30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Anime girls with red hair is usually associated to fiery personalities but I doubt that is true for them. So today we are covering anime girls with red hairs.

As you probably know if you are a regular reader on MOW we have covered many hair colors in past like blue hair, Black hair, Purple Hair and all the rainbow head colors and today we are going with red heads anime girls.

Usually anime girls with red hair are the ones going on a rampage about anything they feel passionate about and they are also the loyal type of characters to a person or place and there are many reasons why many anime fans are crazy for these beautiful anime girls with red hair.

Without wasting any more time lets explore this list of anime girls with red hairs.

30. AE3803 From Cells at Work!

25 ae3803 cells at work anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

You should always love yourself and your body.

What do you have inside of you?

Blood. Do I really need to say more about why AE3803 is on this list?


AE3803 is a red blood cell. Throughout the show, its job is to carry nutrients to different parts of the body.

Our main character has little to no sense of direction, so she is always getting lost while doing her daily tasks.

She doesn’t let this stop her, though. She keeps going and tries her best to be as helpful as the other kids her age.

She is very sorry when she makes a mistake, and her goofy, bubbly nature makes her a fun person to hang out with.

When it comes to character stereotypes, she doesn’t always do anything new. She’s good at what she’s meant to do, though, and she loves her red hair.

29. Shura Kirigakure From Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)

24 shura kirigakure ao no 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Shura is just a badass.

You’d have to look hard to find something about her that isn’t cool.

She can pull a demon sword out of her chest, has psychic ties to snakes, and is kind of a lazy drunk. There’s a lot to like.

She also doesn’t really dance around the issue. She will tell you what she thinks, which she probably does.

But on the other hand, she did a great job of acting like a student when she was really an undercover spy.

She might not be good enough to be a princess or a waifu, but she would be the coolest person to hang out with.

28. Miu Amano From Blend S

23 miu amano blend s anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Just by looking at Miu, you might think she is “sweet, sensitive, and maybe even scared,” because she seems to fit that description.

But then you find out that the S stands for “Sadistic oneesan,” and things get a lot more interesting.

Miu’s personality is built around her djinshi, since she is always looking for new ideas and things to draw. Let’s just say it’s a little bit naughty.

And by “leans,” I mean that it has been broken for a long time.

The fact that she is wicked and that the other girls call her the mature and responsible one makes for a very interesting character and a great way for the group to work.

27. Edward Wong From Cowboy Bebop

21 edward wong cowboy bebop anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Not everything is about how someone looks. Sometimes you want to be with a really smart person.

Miss Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV is only in her early teens, but she is one of the best hackers out there.

When a genius has the personality of a naughty kid, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

And who could forget her famous sayings like “If you see a stranger, follow him” or “Hot dog bun, not too young”?

How can you not love this redhead who named herself and taught herself?

26. Grell Sutcliff From Black Butler

20 grell sutcliff black butler anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Okay, sometimes you just need a little bit of craziness in your life. Sometimes you need a lot, which is where Grell would fit in.

This might be a strange choice, since Grell makes people feel scared more than she makes them feel interested. But listen to me.

It’s all about balance, as Thanos said.

So you have a shy, awkward butler on the one hand. And on the other, a Shinigami who is angry and likes to kill.

That seems fair, doesn’t it?

At least, she is very outgoing, so there isn’t much of the shy, quiet, “I’ll never tell you how I feel” trait in her.

I mean, she tells Sebastian all the time how much she loves him.

So, even if you think she is crazy in other ways, you can’t say she doesn’t have good taste in guys.

25. Karin From Naruto Shippuden

19 karin naruto shippuden 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Karin is another person who might be a little different. I

will admit that Karin seems annoying at first in the anime. But she gets better with age, like a good red wine.

First of all, do you know anyone else who can heal hickeys?

Unless you count Recovery Girl from BNHA.

Also, any figure that people like has to be loyal and willing to forgive.

Even though Karin forgives a certain edge lord after being struck by lightning, love makes people do strange things.

And by the time “Naruto’s Son, the anime” comes out, Karin has grown into a very mature and well-rounded character.

24. Mito Jūjō From Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

18 mito jujo owari no seraph anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

A woman in a dress is hard not to like.

Mito is a member of the Guren squad, which means she has had a lot of training and can give some strong kicks.

She also comes from the royal Jujo family, which means she is pretty spoiled.

What do you get when you put the two together?

Of course, she is a tsundere. One that people really like.

The fact that she has a crush on the captain is always funny, and what she does on the battlefield is just epic.

And her long, red ponytail gives her an air of nobility that fits her exactly.

23. Stella Vermillion From Chivalry of a Failed Knight

16 stella vermillion chivalry of a failed knight 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Stella is a great example of what it means for an anime character to be cute.

Being both shy and completely horny, submissive to Ikki but very pushy toward any other girl who shows interest in him, and cute on purpose.

This place has a lot to love.

When it comes to her shapes, the artists were very kind. Her red eyes and hair make her look very fierce.

She has to be the right girl for Ikki to date, and their relationship is one of the few in anime that goes beyond just shipping and teasing, which is always nice to see.

22. Morgiana From  Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

14 morgiana magi the labyrinth of magic 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Morgiana had a really hard time.

She was a slave for most of her life, so she felt like she wasn’t good enough and her heart became pretty cold.

On top of that, she has no family because the Fanalis come from a different region and are mostly sold into slavery.

So it’s amazing to see someone from that background turn into the strong, loving red-haired demon of the battlefield that we all know and love.

I like Morgiana a lot because she didn’t just erase her past from who she is. But instead turned it into her strength.

The fact that she chose the Household Vessel and wanted to go back to her home country shows how strong she is.

21. Yona From Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn)

13 yona akatsuki no yona anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

I think that the only thing that’s better than a “rags to riches” story is a “rags to riches” story.

And this is what we see through Yona’s eyes. Since she was a princess and lived a spoiled life, she had no idea that her kingdom was going through a lot of hard times.

But when [spoiler] happens, she has to face the truth and learn what it’s like to have nothing.

Her story about how she lost hope is one of the best out there.

Because, as a character, Yona can be very funny when she is as dumb as a rock, but she can also be amazing when she makes real connections and does real things.

20. Mereoleona Vermillion From Black Clover

12 mereoleona vermillion black clover anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Strong women in stories are pretty cool.

And I think Mereoleona, the lioness of fire, is the best of all.

When it comes to this figure, all the fluff has been taken away.

She is the personification of battle lust and desire.

She makes the most powerful people in the Back Clover world shake in their boots, and on the battlefield, she is a real beast.

Every figure doesn’t have to have a soft side.

Mereoleona doesn’t have a cold heart, she’s just in charge.

19. Chise Hatori From The Ancient Magus’ Bride

10 chise hatori the ancient magus bride 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Chise just makes me sad. When it comes to her past, the writers didn’t hold back at all.

One parent gave up on her, and the other ran away to a different plane of reality. Chise then sold herself into slavery.

So it’s kind of inspiring to see Chise slowly find out what she’s worth and become more sure of herself.

The dream world just makes the story better, and watching Chise get tricked by every pixy she meets is hilarious.

18. Kallen Stadfeld/Kozuki From Code Geass

07 kallen stadfeld code geass 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Kallen is just such a well-written character in general. Kallen’s character arc is not easy or shallow because she struggles with being both Japanese and British.

She is very interesting because she cares about people in general but also has a strong sense of fairness.

She is not a typical damsel-in-distress on the battlefield, and her complicated bond with Lelouch is a lot of fun.

She amazes me with how honest, loyal, and strong she is. She is called Q1, which means “queen,” for a reason.

She is also better than C.C., don’t fight me.

17. Minori Kushieda From Toradora

04 minori kushieda toradora anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Minori will, of course, be here. She is from Toradora, which is the Holy Grail of anime.

To avoid giving anything away, I’ll just say this: One of the best things about the show is how nice Minori is.

She works hard, is always reliable, is responsible, and can do what she needs to do.

She is a foodie and loves to eat a lot. But at the same time, a diet fighter.

Her believe in UFOs made me cry, so go watch the show if you haven’t already. It’s awesome.

16. Makise Kurisu From Steins; Gate

01 makise kurisu steins gate anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

By far, Christina is one of my favorite anime female characters.

Her natural smarts, temper, and drive are just so amazing.

She can sometimes be a tsundere. But I don’t think it’s what makes her unique.

Kurisu, who has red hair and likes lab coats and wants a fork, is a wonderfully written character.

Her friendship with Okabe also seems honest and real.

And if her version of Hououin Kyma didn’t make you cry, sorry anime fans, but we can’t be friends anymore.

15. Shana from Shakugan no Shana

Shana from Shakugan no Shana anime girls with red hair

Shana is a young anime girls with red hair which is almost as long as her body. She has an anime antenna hair (アホ毛 ahoge?) which always sticks out on the top of her head.

Upon invoking her powers as a Flame Haze, her hair and eyes change color to a fiery crimson with embers fluttering from her head down. Shana is described as pretty and of Asian descent.

She also has dark brown irises and a fair complexion. Due to the effects of being a Flame Haze, Shana’s physical age will remain that of a girl that appears to be around 11 or 12 years of age.

14. Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto: Shippuuden

Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto Shippuden

Kushina hates her bright red hair at first, and it’s only because of her future husband, Minato, that she comes to love it.

It became her main food, and this, along with her angry outbursts, gave her the nickname “Red Hot-Blooded Habanero.”

But man I love Kushina. In anime, there isn’t enough love for the great mother figures.

And putting your life on the line for your child is a selfless act that any parent is willing to do.

Even if it was because of the Nine-Tails Chakra, when she saw Naruto again, I couldn’t help but cry.

She’s shown to be such a good mother and wife that she has to be on this list.

13. Maki Nishikino from Love Live! School Idol Project

03 maki nishikino love live school idol project 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

If the world economy ever goes down, I think people will pay with Maki blushes.

This girl is too cute for her own good.

Really, everyone in the main group is cute.

But Maki, being the tsundere that she is, just turns it up a notch.

The most beautiful thing you can see is always a tsundere’s smile.

And just like a real tsundere, Maki is very stubborn and has the mental maturity of a shoe sometimes.

That makes the times when she is honest even better. Her family is also pretty well off, so Maki will probably be the breadwinner (or bread-ginger) in this family.

12. Ranma Saotome from Ranma ½

Ranma Saotome

Ranma has a strong, athletic body forged from constant training since childhood. Ranma’s female form is diminished in pure strength, but is much more agile.

His female form is also depicted to be very attractive, which he discreetly takes pride in and often uses to his advantage.

According to Dr. Tofu’s mother, girl-Ranma has the ideal female form and was her top candidate to marry her son.

It has been revealed more than once that the female form has a larger bust size and smaller waist size than Akane, which has infuriated the latter whenever Ranma has pointed it out

11. Chiyo Sakura from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Chiyo Sakura

Chiyo is a short high school student with medium-length orange hair along with purple eyes. She is always wearing her signature pair of red bows with white polka dots on both sides of her head.

Chiyo is most commonly seen in her school uniform which consists of a white blouse, a ribbon, and a grey blazer on top and a short navy blue skirt with black over-knee socks and brown school loafers, she’s considered to be a cute woman.

Even though Chiyo is in her second year and should be wearing a red uniform ribbon, hers is blue instead which is a third year color. Her ribbon is her personal blue ribbon, which is bigger than the usual ribbons.

10. Miia from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

Miia from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

We’re going to forget about people for a second and talk about the real treasure: snake girls.

Miia is the most important character in the story because she was the first girl Kimihito met. She is very horny, but she is also shy, which is a funny mix.

She’s also too careful with Kimihito because she thinks the other girls could hurt him. I just find her to be very real, which is funny considering that she is half snake.

She is rude and loud, but she is also kind and helpful. When it comes to how she looks, well, mamma mia.

Also, she was calling people “darling” long before Zero-Two made it cool to do so.

9. Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Yoko, who has red hair, is our next bikini fighter.

Yoko is very strong on her own, like a lot of the other people on this list.

But when she’s with the right people, she’s amazing.

Even when she first met Yoko, Simon, and Kamina in the first show, she was a hoot and a half.

Kamina’s all-in attitude goes well with her calm and logical nature, so they balance each other out.

She is also very sweet and a real badass when it matters.

A famous redhead in anime, and for a good reason.

8. Lisara Restall from Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai

Lisara Restall

Lisara is most known for her sexy looks and being an anime girls with red hair and eyes. She has a slim body and she wears stockings.

Lisara as described by her friends as self-centered and likes to talk down among people. She is straightforward, somewhat aggressive, and very fiery.

She is also quite mean to Ryosuke but due to jealousy, her behavior starts to change.

7. Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet

Erza is by far the most interesting female character in the Fairy Tail stories.

During times of peace, Erza can seem a little scary because she is very strict and oozes power.

But once you get to know her, you realize she has a good heart and is a lot of fun to be with.

She is also very happy with the way she looks, which is always a good thing.

But she shines for me on the battlefield. Her style of fighting is so interesting because it uses so many different armors, skills, and stats.

Just make sure she doesn’t drink. If she’s drunk, you don’t want to be near her.

Flare was also going to be on this list, but 2020 might not be the best year for her, if you get what I mean.

6. Stephanie Dora from No Game No Life

05 stephanie dola no game no life anime 30 Red Haired Anime Girls Of All Time

Stephanie is an Imanity anime girls with red hair that is decorated with a large blue flower.

She has blue eyes and a curvy figure with rather large breasts, and a dress by Sora that made Idols to be jealous. 

She wears a shoulder-less cardigan with a maid-like dress and a pair of leg warmers and boots. In Episode 1, she wore this elegant dress given to her by her grandfather.

However, after losing it to Chlammy, she had to wear a towel before being dressed by Sora in a dress made from a bedsheet.

Once the siblings beat Chlammy in a game for the crown of Imanity, Steph regained the dress and has become the main staple for her clothing. Her three sizes are from above, 89, 58, 89.

5. Lilith Asami from Trinity Seven

Lilith Asami

Lilith is a young woman and an anime girls with red hair that reaches down her waist, styled normally with a single strand of her bangs braided, as well as the sides of her hair pulled back and held together with a small basic clip.

She is also particularly known for having a very well developed and curvaceous figure. Furthermore, Lilith is rarely never seen without her dark beret, with a few exceptions depending on the situation.

Her attire, despite being a teacher, is the school female uniform, almost the same as her students, consisting of a white collared blouse, black jacket, plaid skirt, black thigh-high socks, and penny loafers.

4. Akane Sakurada from Joukamachi no Dandelion

Akane Sakurada

Akane has to be one of the shyest girls in the whole world.

Imagine that you want to get rid of all the cameras in the city so that they don’t record you.

And then, sadly, tried to take over the world to do just that.

She wiggles a lot, so it’s a good thing that she looks cute when she does it.

I mean, there’s even a fan club for that very thing.

So, all you shy people who stay at home, bow to your queen.

3. Cthuko from Haiyore! Nyaruko-san


Cthuko /Kūko is a main character in the non-yuri series “Haiyoru! Nyaruko-san!”. An ancient alien, who is obsessed with otaku culture and video games.

She possesses the power of Flames, and is also able to control Space CQC turrets at will and she is an anime girls with red hair.

She transfers to Mahiro’s school and takes the name Kūko Yasaka, Nyaruko’s “wife”, for their newlywed life will finally start at episode 3 of the first season.

No one will touch the Crawling Chaos without her permission

2. Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki-hime


Shirayuki is rare anime girls with red hair colour attracts a lot of unwanted attention.

At the beginning of the story, her long hair was typically tied in a ponytail that ran halfway down her back, but as an act of defiance against the self-absorbed Prince of Tanbarun, she cut it shorter so that it reached her chin.

Shirayuki is of average height at 5′ 4 (162 cm). She has clear emerald-green eyes which serve to complement the natural beauty of her hair colour.

Shortly after Shirayuki became a fully-fledged Royal Pharmacist her boss Garak gave her a double-breasted white uniform, which is styled to double as a lab coat and can be worn over her civilian attire.

1. Rias Gremory from High School DxD

Rias Gremory

Let’s be honest: Issei’s life is a dream come true.

The most important part of that dream was, of course, Rias, the red-haired princess.

Rias is beautiful by all measures, and her relationship with Issei is what most men would call heaven on earth.

She is with Issei, but she also lets him have a fake harem and takes care of all the girls.

Rias is also very strong and lives by a set of rules.

So she is not a simple little girl at all. She’s not a very complicated person, but she doesn’t need to be.

Her character is the best way for the anime to have a center.

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