If you’re a cat lover and own Sims 4, then you’ve found the right place. We know how much fun it can be to dress up in costumes, especially cute and funky ones.

It may be time for you to add some of the fluffy bits to your sims’ world.

This is a list of custom cat ears content from different creators. We are certain it will be to your liking.

12. Scoundrel Cats

These adorable accessories for cat ears are absolutely charming! 

You can choose from three heights so you don’t have to worry about finding the right hairstyle

It can be found under Earrings. 

You can find it by clicking this link.


This pair of cat ears will definitely make us squeal with delight. 

They can be worn by both male and female sims. 

Here is your download link. 

10. Pralinesims Zopheir Cat Ear headband

Shiny! Shiny!

9. Arena Ear Headband

There are 50 options available! 

This set will have something for everyone. 

Your sim can choose any outfit and color. 

8. Cat Ears Headband

These are so beautiful

l and colorful

This works well for sims ranging from teen to senior. 

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You can download it from this. 

7. MIRACLE Headband

This simple cat headband will be a hit with sims. 

The headband can be worn with any hairstyle, but it will work on all hairstyles. 

To install this package.

6. Cat Ears Custom Content

You can download each version separately. 

You get 19 dark colors. 

You can download this page. 

5. Anime-Inspired Cat Ears

These are not your typical cat ears. 

This is anime-inspired so you’ll know what it’s like. 

To grab one, click Download below.

4. Unisex Cat Ears

This was a fantastic job by NotEgain, a CC maker.

There are 19 different color options for the first set of cat ears. You can also mix and match the tail with the tail.

The majority of these shades are dark, and you will often see them on real cats.

Five versions are included in the package, two of which are for cat ears. You only get the ears with the first version. The tail is the next.

You can choose to go full- or half-cat.

3. Arena Ear Headband

This versatile, laid-back headpiece will give you your daily doses of feline goodness.

Pralinesims made this piece available in 50 colors, based on an original that inspired it.

Particularly, the headband with a cheetah print was worn by Daehyun.

The love is evident in the fabrics since each surface has a unique texture. They are vibrant and fun, and really pop when you first look at them.

This hat is perfect for all occasions. This hat is perfect for all events.

2. The Cats Outta the Bag

This pair of sharp, easily shocked predator ears is fiercely charming.

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It is a beautiful object with a strong charm that you will want to touch, even though it poses a danger. The rejection is inevitable, as the girl who wears these will likely ignore you.

Available in two swatches: black and brown with white tips. Toskami also included a similar cattail in this CC.

Notification: To download the CC, click on the ‘updated cemetery’ link, since the original site has stopped being active.

1. Cats of City

These are adorable cat ears that will help you wrap up your list.

This set includes 3 ears. The small has 3 colors, while the fluffy has 4 and the patterned has 6.

Jennisims ensured that there was one type for each occasion!

You might enjoy the accessories as well as the ears. If you have the time, check out the entire CC set.

We hope that you enjoyed our latest custom content for cat ears. For more bunny ears custom content, visit this for a heap of amazing custom content. Enjoy!

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