Sims 4: Guide To Uproot Plants

Did you know that in Sims 4, there’s a feature that allows you to harvest your own vegetables and fruits?

Uproot Plant is a valuable feature that gardeners of the Sims can take advantage of. Continue reading to find out the meaning and purpose of this option!

The release of Sims 4: Cottage Living brought a plethora of exciting features that allow our Sims to embrace nature and sustain themselves through farming, tending to animals, and cultivating plants.

If you have this pack installed, you’ve probably already discovered the exciting new gardening options and interactions.

In addition to introducing new crops and planters, Sims now have the ability to efficiently manage their garden with the “Uproot Plant” feature.

If you click on a plant, you’ll find this option along with other pie menu features.

I’m a bit confused. Can you please explain this to me? What occurs when plants are uprooted?

Let’s discover together!

What Happens When We Uproot Plant?

Are you interested in adding a new species to your garden, but finding it challenging to accommodate in your planter box?

Or, perhaps you’re looking to part ways with your plants? Removing plants you no longer need can be a helpful solution.

When plants are uprooted, they are removed from the ground, resulting in their demise. Sims often discard plants without hesitation, tossing them directly into the trash bin.

This feature makes it a breeze to arrange your garden and remove unwanted plants. For Sims who live on compact lots with limited green space, uprooting becomes necessary.

This is particularly true for those who wish to cultivate unique and scarce plants, as they would need to create additional room in their garden.

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to eliminate unruly plants that can make your space appear untidy.

Which Plants Can Be Uprooted?

Uproot Plant which Sims 4: Guide To Uproot Plants

One of the benefits of this “Uproot Plant” feature is that it allows you to easily remove any plant that you may not prefer or have a use for.

You have the ability to remove not just the plants you’ve cultivated at home, but also any plans you come across in the wild.

If you’d like, you have the option to remove a plant of subpar quality. This can be quite useful if the plant is plagued by weeds and pests and you’re unable to spare the time to save it.

However, if you ever find yourself needing to part ways with a plant, you have the option to choose one of exceptional quality.

This can be done with newly planted ones that are still growing, or plants that have harvestables.

Uproot Plants in Sims 4

Uproot Plant 2 Sims 4: Guide To Uproot Plants

To uproot plant from your garden, just approach the plant you no longer desire and click on it. Select the “Uproot” option from the pie menu, and your Sims will kindly take care of it by removing the unwanted plant for you!

If you’re not particularly interested in gardening and simply want to remove a plant, feel free to go ahead and remove it immediately.

However, for those who have a passion for gardening or collecting, it might be worth considering these steps beforehand:

  • Make sure to harvest your fruits and veggies before your Sim starts selling them to earn a living. You have the option to sell the harvest or put it to use in the kitchen. To collect your harvest, simply click on the plant and select “Harvest” or “Harvest all” if you wish to uproot multiple plants. The items you’ve harvested will then appear in your Sim’s inventory. If you’re not too concerned about the harvest, you have the option to remove the plant immediately.
  • It’s a good idea to collect microscopic samples like your Sim does before uprooting the plant. Simply focus on the plant and select the “Collect Microscope Sample” option. and then examine it under the microscope if you happen to have one. You can obtain a lovely print and sell it to earn some additional simoleons.
  • Just a friendly reminder that plants can be used for grafting if you ever need to. If your Sim has a gardening skill of at least level 5, it’s a good idea to take a cutting from the plant before uprooting it, especially if it’s a high-quality plant. It’s always good to have this knowledge on hand, especially if you have dreams of cultivating unique plants in the future.

Can An Uprooted Plant Be Replanted?

Uproot Plant 22 1 Sims 4: Guide To Uproot Plants

When gardeners uproot plants in real life, they have the option to not only remove them with their roots intact, but also relocate them to another spot if they are in good condition.

In Sims 4, there are some slight differences. Regrettably, when you decide to remove the plant, your Sim will promptly take it out and it will inevitably be discarded.

Moving a plant to a new location requires a different approach since uprooting is a permanent action.

You can easily move the planter box or a pot by accessing the Build/Buy menu, selecting the plant, and relocating it to your desired spot.

If you happen to have large planter boxes, this will conveniently transport all the plants that are planted in them, along with the box itself.

One option is to bring the entire planter box or pot into the household inventory while in the Build/Buy mode.

By separating the plant from the box, you’ll be able to easily replant it.

This will also be beneficial for you when moving houses, particularly if you have a well-maintained garden that you would prefer not to abandon.

A Brief Distinction Between Uprooting And Disposing Of A Plant

Uproot Plant 3 1 Sims 4: Guide To Uproot Plants

Plants can only be uprooted if they have already perished.

Actually, it appears that there is hardly any distinction between extracting a healthy plant and a dead plant.

To remove a healthy, living plant, you’ll need to uproot it. However, if you’d like to get rid of a deceased plant, you’ll need to properly dispose of it.

Both options essentially accomplish the same task of disposing the plant, with one option focusing on living plants and the other on dead ones.

Final Words

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to uproot plants in Sims 4.

We trust that you found this content of “Uproot Plant” to be useful.

It’s important to note that in the game, you cannot replant the plant after uprooting it, despite the misleading term “uproot.”

Remember to keep this in mind if you want to avoid losing your beloved plants. Enjoy your simming experience!

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