28 Best Anime Cat girl Of All Time

Everyone loves anime cat girl so today we are going to create a list of these cute anime cat girl but before we get into the list let me explain to you what is a cat girl for someone if they don’t know.

Nekos, also know as anime cat girl is an intelligent species of cat-human hybrids. Catgirls physically resemble humans with feline ears the same color as their hair, slitted pupils, a tail, and a cat-like mouth.

Lets begin the list of anime cat girl from all of anime universe without wasting any more time.

28. Taruto From Magical Meow Meow Taruto

Taruto From Magical Meow Meow Taruto anime cat girl

The heroine of the story, Taruto is believed to be the legendary Kinka princess.

She often is found goofing around and talking with her master, who she admires deeply. She loves adventure, and she is often bullied by Charlotte.

She always says “meow” or “nyan” after every saying she says.

27. Dejiko from Di Gi Charat

Dejiko from Di Gi Charat

Di Gi Charat, usually shortened to Dejiko or Digiko, is the main character of the manga and anime of the same name created by Koge-Donbo.

She is a princess of a planet that is also called Di Gi Charat. She is a catgirl which is highlighted by the fact that she ends each sentence with the cat sound ‘nyo’.

She can be violent at times and will resort to using her special ability, eye-beams, to inflict damage on others.

26. Catherine From Gintama

 Catherine From Gintama

Catherine wears a straight black bob and has distinctive cat ears. Her eyes are brown and she has a rather big nose and lips. She also has tanned skin, though this is not related to her race.

Gintoki often noted that she is a rather old and unattractive woman, thus assuming that her ex-boyfriend merely got into a relationship with her because he lost a bet.

Despite that, Catherine has an attractive body and is very thin. Her slender figure is covered by a green kimono.

25. Yoriko Sagisawa from De Capo

Yoriko Sagisawa from De Capo

Misaki/Yoriko Sagisawa is a young anime cat girl who stays at home and looks out at the world through her room window and Yoriko is her cat.

In the game, the magical sakura tree granted her wish, and she possessed Yoriko’s body, which transformed into a copy of her original body, but with cat ears.

In the anime, This anime cat girl Yoriko jumps out of Misaki’s window to see the world in her place, and was transformed into a maid resembling Misaki with cat ears.

24. Nuku Nuku From All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

Nuku Nuku From All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

The de facto protagonist and title character. Nuku Nuku started out as just a stray cat Ryunosuke stumbled upon taking a leak while on the run with his father Kyusaku after retrieving (stealing) a prototype android of Kyusaku’s own design to keep it from being sold off to the military by Ryu’s mother Akiko.

In a moment of brilliance Kyusaku put the dying cat’s brain into the android, giving the feline sapience and the android emotions.

23. Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police

Natsuki Sasahara from Hyper Police

Natsuki is a 17-year-old anime cat girl. She was born in 2005 (year 5 HC) and is the daughter of a human father and a nekomata mother.

Natsuki is very sweet and kind to everyone and always eager to help protect the weak and uphold the law.

Her personality is very feline; she will eat cat food, grooms herself like a cat, play with string and other moving objects (including Sakura’s tails), and her favorite drink is catnip, which has a pseudo-alcoholic affect on her.

22. Rin Shaomei from Shining

Rin Shaomei from Shining

While in her anime cat girl form, Lin Lin assumes a serious and more sedate character.

She is a female antique seller of the beast race in the game. She also has another identity, as the phantom thief “Black Tail”.

She appears in Shining Blade under the name Lin Lin and initially assumes a cat form.

21. Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne

Merle from The Vision of Escaflowne

Merle is a anime cat girl with short pink hair and blue eyes. She has black stripes on her face, tail, arms and legs, and a puff of white fur at the end of her tail.

She wears a yellow-orange sundress with a black mark resembling a cheetah spot.

Around her neck is a pink nail file on a black string.

20. Chaika from Chaika- The Coffin Princess

Chaika from Chaika- The Coffin Princess

This anime cat girl has long white hair that reaches down to her waist and large purple eyes. She wears a slightly frilly white dress with a black skirt with puffed sleeves and a frilled white headband.

She has camouflage sleepwear that she made herself which she used during her travels before she met the Acura siblings. 

She also has a scar on her neck that looks like her head was chopped off. Also on the back of her neck she has what looks like a magic symbol. Her most distinctive feature is her thick black eyebrows.

19. Persia from Gate

Persia from Gate

As most Cat People, Persia has two cat ears, slitted eyes similar to that of a cat’s, and a tail.

She has short bob cut hair with the patterns of leopard fur in the manga, while the anime gives her purple hair with violet tips worn in a ponytail.

She wears small glasses.over her blue/aquamarine eyes.

18. Melwin from Cat Planet Cuties

Melwin from Cat Planet Cuties

Melwin is the Catian Starship First Officer. She is slimmer and smaller-chested than the other girls and has short blue hair.

What will you do when the FBI is the nekomimi? Come find out. Melwin is the Catian Starship First Officer.

You were not planning on doing something illegal, were you?

17. Felicia from Darkstalkers

Felicia from Darkstalkers

She is an energetic and optimistic anime cat girl who enjoys singing, dancing and making friends with people.

All she wishes for is peaceful coexistence with humans and doesn’t resort to fighting unless she cannot avoid it.

Because of this, she stands out among all the other Darkstalkers, many of whom are antihero at best.

16. Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue from Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue has a petite figure, wavy, blonde hair surrounding her triangular cat ears. She wears a one-piece armour that exposes her delicately-tanned skin.

Claw weapons hang from the sides of her waist, while a colourful stripe near her hips emphasises her tail.

She also wears a bell collar on her neck and a cape on the left arm with a red stripe through it near the front

15. Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario+Vampire

Shizuka Nekonome from Rosario+Vampire

In her human disguise, her hair is shaped as cat ears, while wearing a white blouse, orange skirt, low heel sandals and her eyes seem to be closed. Her hair is sandy blond and apparently shines in the sun.

Her personality is very nice and girly. She says meow too much making it obvious she’s a cat.

Her favorite food is raw fish in the human world. In one of the bonus panels of the manga she states that she does not wear a bra.

14. Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overrun!

 Nozomi Kiriya from Mayoi Neko Overrun!

Nozomi has light purple hair with cat ears and red eyes. She normally tends to be indifferent and emotionless, but also seems to be airheaded when it comes matters like being nude.

She also once quipped that she would like to get into a hot spring bath with Takumi Tsuzuki, further displaying her naivete.

Initially, she ran away because she thought that she was getting in the way of Fumino Serizawa and Takumi’s relationship, but was eventually convinced to return by Takumi. 

13. Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Meow Project

Ichigo Momomiya from Tokyo Meow Project

ICHIGO wears a short carnation pink dress with matching arm garters and a leg garter on her right thigh, along with a choker around her neck.

Her gloves are dark pink and reach to her wrists. Her boots are magenta with black laces and end just below her knees.

She has dark pink lace lining the top of her dress and the top and bottom of her arm garters, leg garter, and her choker. Her choker has her Mew Pendant dangling from it.

12. Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties

Kuune from Cat Planet Cuties

Kuune is the Starship Captain of the Catian girls. She is in charge of the contingent responsible for establishing diplomatic relations with Earth’s leaders.

Despite her incredile height and bust size, she only weighs 60 pounds total.

So far, Kuune’s bust size is the biggest among Cataian girls and the other character in the works.

11. Ibaraki Douji from Onigiri

Ibaraki Douji from Onigiri

Ibaraki is a half-Oni, similar to that of the player’s character. As thus, she feels a certain connection with the main character.

She has the unique career of running a travelling bar, similar to Miroku’s travelling merchant status.

She is often mistaken for being a cat that is capable of transformation.

10. Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

Ao Nanami from Yozakura Quartet

Ao is a short anime cat girl with a thin build. She has short blue chin-length hair with two “antennas” resembling cat ear atop her head. She has light skin with blue eyes.

Ao often wears a black hat toque that shapes around her cat ears. When not wanting to stand out as a youkai she wears a black Alice band to conceal her hears.

She is usually seen in summer clothes, a dark sleeveless minidress with a white collar and blue buttons with dark coloured boots.

09. Eris from Cat Planet Cuties

Eris from Cat Planet Cuties 1 1 28 Best Anime Cat girl Of All Time

Eris is a 16 years old scout for the Catian people exploring Earth. Tall and well endowed, she has easily befriended many people, and regular cats she has met on Earth.

Initially most do not believe her to be an alien, but she shows Kio the proof directly with her technology, ears and tail.

While she is learning the ways of Earth, she is also a competent fighter who employs strategies and technologies not seen on Earth.

08. Cyan Hijirikawa from Show by Rock

Cyan Hijirikawa from Show by Rock

Cyan is a pale-skinned anime cat girl with big, shiny turquoise eyes. Her hair is very dark blue, almost appearing black and worn in multiple short ringlet curls.

On the top of her head, she is wearing a white frilly cloth reminiscent of a maid hat. She has a black cat tail and pair of ears. 

She wears a black blouse with white frilly material at the chest along a row of black buttons.

07. Koneko Toujou from High school DxD

Koneko Toujou from High school DxD

Koneko is a Anime girl with white hair and gold eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut.

She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair, one of which contained the data on artificially making new Super Devils.

In her Nekomata form, she grows a pair of white cat ears and a pair of matching white tails, and her eye pupils become more cat-like. In volume 24, she gained three tails.

06. Leone from Akame ga kill

Leone from Akame ga kill

Leone is a young, curvaceous anime cat girl. She has short blonde hair with two long tufts that frame the sides of her head and golden eyes.

She wears a revealing outfit with a black tube top, detachable sleeves, pants, boots and a scarf around her neck. When she transformed, her hair becomes longer and she gains lion ears, tail and claws.

05. Blair from Soul Eater

Blair from Soul Eater

In anime cat girl form, she is a purple cat with large yellow eyes, ears with pale bushy tips and a long curly tail.

She wears a smaller version of her witch’s hat and a collar with a round bauble that has three triangles etched into it to resemble a jack-o-lantern’s face.

In human form, she takes on the appearance of a young, tall woman with very large breasts and an alluring figure.

04. Kirara Bernstein from Gj-bu

Kirara Bernstein from Gj-bu

Kirara is a tall anime cat girl with blue eyes and short blonde hair that is shaped into cat ears.

Like all the GJ-Bu characters she is usually seen in her school uniform, which is a black and blue jacket with gold linings and buttons, with a white collar shirt underneath and a blue skirt.

Her uniform shows her cleavage, though.

03. Himari Noihara from Omamori

Himari Noihara from Omamori

Himari appears as a young anime cat girl in her adolescent years with a buxom figure.

She has long black hair with a blue tint that extends all the way down to her hips, with several bangs hanging over her forehead and side bangs that frame her face (longer bangs in the anime).

She usually wears her hair in a long ponytail with a pink bow holding it in place. Her original form is a white cat, and in both forms she sports violet eyes.

02. Millianna from Fairy Tail

 Millianna from Fairy Tail

Millianna is a anime cat girl of average height with a curvaceous figure. Millianna is also noted for her cat-like appearance: possessing cat-like eyes, nose and mouth.

Her brown hair is stylized into cat ears at her crown and tied into two ponytails at the base. Her face has four red whisker-like tattoos. She wears a yellow jacket with white stripes and black trimmings.

Millianna also wears a pink dress with a white bow tie on it and light-pinkish ruffles on the lower portion, a choker with a bell on it, and white leggings.

01. Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki Miniwa from Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki has floor length blue hair tied in a very low ponytail with a white scrunchie, and purple eyes.

She forms cat ears and a cat tail from time to time, often when she sees Io. At all other times, though, she has a large, swirly ahoge on the top of her head.

She usually wears the Nekoge Prefectural High School uniform and is shown wearing the version with a sweater during the winter (as opposed to wearing the winter version with a jacket).

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