27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The most awe-inspiring thing about every Sim is their great hairstyle. It’s among the first things you can choose to personalize and debate, as who is ever content with only 43 hairstyle options?

The Sims 4 base game is excellent and all, but the developers couldn’t quite meet the mark with regards to hair, particularly with curly hairstyles.

If you’ve been paying attention, there’s not any love for vanilla curls in any way. 

There were just two different styles, and the other appeared like a large cotton ball (which was an attempt by EA to create the ‘fro’). To describe it as a disappointing assortment is an overstatement.

We’re fortunate to have some talented custom content creators! From two different hairstyles, the players now have more than a hundred curly hair CCs on the web! Don’t have to worry about a poor hair day.

To save you the time of looking through a myriad of CCs, I’ve compiled the top curls to make you hate straight hair for good.

27. Crystal Hair

tumblr 7210471ed2c00222b5c739a59ea56c14 4d2cec27 1280 3 1024x791 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The Crystal features some amazing details, with my favorite feature being the gorgeous french braids starting from the front and making their way towards the back. 

It’s great to be able to take your sim’s hair off their faces while they are still stunningly gorgeous. 

Another benefit of this hairstyle is that it comes with the ears up, which allows you to put on some fun earrings in the style.

The work AHarris00Britney does in creating hairs for CC is unparalleled in many ways. If you like their work, then you must be a part of their Patreon.

26. Chanel Hair

tumblr p2yun0wSqi1vqy3kgo1 r1 1280 1 1024x576 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The wig is an enjoyable one, sporting the huge bun that holds the hair of half your sims back and still looking great from the front. 

Chanel’s hair is beautiful hair that is slightly larger than the shoulder but appears cool from behind. It’s a great accessory in any gaming game!

This hair is simply stunning, as is the huge braid in the back. If you like it too, you might be interested in giving the creator a boost via Patreon.

25. Blossom Hair

tumblr p2yun0wSqi1vqy3kgo1 r1 1280 2 1024x576 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The hair of the blossom is a gorgeous hairstyle that is perfect for curly sims.

It’s very enjoyable to have a hairstyle that’s half in front of the sim and one half back to give some dimension. I love how close to the front of the sim the hair is! It’s simply stunning.

If you’re a huge lover of hair or whatever I’m Vikai creates, it is a must to think about giving them a boost via Patreon.

24. Bloom Hair

tumblr p5280towy51wtf35co1 r1 1280 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The shoulder-length flower hair looks stunning and is different from the other hairstyles we can find in our game. 

I am a big fan of hair that is shoulder-length that is available in The Sims 4, especially when it’s curly. This one frames the face well and looks great on virtually any Sim.

The shoulder-length curly hairstyle was created by Blush Cat Tumblr. Tumblr, which will have hair, is among my top picks on the list.

23. Axon Hair

hey there 1 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Axon hairs are also gorgeous. It features a lovely slightly angled side section with hair that is pushed behind the ears as well as behind the shoulders. 

This is great with any shirt that is not sleeveless or has a striking neckpiece. This also permits an earring with a dangly design to complete the overall look!

If you’re a big fan of this hairstyle, then you should certainly consider supporting Green Llamas on Patreon

22. Astral Hair

tumblr ok2yueFHAJ1uwb4blo1 1280 1024x743 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The hair is astral and has an appealing ombre appearance with a dark color that ends just above the ear.

This is an extremely distinctive cc curly style and looks great on tanks or shirts with sleeves.

top because the hair is placed to the side behind the shoulders. The hair also has a lot of volume and looks fantastic on every sim!

The hair was made through chocolate Muffin Top on Tumblr. It’s a great alternative for hair with ombre!

21. Alyssum Hair

tumblr 482257eb50cd4fb58ef30dab9870b658 fa47bd16 1280 1024x586 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

This Alyssum hairstyle is incredibly sweet and has the cutest half-up, a hairstyle that’s hidden in the ear. 

I enjoy the hair with this style because it means you can put on adorable earrings that give your sim a little bit more flair. 

Plus, the single side-swept bang that is pulled back behind the ear is an excellent one.

If you’re a fan of this hairstyle created by Sim the Laugh Love, you must think about donating to them by purchasing the hair and espresso.

20. Sintiklia Divia Clayified

5c993b2b8ac98e1ff05eebed6c0faced3080d359 00 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Do you want your Sim to be an edgy Scottish princess?

Take the risk of accepting the curly-haired storm as Merida! If you’re not aware of what I’m talking about, then you’re being left out of some of the greatest Disney films ever made.

Its CC perfectly shows the wild nature of curls.

The poly number must be crazy too.

However, it’s certainly not the only time you’ve struggled with the perfect hairstyle.

19. Gabby Hair

19 gabby hair siims 4 screenshot 1 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

It’s going to be a very sad day. However, I would love it if I were a Sim to be a creator who is completely committed to providing me with the best hair.

I’m feeling jealous of the person who has Gabby’s hair.

If you’re just beginning to experiment with curls on your Sim, Then this Gabby CC could be an amazing first introduction into the realm of curly wavy curls.

18. Delta

18 delta hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Bravo Zulu We have a picture!

Simstrouble is among the most impressive CC creators in terms of making hair. 

Its Delta hair is definitely worth the effort because it’s hat-compatible and suitable for any occasion. It’s a great look for any outfit. This hairstyle looks great.

It’s also amazing due to its neutral look, which can be used by any gender!

Find hairstyles that match your partner, friend, or anyone else on speed dial. Share the love for curls of all forms and shapes.

17. Morgana Hair

17 morgana hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Do you want to get the right look without appearing like a total diva?

This is a basic ingredient that can be used to create a stunning style that is the Morgana The Hair CC.

If you’ve got The Realm of the Magic expansion pack, then you are aware that Glimmerbrook, the town in Glimmerbrook has always been populated by witches.

The only difference between you and your sim has to do with the fact that you don’t have to be a real witch to cast spells.

With more than 63 hair colors to pick from, you’ll have enough charm to keep the hair in style for many more days.

16. Baddie Hair

tumblr bbfb0d03c54b158ba7c6f92b1397505c e76e3bfe 1280 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

I needed to conduct an internet search using Urban Dictionary to know what “Instagram Baddie” actually means.

To help anyone confused, a b-day is an individual who is known for their beauty.

To be a baddie means wearing a flawless brow with flawless makeup and confidence that is unbeatable. A girl who’s always on top of her game.

If you truly would like your Sim to reflect the best version of yourself, then become a villain at first glance.

Make your hair look like a true Instagram trendsetter and live an elegant life full of pictures… with the TS4 that is.

15. Jayden Hair

15 jayden hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

In our lives-or, more specifically, in a little girl’s time, we thought of becoming mermaids.

We would grow our hair and cover our chests since this was how they styled their hair in the ocean. And then came the “mermaid” hairstyle, which could have caused some permanent harm.

Fortunately, your Sim won’t have to think about the urge of cutting their hair shorter or the dangers of bleaching hair at the root and splitting ends.

The Jayden Hair will make your fantasies of being a mermaid come true with the click of the download button!

14. Ophelie Hair

14 ophelie hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Make a statement by sporting this Ophelie hairstyle that evokes old Hollywood glamour!

Let your Sim sparkle at the major events of her life by sporting an old-fashioned look that has stood the test of time.

If it’s her wedding or her first appearance on the red carpet, don’t wish to ruin any important moment with poor-looking locks.

You can count on the curls when it comes to looking beautiful.

13. Kool Thing

13 kool thing hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

It’s been said that curly-haired women tend to possess fiery personalities.

It could be due to the frizzy issue, which makes hair appear crazy, or perhaps the beautiful volume that explodes over the top.

Whatever the reason, the point is that it’s awesome to know that this CC exists.

It’s got a unique personality that can be adapted to any situation that your Sim will participate in (plus there are so many colors to pick from, I’m not even counting it!)

From casual pursuits to formal endeavors, you don’t have to do much to make your Sim super hot.

12. Fiona Fro

12 fiona fro hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Thanks to EA We finally have an acceptable ‘fro that has more texture and creativity!

Creator Savvy. Sweet is a staple of the Sims 4 CC community. So, I was expecting nothing less than the best from her vast assortment of hairstyles.

However, this is a personal top.

With a sleek parted style on the front and an elongated mass of curls in the back, this CC transformed a basic hairstyle into something adorable.

11. Tiare Hair

11 tiare hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

For anyone who can braid a standard hairstyle, I’m pretty obsessed with the design in this CC.

With the majority of hair pulled back, the hairstyle perfectly highlights the braids on the scalp and the appearance that you have chosen for your Sim. It would also look great with hoops.

If you’re in search of an edgy hairstyle that’s larger than life and more voluminous, then the Tiare Hair CC could be for you, according to the style.

10. Anjela Hair

10 anjela hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

I easily fall in love with short hairstyles. However, short hairstyles that have hair braids, curly textures, and braids?

I’m floored.

This style inspires me to design a sexy Sim that doesn’t give any thought.

From playing pranks at the university to inflicting death through embarrassment. Anjela’s hair will transform your Sim into the most charming of devils.

You can think about it: maybe an edgy look is all you’re looking for to make your Sim’s world more exciting.

9. Mercedes Hair

09 mercedes hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

When CC creators come together with CC creators, you can be sure that it will be excellent. 

This pack is full of material, but let’s focus on the first thing that caught my attention: Mercedes (the hair).

Everyone tried to copy her in a way, but nobody did it justice.

With the stunning design that is The Sims, you won’t need to worry about appearing like a child of 10 who is addicted to snap-cracks.

8. Julie Hair

08 julie hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The Ariana ponytail isn’t even close to Julie’s long lion’s-mane curly.

Large, fluffy, and packed with enthusiasm, Vikai has created an adorable CC that makes you appreciate the efforts of the creators.

Did you notice that knot with a braid? It’s just adorable!

This hairstyle could have been an absolute nightmare to control in real life, but not for your Sim.

Take my advice. The hairier, the better!

7. Moving So-Low

07 going so low hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

The entries in this list have been packed with rowdy curls.

Let’s relax with a chicer hairstyle.

The most appealing feature of this CC is the option to either have a ponytail or a bun. 

With the many tasks our Sims must accomplish in a short time, you’d need an option that is flexible enough to cope with the chaos.

If everything else fails, then when the Grim Reaper does finally arrive, at least you’ll look beautiful, even when you’re dead.

6. Crawling Queen

06 crawling queen hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Oh my god, Simstrouble has done it again.

She is at the top of this list thanks to a bit of CC that will make me want to visit a salon and ask the stylists to create an amazing transformation.

Who wouldn’t love to have curly, long hair that resembles waterfalls cascading down?

And, of course, perfect wavy bangs that require a true artist to look at.

I’m telling you that this is among the most beautiful long curly hairstyles available to play The Sims 4.

You can’t say otherwise.

5. In & Out Curls

05 up and out hair curls sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

This list would not suffice without a hairstyle that was inspired by the mother of curls herself, Goldilocks.

If you’re concerned about three bears that are taking your wig, don’t worry about it. What you should be concerned about is the possibility of lags during the game.

This CC has a high poly count for loving curls.

Because of the details that computers provide, they can have a little slowdown. However, should you feel you are able to take it, it’ll be worth it!

What’s the difference between a little bit of slow gaming in comparison to looking stunning?

4. Zara Hair

04 zara hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

In the beginning, this was thought to be the curliest hairstyle in this listing. It’s easy to guess the reason this is the case: ombre hair is the most popular thing on Pinterest boards.

But ombre curls? That’s god-tier.

I’ve seen plenty of hair CCs that have ombre, but the Zara Hair is the most impressive mesh design. This is the most attractive mesh style I’ve seen.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of hearing about the creator of the Aharris00britney, this CC isn’t just the one that you’ll fall for.

3. Joni

03 joni hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Buns out, Sims out!

The Joni hairstyle is adorable. While the hair buns are among the most striking features of this CC, however, it’s the addition of baby hairs on the side of her forehead which impressed me the most. It was worth the effort.

You must ensure that you’re not making a bad decision by skipping this adorable style. Your Sim could be going without hair.

2. Naomi

02 naomi hair sims 4 screenshot 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Alexa Play the song “Motivation” with Noami.

This new Naomi’s hair is making me feel excited.

It features braids, the pom-pom curly hair, the pigtails, the parted bangs-basically everything I love about it and incorporated into one hairstyle!

Did I mention that you can create an ombre? I’ve probably said enough to draw your interest.

1. Luna

01 luna hair sims 4 screenshot 1a 27 Best Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

It’s been a bit challenging to classify all these amazing CCs. However, the crown eventually goes to Luna.

The first time I came across it, I was shocked.

I was thinking it was due to the headband, which is an attractive addition. However, the sheer quantity of this hair is truly pleasing.

Of all the entries on this page, it was the only one I believed to rate as the curliest hair for the TS4. So, get curly, ladies!

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