18 Best Anime Archers Of All Time

Anime Archers are very hard to find we don’t get to see these cool archers in anime series very often and they only rely on their skills of archery.

Most of them use a bow and arrow and some of them also use crossbow and even if they don’t always win in the situations but sure they look cool as well.

There are only a small group of these cool anime archer characters and they sure are capable of some of the most amazing action sequence.

And Today here we have 18 of the best anime archers in this list so without further ado lets dive into the list.

18. Ashitaka From Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka From Princess Mononoke

Ashitaka is very stern and determined to achieve his goals, not allowing his setbacks to stop him from curing his curse and saving his village.

He is also extremely curious in nature, wanting to discover who San truly is after witnessing her sucking venom out of one of the wolves.

Despite his hard outer shell, Ashitaka is also very kind and only wishes for the best outcomes for both sides, not wishing for either side to shed blood in destructive wars, and wants peace between the forces of nature and humanity.

17. Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project

Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project

Umi has the qualities of a yamato nadeshiko, or a proper and traditional Japanese lady. As such, she is generally shy.

Even with those she is comfortable with, she seems to act reserved by default unless provoked. She is highly intelligent and a very logical solution-seeker. Above all, she is extremely disciplined–nearly to a fault– and as a result can often be hard on others.

This is exemplified in Season 2 Episode 7 when she forces Honoka and Hanayo to do long training hours after they gain a bit of weight.

16. Tigrevurmud Vorn From Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigrevurmud Vorn From Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Tigre has the appearance of an adult male teenager (16-18 years). He is above average in height and has a tall, lean figure.

Generally, Tigre is seen in a green tunic with simple brown leather armor and carries a curved bow. He has red hair and large, innocent looking hazel eyes.

Tigre is a righteous man of valor and justice who will fight to protect Alsace from any enemy threats, out of filial responsibility and love for his people rather than loyalty to the crown.

15. Sawa Okita From Tari Tari

Sawa Okita From Tari Tari

Sawa has an easy-going and friendly personality. She was the one who managed to get Wakana Sakai into writing down her name for Konatsu Miyamoto’s choir club.

Sawa is also playful and likes to tease others. However, her ambitious nature could lead her into being very emotional sometimes.

Sawa is a quite fair-skinned young girl who has dark brown hair that is usually tied up into pigtails and brown eyes.

14. EMIYA Archer From Fate/stay night

EMIYA Archer

His personality is very contradicting. While he is thoroughly cynical and nihilistic, he is at the same time devoted and protective, and even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate.

He does not lie, but he does keep secrets and tell half truths. He means well and is capable of being nice, but often ends up being sarcastic, especially so when he gives advice.

He cannot approve of Shirou’s ideal of becoming a Hero of Justice due to his own experience, but at the same time he cannot deny it for the very same reasons.

13. Kagome Higurashi From InuYasha

Kagome Higurashi From InuYasha

Kagome’s heart is pure and kind, always rich and sometimes uncontrollable, which is strangely similar to Inuyasha’s lack of self-control. Because of her empathetic nature, she never hesitates to help those in need of it.

Even if she doesn’t say a word, her feelings are easy to read due to her honest expressions.

The only dark part that Kagome ever had was her secret jealousy over Inuyasha’s feelings towards her past life, but she eventually learns to be at peace with it and let go.

12. Miyuki Sagara From RDG: Red Data Girl

Miyuki Sagara From RDG: Red Data Girl

Miyuki has completed his training at Mount Haguro a spiritual mountain for training, but he does not have the adequete strength yet to protect Izumiko Suzuhara or himself. 

He trains in archery and uses a staff called the Shakujo but he is not able to use it at its full strength. He also lacks the ability to see spiritual agents. 

Due to his lack in power, Wamiya, Izumiko’s familiar lends him his power. 

11. Yona From Akatsuki no Yona

Yona From Akatsuki no Yona

She begins learning how to use the bow and arrow under Hak’s tutelage and later on receives detailed instructions from Yoon. 

Her archery skills were worse than a beginner, but after consistent practice every day and night, though secretly, she built her skills up to the point of her hands being calloused and cut.

She eventually reached the point where she can now fire off 200 arrows in a single session. Her accuracy also improved and she is now able to fire a one-shot kill against humans and animals without hesitation.

10. Uryū Ishida From Bleach

Uryū Ishida From Bleach

When a Quincy becomes more skilled using their Bow and Heilig Pfeil, they gain more power and precision with their arrows.

Uryū Ishida has greatly increased his power and skill throughout his association with Ichigo Kurosaki. He has great accuracy, able to instantly kill Hollows with one arrow.

During the Ryoka Invasion, he fights Jirōbō Ikkanzaka, another projectile-type user, and easily defeats him.

After defeating him, Uryū fires two arrows through his soul chain and soul sleep, preventing him from ever harming anyone again (he attempted to attack Orihime Inoue)

9. Michelle Cheung From R.O.D Read or Die

Michelle Cheung From R.O.D Read or Die

Michelle’s preferred paper manipulation is a bow and arrow. Her arrows can also have special effects.

She also carries a metal briefcase that contains a number of paper traps and weapons.

Michelle is a potent and highly competent team leader, with her planning and going over the best picked entry points and route for the current mission and team strategy for the day with her sisters.

8. Yoichi Saotome From Owari no Seraph

Yoichi Saotome From Owari no Seraph

Yoichi has an equilibrium of kindness and altruism, giving him an optimistic and sweet personality. This gives him a strong mental balance against his demon, who takes the form of his sister.

Yoichi does dislike conflict amongst friends, but conflict on the battle field doesn’t bother him anymore. As time passed, Yoichi is shown to be much more confident with his skills, sniping down three Horsemen at ease by himself.

7. Rei Hino From Sailor Moon

Rei Hino Archers From Sailor Moon

As a Shrine Maiden, she is an expert archer, and this potential is shown in her “Mars Flame Sniper” attack.

Rei is a teenage girl with long black hair and blue eyes (although, they are sometimes colored in purple).

She is said to be 160 cm of 5’3″ in height. Takeuchi described Rei in her notes as being “slender.”

6. Pokkle From Hunter x Hunter

Pokkle From Hunter x Hunter

Before learning Nen, Pokkle used a bow and arrows made out of wood as his weapon. He carried the arrows in a quiver strapped to his back.

Pokkle was very self-confident about his abilities, but at the same time very cautious. He immediately understood when he was in real danger and always has a reserve plan.

Depicted as fairly skilled in his own right, Pokkle had a strong drive but was not exceptionally talented when compared to other characters.

5. Natsume Tsuchimikado From Tokyo Ravens

Natsume Tsuchimikado From Tokyo Ravens

Natsume is a very shy and modest girl who gets jealous when Harutora is talking with other girls. Nevertheless, she is hot-headed at times. She is a mixture of a kuudere and tsundere.

She also deeply cares about her family and will protect their reputation at all cost. She has been taking the burden of being the Tsuchimikado heir since birth.

4. Borgoff Marcus From Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust

Borgoff Marcus From Vampire Hunter D : Bloodlust

Borgoff uses his primitive bow to trap Mayerling with his “chaser arrow” technique, driving his foe into position where two earlier shots fall to pierce him through both shoulders.

His parents may have had some skill at genetic engineering, because he can make his legs huge like a giant’s but also nearly silent, or have them stick to the surface he’s walking on to allow him to stand perpendicular to a wall or ceiling. 

He can also choose something in view of the moon and have that image cast on the clouds, though using this ability is said to take three years of his life.

3. Yukano Dragon from Ninja Slayer From Animation

Yukano Dragon from Ninja Slayer From Animation

Yukano appears to be of medium height with long, grayish purple hair that is held down by her red scarf and wears a red ninja suit that has red armored boots and gloves.

She has very large breasts and this is even commented on by the narrator as he states “she has very ample bust”.

As Amnesia, she has her hair up in a ponytail and red armor. She also fights with a bow and arrow and red kunai.

2. Dorī & Gurā From Utawarerumono

Dorī & Gurā from Utawarerumono

The twins have black hair tied up in a ponytail, brown dog-like ears and tails, and pale skin. Since they are identical twins, they have nearly the same appearance. One of the few differences is that Gurā has blue eyes and Dorī has purple eyes.

They wear a forehead protector, leather gloves, and are almost always seen with a quiver of arrows on their back and their bows.

They also dress in different colors to make it easier to tell them apart. Gurā dresses in red and white while Dorī dresses in blue and white.

1. Yuka Kikushima From Geobreeders: File-X Chibi Neko Dakkan

Yuka Kikushima from Geobreeders: File-X Chibi Neko Dakkan

Yuka looks childish and spoiled, but she is president and CEO of Kagura Total Security. She rarely goes out on missions, but when she wants to, she can be very brave… sometimes.

Her specialty is a crossbow. It’s also been implied that she is older (by what degree is unknown) than she appears, and has been with Kagura the longest out of anybody (in the manga, she is shown in the background of a ruined photo of the first Kagua group).

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