15 Best Anime Girls with Wings

Anime girls have always levelled up in all aspects of their existence.

From looks to powers to character development and progression.

From goth yandere to cute butterfly themed loli, characters, we’ve seen them all.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the anime girls who winged their roles and aesthetics!

15. Papi From Monster Musume

Papi From Monster Musume

Papi is a cheerful child who loves her freedom and having a good time.

She is a harpy who has wings for her arms and her legs from the knee below are bird feet.

She mostly doesn’t worry about anything being carefree until the point where things become problematic for her.

She is a little clumsy, but over al honest and only wants to have fun.

She often ends up getting in trouble like falling into a fountain and creates problems for people around her on accident.

14. Sariel From Seven Heavenly Virtues

Sariel From Seven Heavenly Virtues

This show is just 10 episodes of pure fan service. That’s all.

Sariel, the Angel of Kindness, is known for her catchphrase ‘fabulous’ and her attitude to spoil anyone with her kindness.

13. Conis From One Piece

Conis From One Piece

Conis is the sweet, soft-spoken musician who was playing the harp as soon as the Straw Hats arrived on the Sky Island, Skypiea.

Conis and her pet fox Sue welcomed the straw Hat and offered them all the help that she could from providing them with food and a temporary place to rest.

She also made sure that all the people from Skypiea evacuated safely when Enel loomed large over their heads.

Despite being insulted and facing tomatoes to her face, Conis still protected the island with the help of the White Beret squad.

She remained cheerful and loyal to the Straw Hats even when she was forced to betray them.

She took care of them after they were highly injured and helped them get off the Sky Island as well.

12. Misery From GATE

Misery From GATE

She is kind of an enigma. She is a hooker with a very loyal personality.

She can be quite airheaded like the Older Sister and her friends.

She is a pretty woman with long blonde hair and golden eyes.

She is a nicely stacked feminine woman who has a certain charm to her. She indulges in a smoke sometimes.

She is known by her famous alias Miss. Misery rather than her real name Mizari.

11. Sylph From Black Clover

Sylph From Black Clover

Sylph is the celestial spirit of wind and Yuno’s partner.

She is fun, talkative, has an obsessive crush on Yuno, get jealous and possessive of him and is not afraid to insult and throw hands with other girls competing for her affection.

She also gets jealous of Asta being able to make Yuno smile and not her.

10. Reki From Haibane Renmei

Reki From Haibane Renmei

Have you ever had a teacher who just can’t be strict?

She tries her hardest to scold the students to discipline them, but in the end, she is too kind?

That’s Reki to the Old Home.

She is a teacher who takes care of all the kids, takes care of any cocoons that might be around, makes sure they eat, play and study properly.

Reki has recurring nightmares and has a hard time sleeping.

She has developed a habit of smoking in order to calm her nerves. No matter what you say, even this teacher can’t finish her carrots.

9. Carla From Fairy Tail

Carla From Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail introduced an entire species of winged cats called “Exceeds” that can talk and fly.

Carla is introduced as Wendy’s partner who can take the form of a more anthropomorphic human with cat ears and a tail.

She can choose to have her wings to be able to fly when she wants to.

She also has Clairvoyance that allows her to see the near future. She often teams p with Wendy to be able to defeat strong opponents and even protect her when need be.

Although Carla likes to be on her high horse especially around men, she is a very sweet and emotional cat who cares deeply about her friends.

8. Sailor Lead Crow From Sailor Moon

Sailor Lead Crow From Sailor Moon

Sailor Lead Crow is dominant and goal-oriented.

She can get upset or panic a little easier but she is one cunning Sailor Animate.

She occasionally shows a soft side with her friendly rivalry with Sailor Aluminium Siren

7. Rem From Death Note

Rem From Death Note

Shinigami usually only see their humans as playthings, but Rem was different.

She cared a lot about Misa which is what ultimately led to her demise.

All the time that she was on the show, Rem supported Misa in every way that she could.

6. Suzumebachi From Bleach

Suzumebachi From Bleach

Suzumebachi is Soi Fong’s Zanpakuto. She cares a lot about Soi Fong which is evident during her being brainwashed.

She wants her to focus on herself and not be such a doormat for Yoruichi.

While being brainwashed, she is very critical, makes harsh judgements on everything from her need to focus on herself to her fashion sense, but also still has an attachment to Soi Fong saying that she is her Zanpakuto.

After the brainwashing s gone, she is much happier and light-hearted. She also enjoys teasing people.s

5. Monet From One Piece

Monet From One Piece

Based on the greek monster Harpy, Monet is an attractive woman with wings for her hands and bird feet for her legs.

She is a crafty woman and yet loyal to her master, Doflamingo, to the point where she doesn’t hesitate to end her own life in order to take everyone down with her.

Easily swayed by compliments, Monet is also a capable fighter.

She is a logia fruit user and quite easily was able to keep Tashigi and her squad from chasing the rampaging children.

4. Jibril From No Game No Life

Jibril From No Game No Life

Jibril is an assassin at the core.

Although she speaks very politely, this character is a killing machine who looks down on everything that she can kill and the only way to earn her respect is by killing her or showing her that you are stronger than her.

She is merciless and enjoys good battles and games.

3. Tohru From Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid

Tohru From Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid

Tohru has the cutest set of wings that blend perfectly with her overall cute personality.

A set of black tiny dragon wings sprout from her back when she wants to.

Tohru just wants to be around and help Kobayashi to the best of her abilities.

Sadly, her strength and abilities as a dragon are not always co-operative of her endeavour.

Tohru definitely makes a memorable character alongside her friends and is one of the best anime girls with wings!

2. Rias Gremory From High School DxD

Rias Gremory From High School DxD

This almost perfect girl is very hard to top!

She has everything!

Great… umm… ‘assets’, strong personality and impressive battle prowess.

There’s not much to be said about her since almost everyone knows her or is at least aware of her existence.

If you haven’t, have you been living under a rock?

1. Albedo From Overlord

Albedo From Overlord

Albedo is the caretaker of all the floor masters of Nazarick.

She commands a power only next to that of Ainz. Ironically, being a succubus, Albedo has almost no experience with men.

She is very loyal to Ainz to the point where she sleeps in his bed with a body pillow of him when he isn’t around.

She gets jealous when other women are vying for his attention.

As the In-charge of Nazaick, she commands a power worthy of the title.

Her fighting armour has he concealed completely in a jet black metal armour and proficiently wields a battle axe.  

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