Fruits Basket

Is Fruits Basket good?

Fruits Basket is a fantastic story that mixes elements from many genres (such as shoujo and magic, fantasy, reverse harem, etc.). 

The unique premise upon which the plot develops has earned it worldwide popularity.

It was awarded the Kodansha Manga Award in 2001 for the Shoujo category. Fruits Basket was also named the best anime in a coveted list that included the best anime shows in Animate Magazine’s 2002 issue.

Two anime versions of Fruits Basket have been produced: one in 2001 and the other in 2019. The 2019 Fruits Basket anime version is more modern and features better animation quality. 

It also covers more disturbing elements and takes on a serious tone.

Continue reading to find out if this anime is worth your time.

Quick Review

The Shoujo anime Fruits Basket is one of the most beloved and beautiful of all time

The story focuses on Tohru’s life and how she interacts with her male Soma relatives.

There are many running jokes in the anime, but they don’t get too annoying. 

To add some flavor, you can also expect a bit of magic and other fantastical elements. 

It’s also quite entertaining, and the romance is developed very quickly.

Is it worth the effort?

The Fruits Basket anime is delightful to watch. The characters are all relatable, funny, cute, and charming. 

The character designs and art style are excellent. 


fruits basket plot

The story revolves around Tohru, the likable protagonist. She is found red-handed living under a tent in the forest. 

These forests are the property of the Soma family, which includes Tohru’s classmate. This is a funny twist of events.

She is allowed to live in the same house as them, and she discovers the horrible curse that has plagued the Soma family for many centuries. 

She discovers that the Chinese Zodiac animals transform into the characters of their animal counterparts when they are touched or stressed.]

This secret is kept from the outside world to avoid social sanctions.

Tohru has strict rules about Tohru allowing her to live with them. 

Soon, begins making positive changes in their lives which will affect their well-being and help them prosper.

The plot development reveals many secrets and historical events steadily. This helps to bring the characters to life and makes them more likable.

Although the plot appears lighthearted and easygoing, it is filled with moments of tragedy as well as dealing with trauma. 

Dealing with the long-term effects of traumatic events is the main theme of the anime.

The 2019 anime version of Shoujo Classics does an admirable job of rebooting a long-standing Shoujo legend. 

Although it follows a completely different path and approach, some scenes from the original will be recreated and reproduced.


fruits basket characters

The characters of the Fruits Basket Universe are of all sizes and have the most bizarre quirks and character designs.

Tohru’s female protagonist is the iconic female lead of Shoujo anime and manga. 

Although she is very optimistic and lively, her darker and sad side is noticeable enough. 

Her positivity is infectious and makes a significant impact on men.

The Chinese Zodiac characters all have stereotypical personalities in the common collective consciousness of East Asians. 

The Cat, Dog, and Rat are the most prominent characters in anime. 

Even for those who are not into Zodiac signs, it can be entertaining and informative.

Character development in 2019 Fruits Basket isn’t as complex as in the anime. 

This aspect can be taken on its own. As they spend more time together and learn more about their pasts, each character begins to mature and show more depth.

Final Words

Fruits Basket is a highly entertaining and memorable manga. 

It is no surprise that Fruits Basket holds a special place in Shoujo fans’ hearts and is considered one of the most beloved shoujo mangas.

This anime is filled with beautiful visuals and a lot of optimism. 

It’s very nostalgic and entertaining to watch. 

You will find the three above genres combined into one large entertainment block, whether you are looking for romance drama, fantasy, and tragedy.