Baccano! Easy Watch Order Guide

Baccano! This anime is one of the best in the genres of entertainment! It has many main characters.

A group of alchemists attempts to create the elixir of life, and a little girl embarks on a journey to find her brother.

It does all this and more in a series of 13 episodes. It does so without any plot holes or boring filler episodes. 

This show, which begins abruptly, pieces together an amazing puzzle that links unrelated stories together. It all makes sense! Baccano!!



Baccano! This anime series was directed by Takahiro Omori and produced by Brain’s Base and Aniplex. It was adapted from the books of the same title.

In the 1930s, Flying Pussyfoot began its famous journey across the continent. It will end in Chicago and leave a trail that will be followed all over the country. 

While scientists Szilard and Ennis, his assistant, are searching for the missing bottles of immortality elixir in New York City, there is also a growing mafia war. 

These events, which seem unrelated, are part of a larger story that will be merged with Miria and Issac by kindhearted thieves.

Release Order

I. TV Series

  • Baccano! (2007)

II. Specials

  • Baccano! Specials (2008)


Chronological order

Instead of referring to the Baccano release order as non-chronological, it’s better to call it asynchronous! 

It’s better to refer to it as asynchronous than non-chronological.

Stories are arranged in a certain order on purpose.

It is best to follow the order they were published.

Quick Review

Baccano! has a unique style of storytelling. 

It connects three stories that were completely out of sync at their beginning and quickly show how they are all part of a larger picture.

It’s fast-paced, violent, and funny. It achieves so much in only 13 episodes. That’s the mark of a true masterpiece.

Baccano’s characters! They are among the most beloved characters in anime. 

Each one of their quirks is unique and well-developed. 

Their progress is admirable and even if they are a bit crazy, it never gets boring.

Animation and Sound

The animation is smooth and fluid. Baccano’s animation is alive and well, with its fast-paced action and blunt comedic moments.

The soundtrack is as good as the other elements of the anime

The soundtrack is full of suspense and light-hearted humor, as well as the occasional non-serious violence.

Final Words

Baccano is best viewed in this order. 

Its release order is the best.

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