25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Today I bring some traditional content for all the anime fans out there. As we all know Kimono is perhaps the most traditional cloths of Japan.

This attire is very elegant as well as full of simplicity. But you know what’s make it more interesting apart from everything.

The Anime characters that wear all type of Kimono which suits their personality and you know a character or two that is identified for their traditional Japanese Kimono. And that’s not even limited to female characters. 

So, I prepared a list of anime girl in kimono, and this list I want to share the absolute rock in kimono. Without further ado, enjoy the list!

25. Kamazuki Suzuno From Hataraku Maou

07 suzuno kamazuki 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

The innocent-looking next-door neighbour of Maou Sadao, who is actually pretty innocent.

Suzuno seems to have “learned” most of what she knows about the human world by watching period dramas, which explains why she wears clothes from that time period.

This also means that she wants everything about her life and preferences to be traditional Japanese, with the possible exception of her huge holy hammer.

24. Shindou Ayaka From Kyoukai no Kanata

08 ayaka shindo anime character 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

What’s not to like about being a Kansai-speaking gentle fox youmu in the anime?

Well, she might do some business that isn’t the best from time to time.

But when things get tough, she is always ready in her mind to make it through.

At times, even by using force.

She is also with her equally cute little sister, who can also look good in a yukata.

23. Nora From Noragami

10 nora noragami anime 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

At first glance, she might look like a cute, simple shinki.

Even though her kimono is simple, it has a design that makes it stand out. This gives her a somewhat friendly air.

But underneath that flirty smile, she can use people to get what she wants and has held grudges against them for a long time.

She does eventually turn around. But not until she faces all of the things that made her that way in the first place.

22. Souma Ritsu From Fruits Basket

11 fruits basket souma ritsu 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

What? You thought there wouldn’t be any traps on this list?

Ritsu, like Chihaya, doesn’t always wear kimono.

But when he wants the most mental comfort, a kimono is the first thing he’ll put on.

Even though he started dressing less and less like a woman as he changed, the quiet, soft-spoken Yamato nadeshiko in a green kimono that Tohru had first thought he was would always be his most memorable look.

21. Kirihime Yoruka From Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut

12 kirihime yoruka 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Yoruka is one of the two really “aggressive” women in the series. She wears a kimono in a way that is different from how a gothic version would look, with only smaller frills.

Even though her Koto princess robes are great for hiding, they are not good for personal stealth.

It might be possible to use it to sneak up on the young Drag-Knight we want so much.

20. Kamado Nezuko From Kimetsu no Yaiba

13 kamado nezuko 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Nezuko’s cute and delicate movements make everyone fall in love with her, including Tanjiro, of course.

Just look at how her bright pink eyes match the hemp leaves on her kimono.

Plus, she can change her size as she wants.

Men of culture really had a field day.

Oh, but don’t ever try to make her angry, even if she doesn’t eat people for lunch. Trust me.

19. Kuon From Utawarerumono series

14 kuon anime game character 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

The smart-alecky, stubborn, but very caring Kuon might not look like much… But her life in the world of Utawarerumono is completely different from anything else.

Most likely even more than her father’s.

Her kimono is a bit more like the kimonos we’re used to than her guardians’ because it was based on the kimono her late mother wore.

18. Kokkuri-san From Gugure Kokkuri-san

15 kokkuri san anime screenshot 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Okay, I get that Kokkuri-san isn’t the first anime character to be a cute white fox girl.

But he does have one thing that makes him stand out on this list: he looks great in a kimono as both a man and a woman.

With Kokkuri-san, you can choose between the original Ono-D version or the Uryocchi version of the kimono.

17. Izumi Kyouka From Bungou Stray Dogs

16 izumi kyuka anime 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Yes, before you ask, Kouyou will not be on this list because Kyouka is on it.

She might be as cute as a doll, but she is no longer a doll.

Who could say no to those short, precious moments of pure happiness outside of her dangerous job?

Well, she did keep being quiet and serious.

After all, her kimono is red for a reason. But don’t ever tell Atsushi that!

16. Himura Kenshin From Rorouni Kenshin

18 himura kenshin 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Himura Kenshin the battousai is another katana-wielding badass from an anime. He may have been made from the same block of marble as Goemon.

Since Rurouni Kenshin takes place in the Meiji period, his hakama might not stand out too much.

But at the moment, Japan is literally at a crossroads between being a country from the Middle Ages and a modern, industrialised state.

This means that traditional kimono are no longer worn as everyday clothes, a process that will take a century.

15. Ishikawa Goemon From Lupin III

19 ishikawa goemon lupin3rd 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Goemon is one of Lupin III’s most powerful and loyal allies. He is the thirteenth member of his clan and shares the same name as their legendary ancestor.

Well, he wasn’t actually very loyal at first.

But Lupin earned his respect in the end.

As a modern swordsman, he has skills that are almost superhuman. He and his hakama stand out like a sore thumb in any heist or adventure Lupin plans to pull off in the West.

14. Glass From Tate no Yuusha Nariagari

20 glass tate no yuusha 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Glass is one of the newest characters on this list. He is a mysterious person who says he was called from another isekai. The anime version of the story just aired a few seasons ago.

If you were looking for someone who would stand out with their kimono, it would be Glass causing trouble in the kingdom of Melromarc.

Pretty much the same as another dragon lady in a black kimono, but a lot more weird. We’ll talk about her later.

13. Emma Ai From Jigoku Shoujo

21 emma ai anime character 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

When I thought of kimonos and anime, this was the first thing that came to mind. And this is actually where some of the ideas for this list came from.

Sure, Jigoku Shoujo might have been on every single list about a similar subject before.

But can I do anything about it?

No matter how many evil souls she takes across the Sanzu River, she deserves to be here.

12. Ayase Chihaya From Chihayafuru

22 ayase chihaya 25 Best Anime Girl In Kimono of All Time

Chihaya Ayase, the queen of karuta, is we all love.

Kanade should have been the one to represent this series at first, since she knows the most about traditional hakama-style kimono.

But I chose the captain of the Karuta Club at Mizusawa High School instead.

She doesn’t always wear kimono, that’s true.

But karuta is pretty much her whole life. During official tournaments, she can’t play without wearing a traditional kimono.

11. Nozomi Toujou From Love Live! School Idol Project

Nozomi Toujou From Love Live! School Idol Project

Nozomi Tojo is one of the main characters in Love Live! She is a third-year student at Otonokizaka High School. She is a member of lily-white, a sub-unit under μ’s.

She appears pretty wise, a mature girl with her kimono-style dress make her gloomier and more refreshed in the series with her perfect fit to the character.

10. Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC

Yuuko Ichihara From xxxHOLiC

With her classic appearance in the series dressing up in a kimono sparkle my eyes. Almost every time she appears in her simple and regular dressing but feels like a different person every time.

And physically her traditional dress is a part of her character approached a different vibe with nice contracts.

9. Isumi Saginomiya From Hayate no Gotoku!

Isumi Saginomiya From Hayate no Gotoku!

Isumi is shown to be wearing a pink kimono. In the manga, Isumi was wearing a floral kimono.

She is rich however she is soft-spoken, kind, and very good at cooking.

Her wearing style of kimono with different color and different design makes her look cute and She often puts her kimono sleeve (hand) up in front of her mouth.

8. Tsukihi Araragi From Monogatari Series

Tsukihi Araragi From Monogatari Series

Youngest Araragi family’s Fire Sisters. She doesn’t have any reason behind wearing kimono. She wears kimono of every style, no matter what the season.

Regardless of whether it is her lighter and more limited yukata for summer or a more traditional one for the colder months.

You can be certain that she would quite often wear a splendidly hued kimono befitting of her actual character during her appearances.

7. Sae Kobayakawa From The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

Sae Kobayakawa From The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls

With her gentle nature from Kyoto who speaks the traditional accent. 

She follows the perfect picture Japanese woman, wearing kimonos and acting very considerate towards her partners and producer.

She plays a pro Idol role in the series. Raise in a strict family and carries herself with grace and dignity. 

6. Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project

Umi Sonoda From Love Live! School Idol Project

She is also one of the main characters of Love Live. Student of Otonokizaka High School. She is the leader of lily-white, a sub-unit under µ’s. She is vice president of the school.

Her quality makes her stand out differently from others with her appearance of a proper traditional Japanese lady with her traditional style of wearing kimono.

She is extremely disciplined, very intelligent but shy and lazy too.

5. Ai Enma From Hell Girl

Ai Enma From Hell Girl

Enma our main character of the Hell Girl. She prefers to wear simple clothing but while performing she always prefers to wear kimono.

And in every season her kimono changes but not her appearance. In season 1, it was a black kimono with large flower patterns.

In season 2, the kimono has flowery petals covering most of it.

In season 3, it carries pictures of fans and toy air balloons, the patterns of which appear to be moving.

In season 4, it is black but mostly covered with flowers, butterflies, strings, and roses, it’s obi’s color is golden and is decorated with flowers. 

4. Dia Kurosawa From Love Live! Sunshine!!

Dia Kurosawa From Love Live! Sunshine!!

One more main character of Love live is a member of AZALEA, a sub-unit under Aqours.

She is president of the school council and shares a strong bond with her sister.

Wearing different types and styles of kimono is her hobby that makes her look different.  

She is mature, polite, and speak formal Japanese with anyone.

3. Sakura Shinguji From Sakura Wars

Sakura Shinguji From Sakura Wars

Sakura is a video game character From sakura wars and fans voted her with 357 votes for this list.

Sakura’s iconic hakama-type kimono and her pink koubu’s Eastern style swordplay, has become one of the symbols of 90’s era anime.

2. Chiya Ujimatsu From Is the Order a Rabbit?

Chiya Ujimatsu From Is the Order a Rabbit

Chiya Ujimatsu is the main character of Is the Order a Rabbit.

Normally Chiya wears her work outfit, which is a dark green kimono with vertical stripes and a long white frilly apron over it. Her family-owned café.

A gentle, calm young girl, and she is very soft-spoken.

1. Shiki Ryougi From Kara no Kyoukai

Shiki Ryougi From Kara no Kyoukai

Her wearing style of Kimono makes her look presentative and also suits her main character appears in the series Karo no Kyoukai.

Her Kimono come under luxurious item she has a wide variety of traditional kimonos ranging from colorful to high quality.

For every different season, she has something different style of wearing kimono.

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