13, Violet Evergarden is all about the projects she works on as a ghostwriter.

Even though she has no feelings, she has become a very amazing writer. She can go places and meet a lot of people because of this.

All of these people have been touched emotionally by the war and want to talk to a friend or family member about how they feel.

Because of this, Violet will meet many different people with many different things to say to many different people.

Since she will get to know these people, she will understand that she is getting closer and closer to her goal of figuring out what “I love you” really means.

This will be a very powerful thing to see.

Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” Wo Shiru Hi Ga Kuru No Darou

Violet Evergarden: Kitto “Koi” wo Shiru Violet starts Hi ga Kuru no Darou by taking on a job for a songstress.

The event in this episode happens between shows 4 and 5.

This is why this episode comes between those two in the list of shows to watch.

This show tells us about the opera singer Irma Felice’s life. Irma wants someone to help her write a special letter, and that’s the idea here.

She tells Violet only small bits of information and asks her to write in the letter how she feels.

Violet tries to do this, but Irma tells her she can’t. After that, she asks her friends for help, but Irma says no to all of them.

Violet soon comes up with a way out of this problem, though.

Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien To Jidou Shuki Ningyou

Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou starts with Isabella, the daughter of a wealthy family named York.

Isabella is a royal grooming subject, which means that she is being trained to be the perfect heir.

But what’s important here is that she doesn’t think of this way of learning as a luxury.

Instead of seeing it as a blessing, she sees it as a curse. Because of this, her parents have asked Violet to teach her.

At first, things between the two don’t go so well. But as the story goes on, Isabella starts to see how hard Violet had to work to get to where she is now.

This is where people start to get close and the truth starts to come out.

Violet Evergarden: The Movie

Violet Evergarden: The Movie starts off with the idea that Auto Memory Dolls are becoming less popular because there are so many phones.

But that isn’t stopping Violet from becoming well-known. She is now one of the experts because her skills are so good.

Even though she has been writing letters for a long time, she hasn’t yet thought about feelings or the words “I love you.”

Also, as time goes on, she becomes closer and closer to Major Gilbert. Even after all these years of war, there’s a small chance that the guy she’s been longing for might still have a life.

This little bit of hope is what keeps this movie going. Because of this, it is one of the best parts of the whole series.


In Which Order Should I Watch Violet Evergarden?

The following is the right order in which to watch Violet Evergarden: Episodes 1–4, the OVA, Episodes 5–13 of Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou, and then Violet Evergarden the Movie.

How Many Violet Evergarden Series Are There?

The original TV show has 13 episodes, a “Special” episode, and two movies. All of them must be watched in order, from the beginning to the end.

Can I Skip Violet Evergarden Movie First?

Yes. You don’t have to watch the first Violet Evergarden movie before you watch the second one. But you have to watch the main TV series to understand what the core series is about.

Which Evergarden Movie Is Violet First?

The first movie in the Violet Evergarden series is called Violet Evergarden Gaiden: Eien to Jidou Shuki Ningyou. Violet Evergarden: The Movie comes next, which is the second movie in the series.

Is Season 2 Of Violet Evergarden Confirmed?

Officials have not yet said whether or not there will be a second season of Violet Evergarden. Even though there are reports about the sequel, there isn’t any real news about it yet. Because of this, we don’t know if there will be another season of Violet Evergarden or not.

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