We have seen many anime cats in the series sure sometimes you can see a dog pop up here and there but anime cats just dominate the industry.

Adding nyan to every sentence with cat ears and talking cats, there’s an abundance of these furry creatures.

So today I am going to talk about some of the best anime cats in the anime universe that I personally like no cats girls saying nyan this time but plenty of human like cats and spawns of satan.

Lets begin the list of cute anime cats of all time without wasting any more time.

28. Molly From The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Molly (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Anime Cats Felines

Molly is a anime cats that resides within the village of Ulthar.

She currently holds the position as the last King of anime cats.

27. Chimera From Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai

Chimera (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai) Anime Cats Felines

Throughout the series this anime cats is seen wearing pink angel wings and snake attach to it. 

Tōka Takanashi is allergic to cats and refuses to let Chimera to be near her.

At the end of season two Chimera gives birth to six kittens.

26. Morgana From Persona 5

Morgana (Persona 5)

While appearing to be a anime cats-like creature, Morgana emphatically insists to be a human, and sticks with the Phantom Thieves as he believes they’ll be able to help him discover his origins and regain his true form.

Despite this, sometimes he instinctively meows and self-grooms, being able to get used to his lifestyle as a cat easily. However, he demonstrates a number of qualities which are absent in ordinary animals – a sense of morality, empathy, and even style.

But even though Morgana’s intelligent, he’s shown to be out of touch with the modern world. This is conveyed through his unfamiliarity with technology, and his initial assumption that his knowledge on the Metaverse is supposed to be common sense.

25. Chi From Chi’s Sweet Home

Chi (Chi’s sweet home)

Chi is a small gray and white anime cats with large eyes and black stripes. She tends to smile a lot, but not all the time.

Chi’s Sweet Home #1 The Yamada’s take Chi home even thought their apartment doesn’t allow pets and she gets her name.

Chi’s Sweet Home #2 Chi meets a large black cat that causes trouble. Chi’s Sweet Home #3 The black cat befriends Chi and they get caught eating drumsticks.

24. Sorata From Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi

Sorata (Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi)

Sorata’s first family is unknown but he had been abandoned nearby an alley way that soon became a watered down box.

Takano was the only one who had been willing to take it to safety after hearing its cry and took him into his house.

Sorata is later seen 10 years later, as an old fully grown cat, in the care of Yokozawa.

He soon goes into the care of Hiyori, Kirishima’s daughter who had desperately wanted a cat of her own, due to Yokozawa’s intense working career that took away time to care for Sorata like before. 

23. Nekotalia From Hentalia

 Nekotalia (Hentalia)

Nekotalia originates from a strip in Hetalia Volume 3 and several images and webcomic strips by Hidekaz Himaruya in which the nations have cats which share similar personalities and features to them.

Some of these cats are owned by the nations they represent, however they all are referred to with “cat” following their nation’s name, seemingly to have them represent the nation as well.

The term Nekotalia derives from neko, the Japanese word for “cat” and talia, from Hetalia, the name of the base series. 

22. Sakamoto From Nichijou

Sakamoto (Nichijou)

Sakamoto acts like a middle-aged man and usually speaks in a condescending tone towards Hakase and Nano.

However, Sakamoto tends to act helplessly like a common anime cats when the situation calls for it. Sakamoto enjoys what other anime cats likes to enjoy, such as playing with toys or small objects.

However, he tries to hide it from Hakase and Nano so as to avoid being seen as immature, although at times he can’t hold it in.

21. Jiji From Kiki’s Delivery Service

In the American version, Jiji is a chatty and sarcastic cat that likes to act proud whilst in the Japanese version, Jiji is a cautious and humble, and is always ready to help Kiki.

The character of Jiji is significantly different in the American dub.

In the Japanese version, Jiji is voiced by the female performer Rei Sakuma, while in the American version Jiji is performed by Phil Hartman, and also has more of a wisecracking demeanor.

20. Korin From Dragon Ball

Korin (Dragon Ball)

Korin may appear to be a strict teacher, but he’s actually a very nice guy. When Goku went to get the holy water while Korin was sleeping, he changed his mind and didn’t steal the water.

Korin, impressed by this display of honesty and decency, decided he would train Goku to his full potential.

As noted by Kami, Korin likes to play tricks. According to Bouken Special, Korin can’t stand dogs.

19. Kaya From Ghost Stories

Kaya (Ghost Stories)

Kaya is the Miyanoshita’s family pet, a Bombay black anime cats. It is stated that Kaya was a stray cat that came to them on the day of Kayako Miyanoshita’s funeral.

The Miyanoshita family is very protective of him and consider him a family member, especially Keiichirou because of his affinity with his mother.

Kaya is shown to naturally have heterochromia, a condition in which the eyes are two different colors, his right eye is blue, while the left is yellow.

18. Baron From The Cat Returns

Baron (The Cat Returns)

Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, also known simply as The Baron, is a character in the 1995 film Whisper of the Heart and the title Deuteronomy of the 2002 film The Cat Returns.

He is a (living) statue of an anthropomorphic anime cats who is fully dressed (including a top hat and shoes).

At night, he comes to life. He belongs to the owner of an antique shop named Shiro Nishi.

17. Nekobasu From My Neighbor Totoro

Nekobasu (My Neighbor Totoro)

The Catbus is very similar to the Cheshire anime cat in Alice in Wonderland due to both being fictional cats with a wide smile and it having stripes on similar areas.

When a passenger wants to go on The Catbus (mostly Totoro and the girls), its sides droop down (not like a normal bus door that slides on the side but in the movie’s real bus.

The doors are open with a lady standing there due to it being the era of the 50’s and it being in Japan they probably didn’t have buttons to open the doors like today).

16. Kirara From InuYasha

Kirara (InuYasha)

Since Kirara is a cat demon, she acted similar to regular cats: eating cat food, treats, fish, and playing with anime cat toys, as well as having cat-like weaknesses.

Kirara was shown to be very intelligent as well as sentient. She is fiercely loyal to Sango, but with time, she showed loyalty to all members of the group.

Kirara demonstrated exceptional patience, often honoring the requests of the group and their various friends.

15. Arthur From Code Geass

Arthur (Code Geass)

Arthur is a anime cats in Code Geass. He is a friendly feline who was originally found by Princess Euphemia li Britannia and was befriended, before joining the Ashford Academy’s Student Council members.

He was always biting Suzaku Kururugi and is usually with him or Anya Alstreim.

14. Karupin From Prince of Tennis

Karupin (Prince of Tennis)

Karupin is often seen sleeping or just roaming around the Echizen household. He is mostly seen in Ryoma’s bedroom sleeping together with him.

Karupin is also seen to be very mischievous and quite smart in episode 27 as he was aware that Ryoma has accidentally packed his favorite toy and even followed Ryoma to school.

This caused Ryoma to be worried and he started looking for him around the neighborhood. Karupin was found and returned by Momoshiro and the Seigaku regulars (Tezuka, Oishi, and Kikumaru) in the end.

13. Kuroneko From Trigun

Kuroneko (Trigun)

This anime cats appears in every episode of the anime and randomly in the manga. Despite her level of recurrence, Kuroneko-sama has had few instances of plot significance.

She stopped Wolfwood from cheating in a game of chess during Escape from Pain. Also when Vash is replaced by Kuroneko during Hang Fire. Nightow has stated that she is just something easy and calming to draw in between action scenes.

His most common response to queries as to her nature or significance at anime convention panels is “Kuroneko-sama is a small black cat.”

12. Luna, Artemis and Diana From Sailor Moon

Luna, Artemis and Diana (Sailor Moon)

The Sailor Moon metaseries includes three different anime cats character who act as advisors to their respective owners.

Each has the power of speech, and bears a crescent moon symbol on his or her forehead.

The two older anime cats, Luna and Artemis, lived millennia before the main plot in the Moon Kingdom and acted as advisors to Queen Serenity —the third, Diana, is much younger and was born on Earth.

11. Neko-gami-sama From Pani Poni Dash

Neko-gami-sama (Pani Poni Dash)

Neko-gami-sama is a cat-like creature that often stays inside vending machines to warm the drinks to “body temperature”.

He sometimes uses mysterious powers to play tricks on Mesousa, such as dropping him into a hole appearing out of nowhere.

Lord Cat almost always ends his sentences with the phrase “-desu nya”.

10. Maya From Azumanga Daioh

Maya (Azumanga Daioh)

Maya is Sakaki’s pet Iriomote Mountain anime cats. They met on Iriomote Island when he was a kitten during the class trip to Okinawa, and he was the first cat to ever let Sakaki pet it.

They were together all the time during Class 3’s visit to Iriomote, but they had to be separated when the class left from there.

However, later on, Sakaki read online about the death of an Iriomote Cat that had been run over by a car and strongly resembled Maya’s mother.

9. Neko sensei From Princess Tu Tu

Neko sensei (Princess Tu Tu)

He seems intent on marrying any of his students that slips up as “punishment” and sometimes flirts with adult characters.

However, one female teacher and a student, a goat and a sloth, actually want to marry him, though he doesn’t seem to want to marry them, for he thinks they are “two freaking annoying hideous stalkers” which is revealed in the second season.

He is last seen in the ending episode, not in a human form like the rest of the animal characters, but as an ordinary cat.

8. Shamisen From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Shamisen (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

This anime cats first appears in The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya, in which Haruhi picks Shamisen from a park of stray cats to be the character “Yuki”‘s familiar.

Kyon notes that Shamisen being a male calico cat is itself unusual, a 1 in 3,000 chance requiring the cat to have Klinefelter’s syndrome.

Haruhi is the one who decides to name the cat Shamisen. Shamisen is later nicknamed Shami by Kyon’s little sister.

7. Happy From Fairy Tail

Happy (Fairy Tail)

Despite his small stature and eccentric appearance, Happy is very loyal to his teammates and fellow guild members and has a fairly significant amount of knowledge of the Magic world, in some cases, more than Lucy and Natsu.

Given that he has been around Natsu Dragneel since his own birth, Happy often emulates Natsu in his actions and responses.

6. Puck From Re:Zero

Puck (Re:Zero)

Puck is generally a nice spirit. He is very happy and stays at Emilia’s side to protect her, affectionately calling her “Lia”.

He goofs occasionally and gets along especially well with Beatrice.

However, Puck’s demeanor greatly changes in loops where Emilia dies, showing a complete disregard for anyone except her, and was even willing to destroy the world because of the condition in their contract.

5. Kuro From Blue Exorcist

Kuro (Blue Exorcist)

As a cat, he is very playful and energetic, as he is constantly seen around Rin, asking him to play with him.

However, he does have a fierce side, as shown when he attacked the humans bulldozing his shrine. He loves Shiro’s catnip wine. He generally sleeps on Rin’s back.

He does not like being lonely and is seen shedding tears when he comes to accept the fact of Shiro’s death.

4. Chomusuke From Konosuba

Chomusuke (Konosuba)

Chomusuke cannot speak human language, but she seems to be fairly intelligent and can understand human speech to some extent.

One time, Kazuma saw her heating up leftover fish with fire breath. Her true power was sealed some time ago, thus leading Chomusuke to being the target of bullying from other kids.

This anime cats is friendly with almost everyone except Aqua and Emperor Zell. She really likes Wiz and Kazuma since they treated her with extra kindness.

3. Anpu From The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened

Anpu (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened)

After being saved by Kusuo, he starts to visit his house in an effort win over Kusuo’s affection.

He once got Kusuo, who was disguised as a cat known as Psi, to aid him in trying to woo a female cat Pushi.

Later on, Kusuo pets him after Anpu saved him from a chasing cockroach.

2. Meowth From Pokémon

Meowth (Pokémon)

Meowth is a small, anime cats Pokémon with cream-colored fur that turns brown at the tips of its hind paws and tail.

Its ovoid head features four prominent whiskers, wide eyes with slit pupils, two pointed teeth in the upper jaw, and a gold koban coin embedded in its forehead.

Its ears are black with brown interiors and are flanked with an additional pair of long whiskers.

1. Madara From Natsume’s Book of Friends

Madara (Natsume’s Book of Friends)

He has a somewhat condescending personality. At first, he only protects Takashi for the Book of Friends but as the series progresses, he becomes friendlier with not only Takashi, but Natori, Tanuma, and Taki.

Nyanko hitting Natsume His attitude throughout the series can be described as selfish, prideful, and comedic, the way he acts and his attitude becomes the usual “gag” of the series.

He does have an immature and playful side; Madara often drinks himself silly by consuming a lot of sake and loves to eat dango and other sweets, making him heavier and rounder.

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