How to Grow Plants in Indoor Garden in A Greenhouse in Sims 4?

Do you have a passion for indoor gardening?

If that’s the case, it seems like you’ve become quite skilled at cultivating plants outside and have even experimented with different approaches to indoor gardening.

Luckily, your Sims can now enjoy the benefits of their efforts and collect crops from indoor plants, all thanks to the exclusive perks of indoor gardening.

Learn how to create your own Sims 4 indoor garden and construct a greenhouse.

Let’s jump right in!

Can We Do Indoor Gardening?

Absolutely, the answer is yes.

Luckily, the Sims 4 offers a range of amazing features that take gardening to new heights.

One of the great things is the option to engage in indoor gardening. Similar to caring for plants outdoors, you can now recreate the beauty of nature and cultivate thriving plants within your Sims 4 home.

You can enjoy the flexibility of planting a variety of plants, including both low to medium-tall plants and even indoor trees.

It’s great that you can start taking care of plants indoors without having to reach higher sims 4 gardening levels.

Do We Shelter the Indoor Plant?

indoor garden 1 How to Grow Plants in Indoor Garden in A Greenhouse in Sims 4?

Your Sims can enjoy the fruits of their indoor gardening efforts by eating or selling the plants they grow.

Nevertheless, these plants are known to thrive in protected environments. It’s important to keep in mind that indoor plants are in a different environment than their natural habitat.

Plants grown indoors will have a slower growth rate compared to those grown outdoors, resulting in a delayed harvest.

Certain plants offer unique benefits that are tied to their specific season.

Unfortunately, sheltered fruits and vegetables won’t have access to these advantages.

Build A Greenhouse For The Sims 4 Indoor Garden

indoor garden 2 How to Grow Plants in Indoor Garden in A Greenhouse in Sims 4?

Thanks to Sims 4: Seasons, we can now appreciate the stunning glass ceilings, domes, and roofs.

We have the ability to create legitimate greenhouses as well. There is no specific object called a greenhouse, but you can easily create one using traditional building tools.

Therefore, greenhouses can enhance the visual appeal and create a more authentic atmosphere for your indoor gardening experience.

Constructing one is similar to constructing any other room. Let’s create a room with windows and doors on all walls, and for a unique touch, let’s go with a glass roof instead of the classic one.

Use Glass Roofs For Your Greenhouse

indoor garden cover 1 How to Grow Plants in Indoor Garden in A Greenhouse in Sims 4?

To create a glass roof, head over to Build Mode > Roofs, and choose the desired shape for your roof. Just choose one of the swatches and glass patterns.

The glass ceiling or glass roof is designed to let in plenty of natural light, which is great for the plants. Indoor plants thrive in gardening pots, allowing you the option to keep the natural grass or incorporate tiles.

In addition, you have the option of creating a glass dome and filling it with beautiful indoor and outdoor plants to enhance its visual appeal.

The size of the Sims 4 indoor greenhouse construction will vary based on your budget.

How About These Pots for Your Indoor Garden?

Starting a home garden is easy when you follow a few simple steps. First, you’ll want to purchase some pots for your indoor plants and a variety of seeds.

If you’re looking to purchase a ceramic garden pot or a tall pot, head over to the Build Mode.

Explore the section on Hobbies and Skills, where you’ll discover a variety of options under the Miscellaneous category to help you get started.

The prices for pots in the Sims 4 indoor garden range. The less expensive options typically accommodate a single plant, whereas the pricier version has the capacity for up to four different plants.

There is a wide selection of planters that are readily available, while some of the more premium pots can be unlocked by successfully completing unique gardening challenges.

Various Types of Pots You Can Buy

  • Planter pots for a single plant come in a range of prices, from $30 to $300.
  • Most large planters have the capacity to accommodate up to four plants, whether they are flowers, trees, or vegetables. The prices are approximately $200.
  • We have a vertical planter available for $365. Just keep in mind that not all plants thrive in elevated areas.

Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants in The Sims 4

indoor garden 3 How to Grow Plants in Indoor Garden in A Greenhouse in Sims 4?

While it’s true that sheltered plants tend to grow slower than outdoor plants, there are actually some benefits to planting indoors.

One of the great advantages of the Sims garden is the ability to plant a wide variety of plants at any time, regardless of the season.

The greenhouse creates the perfect environment for plants to thrive throughout the year, ensuring a bountiful harvest of fruits and vegetables even during off-seasons.

This results in increased profits from harvesting, a more enjoyable experience, and a wider selection of nutritious plants available throughout the year.

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