25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Anime Femboys is either loved or hated by everyone.

When the gender isn’t set, I find it much more interesting because there are more ways to make things interesting.

It could go either way, giving the figures a lot of different traits.

Whether a femboy has beautiful hair, soft body movements, a great dress, or a gentle personality, it is always fun to see a model change by going out of the fixed gender expectations.

It always throws people for a loop.

What is an Anime Femboy?

If you’re wondering what a “femboy” is, it’s a guy who likes more feminine things about himself.

A non-sexual reason could make an anime femboy look like a girl.

He could be a boy who doesn’t care much about gender roles and just looks and acts in a way that is usually associated with men.

People can think you’re a femboy even if that’s not what you want to be. It’s just short enough for the girly boy.

What is the Difference Between Trap and Femboy Anime?

In an anime trap, a male character is mistaken by the makers for a female character. Even though the character is a guy, he looks and acts so much like a girl that he might as well be a girl.

The word is powerful and is often thought to be an insult. A trap, on the other hand, is a common way to make a character more interesting.

It has nothing to do with a character’s shift or sexual preferences. It’s mostly about making people laugh and making up stories.

A femboy doesn’t hide his gender, he even gets upset when mistaken for a female.

25 Best Anime Femboys

So, Without Wasting any more time lets start this list of anime femboys.

25. Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion

anime femboy 25 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

This is an interesting choice because Shinji’s femboy traits have been blown out of proportion by fans so much that thinking about it will only make you more confused.

Memes are the real deal in this case, to put it simply. Also, Shinji was supposed to be a woman at first, but they chose to change that.

When you consider that Shinji could have been a girl, all of the embarrassing and weird things he is known for start to make sense.

Guys, it’s a paradox. Shinji is a confusing person.

24. Sitori Cartwright from Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

anime femboy 24 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Sytry Cartwright, also known as “Shitori,” is an interesting character whose main power is to make girls take off all their clothes right in front of him.

Even though he looks like the prince of hell, everyone at his school treats him like a lady.

He is well aware of his feminine features and likes to play with them.

When he dresses as a girl, most of the boys at school will drop their jaws in shock at how hot he looks.

23. Shuichi Nitori from Wandering Son’s

anime femboy 23 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Most of the students don’t know that “Shuichi Nitori” is a biological man, even though she is known as one of the most beautiful girls in school.

But things start to get harder when Shuichi grows up and has to go to a new school with his best friend from childhood.

Unlike most of the other picks on this list, this anime always has a serious tone. In a way, it’s the story of how Shuichi Nitori and a few other people in similar situations come of age.

22. Saika Totsuka from Oregairu

anime femboy 22 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Totsuka looks soft and feminine, and she talks in a cute way.

Even though Hikigaya knows he is a boy, there are times when he forgets this simple fact and starts to dream about weird things.

Even though he doesn’t mean to, he has a lot of charm that makes the guys fall in love with him.

Hey, guys, be nice to him and say “Yahallo!”

He makes the cutest pout face when he doesn’t want to talk to someone.

21. Sa Sakujun from The Story of Saiunkoku

anime femboy 21 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Most of the anime femboys on this list are pretty young, but Sa Sakujun is almost 30.

He is very smart and has a beautiful face and body.

Even his clothes are made to fit his looks.

Even though Sakujun is very stylish, he is a cruel sociopath who uses his charm to physically destroy other people.

He has no sympathy for other people, and he doesn’t even care about himself.

This is why, when he wants to do something, he won’t stop, even if it means he will die.

Sakujun always gets what he wants, no matter what. What a scary thought.

20. Ren Aharen from Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

anime femboy 19 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Ren is the female lead’s younger brother. He is the kind of kid who likes to act like he is his bigger sister.

He sometimes wore her clothes, and because he looks almost exactly like her, people often thought he was a girl or even his sister.

Even though he is only 9 or 10 years old, you can tell the difference between him and his sister by the way he acts.

No matter what, he is a lot of fun!

19. Ryo Akizuki from Idolmaster

anime femboy 18 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Japanese School Idols have made a name for themselves. They are cute, lively, and as bright as the sun.

It goes without saying that the term “School Idols” is usually used to refer to High school girls who participate in such activities.

Ryo Akizuki, on the other hand, is a school hero who is very much a guy. In other words, someone who likes anime.

Well, the normal audience member probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway, especially since he also has a female persona.

You could be a fan for your whole life and die without ever knowing that Ryo Akizuki was a man. We’re talking about that level.

18. Natsume Takashi from Natsume Yuujinchou

anime femboy 16 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

The anime is about a guy named Natsume Takashi who can see ghosts.

His grandmother was also able to see ghosts, and since he and his grandmother share the same blood, many ghosts think he is his grandmother.

He also goes to school, but even though schoolgirls aren’t spirits, they still think he’s pretty enough to start a Fanclub.

Natsume has mixed feelings about this; he always talks in a manly way to seem more strong.

17. Loran Cehack from Gundam

anime femboy 15 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Loran Cehack is the main character in ” Gundam” (Turn “A” Gundam). He is the kind of person who is easy to trust. That in and of itself may sometimes hurt him, but he is also very good at adapting to any situation.

Now, because he looks like a woman, it’s not strange for people to call him Laura instead of Loran, but the man can also use this.

He just pretends to be a woman with the name Laura Rolla when he needs to. So much so that fans still talk about how Loran was meant to be a woman at first.

That’s the power of femboy anime characters: they can get fans so excited that they still argue about the show 20 years after it first aired.

16. Narancia Ghirga from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

anime femboy 27 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Narancia is even more of a tomboy than Astolfo-femboy tiers, even though he says he is not a girl. He just wants to have fun with his other bad friends.

The guy looks like a woman. He has a female face, wears a skirt, and in some of the video games, a female voice actress speaks for him.

He is not a trap. In the manga, he can be seen with a lot of muscle. Narancia’s looks are very different from his attitude, which is short-tempered and almost crazy.

15. Lio Fotia form Promare

anime femboy 14 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Lio Fotia is short, his skin is pale, and his eyebrows are long and thick. Because of how he looks and moves, people often think he’s a girl.

That’s why he’s on this list. But you won’t believe it, but this cute guy is the leader of a terrorist group. He wants to be a threat to society and has a strong will to do so.

Or does he?

I guess you’ll have to watch the whole bl anime to find out. But I’ll tell you that he’s not really a terrorist, even if most people think so.

He is a smart and trustworthy leader who looks out for people who can’t look out for themselves.

A villain, if you will.

14. Kazuki Fuuchouin from GetBackers­­­

anime femboy 13 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

The two words that best describe “Kazuki Fuuchoin” are “graceful” and “charming.” Maybe that’s why he’s often confused for a woman.

His long hair doesn’t help him look like anything else, either.

But don’t irritate him too much, because even though he is graceful and beautiful, he is also known as the “Prince of Anger.”

He doesn’t like it when people make jokes about him being a girl, but he knows he looks like a woman and isn’t afraid to use that to get juicy information out of drunk guys.

Kazuki doesn’t mind using his charm as a tool at all.

13. Kazuto Kirigaya from Sword Art Online (Gun Gale Online)

anime femboy 12 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Kazuto Kirigaya, also known as “Kirito,” is the main character of Sword Art Online.

He is the Black Swordsman, who is sometimes famous and sometimes feared.

Most of the time, he’s not a femboy, but Kirito’s character looks like a girl in the Sword Art Online episode Gun Gale Online.

It’s basically a rare avatar model that lets male players give their avatars a more feminine look, but it’s so rare that for most players, this avatar is still just a dream.

A player even offers to pay Kirito money to buy it from him.

12. Kamanosuke from Brave 10

anime femboy 11 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

No one would usually think that the leader of a gang of crooks would be a woman, but if you see “Kamanosuke,” you will see him as a woman.

Even though he’s not, and yes, the boss of the gang of thieves is a guy, or is he?

Kamanosuke seems to like making things more confusing than they need to be to keep things interesting. He is mostly a mean person who gets excited when he sees blood.

This is a classic example of how things don’t always look as they seem. If you really see him. Don’t start to wonder if he’s a guy or a girl. Just Run.

Once you are safe and can still think, you can think about it as much as you want.

11. Alois Trancy from Black Butler

anime femboy 02 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

The head of Trancy’s estate is almost a classic example of a femboy who flaunts his money and looks but hides a dark secret.

He knows how to use his fanboyism to get what he wants and often wears shorts that show a lot of skin. Alois was born into poverty and grew up to be a rich young man.

He now has his own servants and enjoys every bit of his newfound wealth and noble position. Alois can be very creepy, he has done terrible things, and he doesn’t know what personal space is.

10. Jakotsu from Inuyasha

anime femboy 10 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Here is an anime warrior who is a girl. Or maybe “Swordsman” would be a better word. Not only does Jakotsu have a pretty face, but he also wears a kimono.

Even though his clothes make him look like a woman, he clearly doesn’t like women. Just what you would expect from a Sociopath who likes to hurt people.

He would tell you he loves you, but then he would try to kill you because what he really loves is your dog-ears, not you.

Still, he is very honest, even though he has a strange attitude. He enjoys doing what he enjoys, and he also enjoys fighting.

9. Geperuniti from Macross 7

anime femboy 07 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

From a famous anime show from the early 1990s, “Geperuniti” is a scary girl who dresses like a boy.

Should I say “Lord Geperuniti” instead?

Even though he is blonde, the way he often makes faces would make you think he was a witch, not a lady.

As far as he’s concerned, anyone can die so long as he can reach his main goal, which is to carry out the “Spiritia Farm Project.”

I’d say you should watch the anime for more information, but let’s just say that this farm will raise humans and other species as cattle.

Lord Geperuniti is a character who is meant to make people feel scared and excited.

8. Gowther from Nanatsu no Taizai

anime femboy 06 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

This is a pretty strange turn of events. Gowther was made to look like his father’s old lover, but since it would be weird for his daughter to look just like his old lover, he decides to give Gowther a male body.

Don’t ask me why Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) works that way. So, that’s how he came into the world.

He has dark pink hair and cute glasses, which make sense since he’s supposed to be the Sin of Lust. Gowther can make almost anyone like him.

As much as it’s because of how he looks, it’s also because of how the story makes sense.

7. Eljuia from Endride

anime femboy 05 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Ok, this girl-boy has gone too far. You could live your whole life and never figure out that the white-haired beauty from Endride is actually a man unless it’s made clear.

Yes, Eljuia looks like the standard Ice Queen we see a lot in anime at first glance.

He has white hair, orange eyes, thick eyebrows, and blue flowers on his head. He also wears a long white dress with gold and jewels around the edges.

Seriously, with the way he looks and dresses, it would be more strange not to see her as a lovely young lady.

We just started making this list of well-known femboy anime characters, but things are already getting interesting.

6. Nasu Suketaka Yoichi from Drifters

anime femboy 17 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Drifters is an epic story about Japanese myths that come back to life in a dream world after they die in real life.

Nasu Suketaka Yoichi, also called “Nasu no Yoichi,” is one of these stories. He was a famous Samurai in the late 1200s, and in this anime, he is the same, but he has long black hair and a slim, feminine body.

Even the supposed Toyohisa thought he was a woman at first because of how he looked.

Now, even though he can easily use the fact that he looks like a woman as a weapon, he is struggling with a lot of self-doubt and sadness.

In a funny way, this story sounds like that time a Japanese tale from the past came back to life as a femboy in an anime.

But it’s not nearly as funny as the set-up makes it sound. War, disaster, and death are all around us.

5. Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka To Test To Shoukanjuu

anime femboy 09 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

A good way to make friends at school would be to make people question what gender you are. Of course, it’s easier said than done to be a femboy, but “Hideyoshi Kinoshita” is a Natural.

He and his twin sister go to the same school. The only difference between them is how they wear their hair and what they wear.

This always makes a lot of people confused, and hard-working students never get a break.

He has to go to a different private room to change clothes for sports events. Yes, he also goes to a different bathroom.

4. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist

anime femboy 04 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

We’re not just talking about cute anime girls who act like boys. No, we’re also talking about the vilest and most disgusting figures, the very worst of the worst.

People who will make your blood boil and make you hate them to your core. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist is one of these kinds of characters.

He’s the kind of dangerous person who doesn’t need an introduction. The guy is basically the personification of the sin called “Envy.”

He is strong, and the way he dresses makes him look like a scary woman. But most of all, Envy is a cruel sadist who only gets off on real human pain.

If I must say so myself, this person is messed up and sick.

3. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

anime femboy 03 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

If being a 13-year-old femboy wasn’t enough to make Ciel Phantomhive stand out, the fact that he is also one of the richest guys in England should do the trick.

He has a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

Even though he is a hot bad boy, his knowledge and calmness are real.

Even though he is only in his early teens, he is a genius at chess and always has a clear head.

Even though he doesn’t show his feelings, he is already very good at being a boss.

Yes, you’re right.

Ciel has the biggest head over his shoulder of all the femboy anime characters on this list.

2. Haku from Naruto

anime femboy 08 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Nagista Shiota is a femboy. The next day, she could go to school dressed as a girl and no one would notice. Even the girls know how charming he is, so when the story calls for it, they use it to their advantage.

Anyway, Nagisa is a small, blue-haired kid who is shy but friendly. He doesn’t think much of himself. His ability to notice things is too good, though.

When it comes to killing people, this guy is a freak. It’s a good thing he’s shy, though, because otherwise a cute character who knows how to kill would be a dangerous tool.

1. Felix Argyle from Re:Zero

anime femboy 26 25 Best Anime Femboys of All Time

Even though Felix is a boy, he likes to wear dresses. He is at least as good as Astolfo’s maid outfit. His voice actor sounds like a real cat boy, but he is a knight with cute emotions.

But a real femboy has a masculine vibe that can’t be covered up. No matter what Ferri-chan wears, he is always himself.

He doesn’t care much about gender, and the anime doesn’t make a big deal out of it. Felix is a pretty bad person overall.

He hates weak people, and the show’s creators even thought about making him the main bad guy.

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