13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

In this piece, you can learn about the world of “Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou” and get to know Arifureta Characters.

Meet the most popular characters, from Hajime Nagumo, the class slacker, to Shea Haulia, the mystery vampire queen.

Other fans are totally in love with the group of girls that Hajime is slowly getting to know.

All of the main characters in Arifureta have unique traits and personalities that make them interesting, so it makes sense that fans of the show would want to know more about them.

Only the first two seasons of the anime will be on the list. So you’ll only find the most popular characters who were presented in the first two seasons.

13. Hajime Nagumo

Arifureta Characters

The main character in Arifureta is Hajime Nagumo, who started out as a shy, weak-willed boy who was wronged by a friend and pushed into the abyss.

As he tried to stay alive, he ate monster meat, which made him a brutally strong killer.

He is a very independent person, which makes it even stranger that he travels with so many people as the story goes on.

Even though he is one of the best characters in isekai anime, he still wants to find a way to go back to his real home in the end and keeps fighting for it.

12. Yue

Yue 29 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Yue is a vampire from the abyss who used to go by the name Aletia Galdea Vesperitio Avatarl. He is completely obsessed with Hajime and is the first person to join him on his trip.

After Hajime sets her free, she is completely devoted to and faithful to him. She will do whatever he tells her, even if it means killing people.

She’s also a bit of a perv, always trying to get Hajime to fall in love with her so she can get his blood.

She may not be the best vampire in the world, and despite her age, she may be a bit immature, but she’s still a great friend.

11. Shea Haulia

Shea Haulia 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Shea is a strong rabbitman who fights with a huge hammer while wearing what looks like a bikini. When it comes to Hajime, she has no shame when it comes to flirting with him.

She’s not too bad in a fight, but her ability to see the future, especially when her life is in danger, is one of her coolest abilities.

When she’s really mad, though, she goes into a fierce rage and won’t stop until whatever made her angry is completely destroyed.

Her will and drive are almost as strong as Hajime’s, because she has also been through hard times without letting anything stop her from living her best life.

10. Tio Klarus

Tio Klarus 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Tio is one of the characters in Arifureta that stands out the most.

She was presented as a bad guy, but she was originally a good person who had been tricked into attacking Hajime and the rest of the team in dragon form.

She soon learned to be humble, though, when Hajime beat her and killed her by sticking a huge pole into her bottom. He did that because that was where dragons were weaker.

Since then, she has become a big masochist and has stuck with the main group.

Her tricks to get Hajime to “punish” her are always funny to watch.

As one of the last dragonmen still alive, Tio is incredibly strong and can use powerful magic and physical skills.

9. Kaori Shirasaki

Kaori Shirasaki 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

One of the main people in Arifureta is Kaori Shirasaki. She is a classmate of Hajime’s, and he gets to know her before he starts his trip.

She is smart, nice, and helpful to her friends. She often goes out of her way to help them when they are in trouble.

At first, Kaori cares more about keeping the peace and wants to get back at the people who broke it. But in the end, she chooses to trust Hajime’s vision and fights with him in the final battle.

During her journey, Kaori learns how to use powerful magic and get stronger, making her a well-rounded hero by the end of the story.

8. Shizuku Yaegashi

Shizuku Yaegashi 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Since they were kids, Kaori’s best friend has been Shizuku. Her tough exterior hides the fact that she’s also a girly girl who loves cute little bunnies and the color pink.

She is also very disgusted by bugs, which shows that she is not as strong as she seems.

Shizuku, the girl who always wanted to be a princess and be saved by a knight in bright armor, becomes one of the most sensible and capable characters in the whole story.

Even though her life may not be exactly what she wanted, she is able to accept it over time.

7. Aiko Hatayama

Aiko Hatayama 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

After being taken to another world, Aiko’s character changes a lot. She used to teach high school social studies, but now she’s treated like a god.

Her strong sense of right and wrong and her ability to work hard make her stand out throughout the series.

Even though she doesn’t like using violence, she has to do it to keep herself and her kids safe. She is able to do this with a lot of dignity.

Even though it’s a little strange, she ends up in the house of one of her old students in the end. Sometimes, anime can be weird, right?

6. Liliana S.B. Heiligh

Liliana S.B. Heiligh 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Lilianna is the princess of the Heiligh Kingdom. She is kind and strong-willed, which makes her the right person for the job.

She’s not the kind of princess who just stays in her house. Instead, she likes to go out and do things on her own, even when she doesn’t have a royal escort.

She also shows that he has a lot of room to grow by being able to give up on the false God Ehit, even though she believed in him until she found out he was lying.

5. Myu

Myu 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

During an attack on her town, slavers took a young girl named Myu. Hajime stumbles across her by chance and saves her from the bad guys.

He also made it his job to find Myu’s mother and make sure she was safe. Myu started calling him “Papa” because he saved her, and she still thinks he is her real father.

She is a cute child who is part of the dragon race. Just by being cute, she makes the show better.

4. Remia

remia arifureta 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Remia is one of the new characters that show up in season two of Arifureta.

She is the mother of Myu, a cute child that Hajime and his friends have been taking care of ever since they saved her from the bad guys.

Remia is a water dragon, which means that she can breathe under water. She was a very loving mother whose heart broke when she lost her child.

But when Hajime helped her get back together with Myu, she was very grateful to Hajime’s group.

Since Myu started calling Hajime “Papa,” Remia even offered to be his friend, but Hajime doesn’t want to take her up on it.

3. Eri Nakamura

Eri Nakamura 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

Eri is one of the bad guys in the second season of Arifureta. This is a reveal. She was, however, presented as one of Hajime’s classmates who was sent to save another world.

Eri is a psychopath and a yandere character who tried to kill her whole class and the royal guards of the kingdom so she could be with the friend she loves.

Her plan was to kill him and then use her necromancy skills to turn him into a zombie so she could make him do anything she wanted.

2. Daisuke Hiyama

Daisuke Hiyama 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

In Arifureta, Daisuke is the first bad guy to be presented. In the first episode, just because Hajime was friends with Kaori, he pushed him into a cruel prison and killed him.

He wants Kaori more and more, to the point where he turns into a psychopath who is ready to kill anyone for her.

Eri and Daisuke worked together so that Daisuke could turn Kaori into a zombie and do whatever he wanted to her. But Hajime brought her back to life and in the process killed Daisuke.

1. Kouki Amanogawa

Kouki Amanogawa 1 13 Best Arifureta Characters of All Time

The Hero Party is led by Kouki. He was always popular in his class, even before he was called to the dream world. Everyone respected him as their boss and loved him.

Aside from Hajime, who left the hero party, he is also the strongest of his friends.

Eri also liked Kouki, and she went on a killing run to try to get him to like her. No matter what, Kouki sees himself as a fighter for justice and Hajime as someone who only cares about himself.


Who is Hajime’s daughter?

Even though they are not connected by blood, Myu is Hajime’s daughter. Myu just started thinking that Hajime was her father, and Hajime finally gave in and started treating her like his own daughter. But in the story that came after, Hajime and Yue also had a child.

How old is Yue?

In Arifureta’s story, Yue is 300 years old. She may look young, but she has been alive longer than most of the show’s characters. This is one of the things that makes her so strong.

Who will Hajime marry?

The fandom site says that Hajime ends up marrying Yue, Shea Haulia, Tio Klarus, Kaori Shirasaki, Aiko Hatayama, Liliana S. B. Heiligh, Shizuku Yaegashi, and Remia. This happens, though, after the story of Arifureta is over.

Who betrayed Hajime Nagumo?

Nagumo was tricked by Daisuke Hiyama. He tried to kill Hajime by pushing him down to the deepest level of the cave. Even though Daisuke was Hajime Nagumo’s friend, he didn’t care about his life and tried to kill him.

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