Sims 4 Change Work Outfit

There is no cheat or mod to change your dress code to change your outfit in The Sims 4. 

This is one of the easiest things to do in the game, yet not many people know about the possibility. 

Be assured that this is an issue that is common to the players.

A lot of us find it frustrating to be stuck in one outfit until we’re promoted. 

So, we’re going to show you how to immediately alter your outfit for work in The Sims 4 and solve the problem forever!

Are you interested in knowing how to unlock all the items in The Sims 4? 

Look at this cheat trick!

Cheat To Change Your Work Outfit In The Sims 4

Activating Cheats

As you’ve already figured out, to utilize cheat in The Sims 4, you first have to activate the cheats within your game. 

The cheat for changing the clothes you wear to work is recognized to work even without activating cheats.

However, if you are unable to activate it, here’s the process you’ll need to take.

You can open the command console by pressing the Shift + CTRL and C keys on your keyboard. 

If you’re using the Mac and CMB, then CMB, Shift, and C is the best combination you need. 

If you’re a console player then the four triggers on the back of the controller will accomplish the task.

work outfit sims Sims 4 Change Work Outfit

Then you can type testingcheats.true into the dialogue box and press Enter. 

You’ll be greeted with a message that says you’ve now allowed cheating in your game. Therefore, you can proceed to your next hack!

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to switch the outfits of your employees In The Sims 4!

Modify In CAS Cheat

Yes, the cheat that we’re employing to change our work attire within The Sims 4 is the Modify in CAS Cheat

If you’ve been an avid Sims 4 player for some time, you’ve probably seen it mentioned every day. 

It is because it’s among the most beneficial tools, we as simmers possess. 

It is useful in this regard too!

So, all you gotta do here is follow up testingcheats true with sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas

After you’ve entered this cheat code, you’ll be instantly taken to the “Create A Character” menu within the game. 

sims 4 working Sims 4 Change Work Outfit

This is where you’ll be able to alter the way that your Sims appearance, including the clothes you wear for work.

From now on you’ll need to pick the clothing you’d like to wear for your official attire. It’s possible to get creative to dress up your Policeman Sim for instance, in a police uniform. 

The only issue is that you cannot use clothing that isn’t even available on the menu of CAS.

If you’re not aware, some of the work uniforms available in The Sims 4 aren’t supposed to be used in any other places than these buildings or workplaces, and therefore aren’t available in the CAS selection. 

That means that when you swap out an outfit for one that you have made and you don’t know if you’ll be able to change it back to the previous one. 

However, you should check that the clothes in your current wardrobe can be worn in a way you want or not. 

Final Words

The ability to alter your dress code to change your work outfit in The Sims 4 on the go is truly a blessing! 

There have been plenty of scenarios in our simming lives where our Sims have to wear normal clothes while they receive an increase or something similar. 

It’s simply embarrassing and irritating. 

If you’re suffering from something like this, then this is the solution to employ!

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