Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

One group of people who are admired is the Waifus. Waifu just refers to a viewer’s dream life partner, who is usually a female character with desirable traits like intelligence, beauty, and more.

But how are you going to pick the best cartoon Waifu out of the hundreds of girls? There you have it! MYOTAKUWORLD has put together a list of the Top 12 Best Anime Waifu so you can find your perfect character to follow.
Without further ado, let us begin our list.

This list will be based on how you feel about the character as a whole, how much screen time they got, and of course, how pretty they are. Let’s begin.

12. Nico Robin

Nico Robin From One Piece 1 Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Nico Robin is one of the most wanted people in the world and one of the most beautiful and smart cartoon women. She is the historian of the Straw Hat Pirates.

As a child, she saw her whole island destroyed, but she didn’t let that make her heart turn bad. Instead, she was very protective of her friends.

She is also very strong and can keep herself safe. Her group of friends is small, but they are very close to her because she likes to spend time with books.

She is strong, kind, and caring, and she is without a doubt one of the best anime Waifus.

11. Kurisu Makise

Makise kurisu From Steins Gate 1 Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

The next person on our list is the smart expert with a dry sense of humor. Makise is very practical, and he talks sense to Rintaro, who is crazy. Makise is a very strong-willed person who is dedicated to others and sensible.

She may seem cold and uninterested, but she is really very lonely and cares a lot about memories. She’s one of the best cartoon Waifus because she’s both brave and shy.

She always acts strong, but when she shows her weaker side, it shows that even the most sure of themselves people have questions.

10.  Saber

Saber From Fate Zero Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

In Fate, she is one of the three main characters. She works for Shirou and is his partner. In the Holy Grail Wars, she is the Sabre class. She is one of the most likeable characters on the show because she is very strong and has a strong sense of right and wrong.

She’s strong, but she’s more than that. She’s also very nice and helpful, and she loves to cook and spend time with the person she loves. Her friends will always be there for her because she is brave and strong-willed.

The best Waifu anime ever made.

9.  Yuigahama Yui

Yui Yuigahama From Oregairu Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Yui is one of the main characters in Oregairu, and she gets along great with Yukinoshita, who is cold and serious. People are happy to have Yui as a friend because she is friendly and always willing to help others in need.

She is friendly and relaxed, and sometimes she is too nice, which can lead to being pushed around. But when it matter, she stands her ground. One reason Hachiman tried to make friends was because of her.

She wasn’t able to win Hachiman’s heart, but she was one of the best cartoon Waifu.

8. Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado From Kimetsu no Yaiba Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

After the first few episodes, Nezuko was already pretty good. But she became silly after the Red-Light District story.

Her physical strength is getting more attention than ever, and she can also heal herself much faster now.

In fact, she can now grow whole limbs back. Since that’s not broken.

The story doesn’t end there either.

She can also use her skills to destroy demons and fight off effects like poison that happen to her.

I have no doubt that she is one of the strongest characters on the show right now. And because her fans love her more than life itself, she’s definitely a waifu.

7. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka From FateStay Night Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Because she is one of the three main heroines in the Fate story and fought in the Holy Grail War, she is very strong. She is very good at magic and is in charge of the servant Archer. She will do anything to protect her family name because she feels it is very important.

She is the perfect example of a Tsundere, and even though she acts like she doesn’t care, she really does. The things she says to Shiro are funny, and even though they fight a lot, she always has his back.

Without a doubt, one of the best cartoon waifu.

6. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Mikasa is the scariest person on screen, even though she’s just a normal person living in a world full of Titans.

As soon as Eren feels threatened, she kills the person or thing that is hurting him.

They talked about that a lot in the first three seasons.

Even the god-level husbando Levi agrees that Mikasa is powerful! She is definitely one of the coolest and strongest figures out there, even though she doesn’t have any superpowers like the other women on this list.

5. Holo the Wise wold

Holo marking Lawrence Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Holo is Lawrence’s partner. She is a wolf spirit that is more than 500 years old, but when she turns into a human, she looks like a cute 15-year-old. She always makes fun of Lawrence for how good he is at bargaining, but she really cares about him.
She is happy and likes to have fun, but she is also a worker who loves drinking late at night, often after a long day of work. Even though Holo looks young, she is full of knowledge and is very smart and caring.
This is one of the best and nicest anime Waifus.

4. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi Senjougahara 3 Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Hitagi is one of the best anime waifus. She is smart and honest, but also nice and happy. She is very smart and brave, and she doesn’t mind standing up for what she believes in when it’s needed.

Hitagi is one of those people who only shows their true self to people close to them. She is loyal, calm, and trusting.

She is cold to everyone because of her past and the pain she went through. But once she got over it, she became much more tame, though she still has a fiery tongue.

3. Sakura Haruno

sakura being waifu

Let’s not joke around with Sakura for a minute, even though I know we all like to do that.

Now that you know about Boruto, you know that she’s really hot right now.

For years, Sakura’s membership in Team 7 was only on paper. Now, she has enough power to back up her claim.

The present Sakura is much stronger than even Tsunade was when she was at her strongest. She has berserker strength and the ability to heal.

Yes, she’s not even close to as strong as Naruto or Sasuke. She is still higher than most of the other characters in her world, though, so it’s still a win.

2. Neferpitou

Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Before you manga fans say it, I know that the first Pitou was both male and female.

That won’t stop me from talking about how great she is as a person and how strong she is.

Pitou is just scary.

This animal is a real predator; it can feel you from miles away and quickly jump to where you are. Once she gets there, you can choose which god you want to pray to.

She moves really quickly. She is so close to Meruem that she will follow you even after you die. Once more, pretty scary.

But in a way it’s also waifu stuff.

1. Hinata Hyuga – The Ideal Waifu

Hinata Hyuga Top 12 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time

Hinata is what dedication and selflessness look like. Since she started to like Naruto, she has never been afraid to tell him she loves him. In the end, she married him.

At first look, she may seem weak and shy, but that’s just because she was raised in a harsh environment. She will do whatever it takes to protect the people she cares about.

Her words are clear, and she is kind. She never tries to start a fight or hurt someone. She is one of the best cartoon waifus and always looks for ways to help other people.

Thank you.

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