34 Amazing Anime Butlers Characters of All Time

A perfect pronounced British accent, Mustache, Waistcoat, and perfectly ironed shirt these are the traits of an anime butlers.

And some of the anime butlers does not have British accent or don’t have facial hair or maybe don’t wear suits.

We always fangirling over who is the best and cutest anime girl but what about anime butlers ? lets explore some of the best anime butlers in anime world.

Lets begin the list of 34 amazing anime butlers characters of all times.

34. Winfield From Kishin Houkou Demonbane

Winfield From Kishin Houkou Demonbane anime butler

Winfield is a tall, slender anime butler with a straight posture.  He is only ever seen wearing a black suit, gloves, and glasses while his long hair tied in a ponytail.

Winfield is a keen individual with a calm demenor that holds great respect and unquestionable loyality for the Hadou family.  

At the same time, while he acts as a steward of the Hadou family, he is also the sole reason why Hadou Ruri is never accompanied by bodyguards.

33. Asio From Jungle wa Itsumo Hare noch Guu

Asio From Jungle wa Itsumo Hare noch Guu

An anime butler at Weda’s parent’s estate, he has very scary eyes (though this wasn’t always the case, as he was stated to have beautiful eyes when he was younger).

Loves Weda, but she thinks of him as a brother. He is often the one who goes to pick up Weda after nights where she had been drinking specifically heavily (revealed to be quite frequent due to Weda’s habits).

Often coming up with ideas that seem not to be possible, Haré is put off by him from their first meeting.

32. Nagare Konoe From Mayo Chiki!

Nagare Konoe From Mayo Chiki 1 1 34 Amazing Anime Butlers Characters of All Time

Nagare Konoe is Subaru Konoe’s father. Nagara is the anime butler of Kanade Suzutsuki’s father and the Head Butler of Suzutsuki Family. He hates Kinjiro Sakamachi because of his connection with Subaru.

He is Subaru’s family and they both had a very good connection but when he had to act as a kidnapper (kidnapping Suzutsuki and Subaru) he beat Kinjiro and because of this Subaru started to dislike him and their relations broke and Nagare started to hate Kinjiro even more.

He is in excellent fighting condition just like Subaru, and really cares about her very much. In the last chapter of the manga, he fights him again, their outcome ends in a draw.

31. Yoshio Hanamori From Kuragehime

Yoshio Hanamori From Kuragehime

Hanamori is the Koibuchi family’s anime butler and a childhood friend of Shu Koibuchi.

He is a Mercedes-Benz enthusiast. He easily caves under pressure, bribery, or requests from people with an afro. A smooth-talker who loves to flirt, he’s more self-centered than not despite a solid streak of decency.

He bears the distinction of being the only male allowed freely in and out of Amamizukan. In the Japanese he is voiced by Koyasu Takehito and in the English dub, he is voiced by Christopher Bevins.

31. Ren Uesugi From Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de

Ren Uesugi From Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de

Hired as anime butler by the Kuonji family after running away from home with his sister. Known for his stubbornness and unwillingness to admit defeat, he also has an older sister complex towards Mihato. His father used to beat him up during his childhood.

Currently he is Shinra’s personal anime butler, because she loves to tease him for his honest and straightforward personality. It seems that he has feelings for Shinra Kuonji.

The anime ends where he has yet to designate himself as a personal butler to one of the three sisters, ending up with them (along with Ageha) fighting for the rights of being his master. Ren is called Ren-chan by his sister who he calls Hato-nee.

29. Hagiyoshi From Saki

Hagiyoshi From Saki

Hagiyoshi is a tall and handsome anime butler with jet black hair, thick dark red eyes and he usually carries a sly smile on his face.

He wears a standard butler’s attire. Hagiyoshi is usually a very calm and quiet guy who doesn’t speak unless he has to.

But he is very willing to be of service/help to Touka Ryuumonbuchi at all times.

28. Fuyutoki Kureha From Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Fuyutoki Kureha From Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru

Fuyutoki Kureha is the steward of the Kamakura residence of the Giou Clan and the personal anime butler of Takashirou Giou who is very loyal to him that he has been serving him since he was a child where he is also serving as a confidant to him.

He is the most aware of what pain Takashiro endures as the leader of the Giou clan. His admiration for Takashiro is palpable and he has admitted that Takashiro is the one he loves.

He is a top-level omyouji as his family have been for generations, to serve the Giou clan.

27. Franz From Kaibutsu Oujo

Franz From Kaibutsu Oujo

Franz is the android serving Severin. He is dressed as an anime butler, with a black suit and bow-tie; he has a mechanical left eye and a scar running on top of it.

Like any other android, all he can say is “fuga.” He self-destructed when his master, Severin, was killed by Hime.

26. Kirius Rakus Lestrine Ha From Lagrange: the Flower of Rin-ne

Kirius Rakus Lestrine Ha From Lagrange: the Flower of Rin-ne

A De Metrio Ovid pilot whose comrades are Izo and Array. Despite his serious appearance, he has a comical fascination with Earth conventions, from which he draws peculiar conclusions.

He applies to work at BWH with Izo and Array at the end of the first season.

Despite his serious appearance, he has a comical fascination with Earth conventions, from which he draws peculiar conclusions. He applies to work at BWH with Izo and Array at the end of the first season.

25. Soushi Miketsukami From Inu X Boku Secret Service

Soushi Miketsukami From Inu X Boku Secret Service

oushi Miketsukami is a tall, handsome young anime butler with white hair, pale skin, and two different colored eyes: his left, gold, and the right, blue.

His SS Uniform consists of a black suit, gray under-shirt, and maroon tie. He wears black half gloves.

When Soushi Miketsukami changes form, cherry blossoms explode around him – they resemble a pink feather boa in the anime – but this is temporary.

24. Ayumu Toujou From Gintama

Ayumu Toujou From GintamaAyumu Toujou From Gintama

Toujou’s eyes are normally slanted closed unless he is surprised or under emotional distress.

If his eyes do open, the whites of his eyes are actually black, and his pupils either glow with an unearthly green, blue or red. His hair is Light Beige and shoulder length.

He is extremely particular about the freshness of the raw eggs he gets for his tamagokakegohan breakfast that he flies into a rage if the egg yolk breaks, indicating that it is not fresh.

23. Gotoh From Hunter X Hunter

Gotoh From Hunter X Hunter

Gotoh was a tall man with sharp eyes and looked to be around his mid to late thirties. He was well-groomed, from his black formal suit to his combed-back black hair.

He had a trimmed beard and wore glasses with pointed frames.

An enigmatic and intimidating character, Gotoh was courteous as a butler should be, but was strict regarding the family’s security and secrecy protocol.

Despite his cool exterior, he could be as hotblooded as Leorio, but typically could keep his temper under control. He was loyal and protective of his masters.

22. Neil From The World Is Still Beautiful

Neil From The World Is Still Beautiful

Neil has short, grey hair and puce-coloured eyes. He is never seen without his proper anime butler’s uniform and glasses.

Neil is loyal, observant, thoughtful and reliable enough that Livius allows him close access at all times and to accompany him wherever he goes.

Neil is shown to also be a rather strict induvial when it comes to tradition.

21. Gilbert Nightray From Pandora Hearts

Gilbert Nightray From Pandora Hearts

Gilbert has black hair of longer-length which he often has styled in an untidy manner (thus earning him the nickname ‘Seaweed-head’ from Alice) and golden eyes.

Ten years prior to the plot, when he was still a child and a servant of the Vessalius dukedom, he wore a blue outfit resembling a sailor boy’s clothes, as well as black boots.

Currently, he wears a collared shirt with some buckles on it, a cravat over it, a pair of white gloves, black pants with a strap around his right leg – close to the hip – which holds his gun. 

20. Alfred Pennyworth From Batman Ninja

Alfred Pennyworth From Batman Ninja 1 1 34 Amazing Anime Butlers Characters of All Time

Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, most commonly in association with the superhero Batman.

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce Wayne’s butler at Wayne Manor. He knows that Bruce is Batman and aids him.

19. Hopkins, Mr. Cheeves and Sebastian From Pokémon

Hopkins, Mr. Cheeves and Sebastian From Pokémon

Hopkins first appeared when Ash and his friends were looking at a missing poster that showed James as a kid. He approached them and asked them if they saw James. When Ash told him that they did, he took them inside a limousine and drove them to James’s house.

Mr. Cheeves is a character of the day who appeared in Two Degress of Separation!, as James’s butler. He did not receive a name in the Japanese version.

Sebastian is a character of the day who appeared in The Treasure Is All Mine!, as James’s butler. He did not receive a name in the Japanese version.

18. Arakawa From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Arakawa From The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Arakawa made his debut in Remote Island Syndrome Part 1 as the butler of a distant relative of Itsuki, Keiichi Tamaru, instigating a fake scheme in which Keiichi is supposedly killed by Yutaka Tamaru.

Arakawa appears again in Snow Mountain Syndrome, when he serves the SOS Brigade, and in Where Did the Cat Go?, when he acts in another false murder.

Arakawa’s final appearance in the show is in The Intrigues of Haruhi Suzumiya, in which he drives the car used to rescue Mikuru from Fujiwara and Kyouko Tachibana.

17. Hans From The Von Trapp Family Story

Hans From The Von Trapp Family Story

The von Trapp family anime butler. In the show Hans is a minor character. The von Trapp family anime butler, he is revealed at the end of the series to have a supporter of Nazi Germany. Still memorable to this day though.

He is eventually revealed to support Germany near the end of the series.

16. Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa From Daily Life of High School Boys

Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa

Nagase, Asano and Toyogawa are trying to persuade Yukana to go, telling her not to be selfish and that school is important.

As she continues being stubborn, Toyogawa suddenly yells out that she shouldn’t shout too much, or her tooth crown would fall out.

Yukana sits up and angrily denies having a crown at all.

15. Mosquito From Soul Eater

Mosquito From Soul Eater

Carrying himself in an aristocratic manner like his mistress, Mosquito is a neat and formal individual who values proper etiquette, utilizes proper speech, and uses extensive vocabulary compared Giriko’s crass and coarse nature.

As a genuine, firm believer of Arachnopobia’s beliefs as well as Arachne, Mosquito himself can be seen even crying out of happiness when things are flowing Arachnophobia’s way, and can be motivational to his fellow members.

Unlike his mistress, he possesses some honorable traits and was willing to let go of Team Maka when they held their own against him, despite the fact he purposely bid time for them in the Magnetic Field and was impressed with their display.

14. Hino Akiharu From Ladies Versus Butlers!

Hino Akiharu From Ladies Versus Butlers!

Akiharu has red eyes, a scar upon his left eyebrow, a dirty brown messy hair, and a rough exterior.

He wears a black tailcoated jacket over a white long-sleeve collared shirt with a black tie, black trousers and black leather shoes.

Even though Akiharu may look like a thug, he has a caring and righteous personality. 

13. Mr. Tanaka From Sonic X

Mr. Tanaka From Sonic X 1 34 Amazing Anime Butlers Characters of All Time

Tanaka is a tall anime butler with Asian features. His skin is light tan, his eyes are dark and his hair is smooth and black.

For attire, he wears a black suit with a white shirt underneath, glasses, and a purple bow tie.

As a young boy in his homeland of Japan, Tanaka would play around in the local mountains.

12. Canary From Hunter x Hunter

Canary From Hunter x Hunter

Canary is in her early teens. She has grey eyes and dark purple hair pulled into thick bunches, each tied with a string towards the tip, which vaguely resembles stars.

She has a round face, a small nose, and thick lips. Her skin is dark brown. She wears the standard Zoldyck butler suit.

In the 1999 anime, Canary’s hair is mostly red, her eyes are green, and her skin is lighter.

11. Wu From Bananafish

Wu From Bananafish

Wu has black hair with his long fringe parted in the middle. He wears a black coat covering a dark undershirt with red ties keeping it together.

He is loyal to his employer. He came to be in the employ of Yut-Lung. When taking cover alongside Yut-Lung he is stabbed in the back by Ash.

Wu has been shown to get along with Yut-Lung and by following his orders.

10. Subaru Konoe From Mayo Chiki

Subaru Konoe From Mayo Chiki

She has light orange hair, soft blue eyes, and a petite stature. Her attire is usually a anime butler’s outfit, comprised of a black tailcoat and suit pants worn with a red necktie and white button-up, the latter of which has a wing-tipped collar.

Over her button up is a light grey vest with dark brown accents. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with a dark brown ribbon. At times she wears a dress, usually with her hair down.

The dress is mahogany and white in color and is an old-fashioned two piece. The accompanying shirt has a laid-down collar that extends midway down her upper torso; the cuffs to her shirt and the collar are accented in the same color used in the dress.

9. Hayate Ayasaki From Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate Ayasaki From Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate has medium height with light blue hair that is styled into a bob cut and blue eyes.

He wears a anime butler’s uniform while working as Nagi Sanzenin’s butler and during school.

On rare occasions while he is not on duty as Nagi’s butler he is usually seen wearing casual clothing such T-shirts and pants.

8. Walter C. Dornez From Hellsing

Walter C. Dornez From Hellsing

Walter is a tall, standing at approximately 6’3″, thin man who typically wears black dress pants, a white dress shirt with a purple tie, and a purple vest.

He also wears gloves of various colors (usually black, brown or white), and tends to keep his hair long in a tightly bound ponytail. His eyes are red (blue in the TV series), and he wears a monocle which rests on his nose bridge.

After his transformation, he dons an all black version of his usual attire with chains around the waist and pockets, and black fingerless gloves. His eyes become violet, and his pupils change in shape from round to thin.

7. Hong Long From Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Hong Long From Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Hong Long is a loyal anime butler to Wang Liu Mei and the Wang family. While a Celestial Being agent, he has no true loyalties to the organization except to Liu Mei.

Even though he’s the older brother to Liu Mei, he contently accepted the role as Liu Mei’s personal assistant and body guard. He’s often at Liu Mei’s side and vigilant over her safety above his own.

6. Watari From Death Note

Watari From Death Note

Watari has white hair and gray eyes. When in disguise as L’s assistant, he wears a long black trench coat and a hat that covers his face.

After he reveals his appearance to the Japanese Task Force, Watari wears a black tuxedo with a black hat and glasses.

Watari is a famous inventor and the founder of Wammy’s House, an orphanage for gifted children in Winchester, England.

5. Mitsuzo Soroi From Kill la Kill

Mitsuzo Soroi From Kill la Kill

He is a tall, thin man with dark eyes and neat grey hair, though his hairline is receding in his old age.

Given his profession as Satsuki’s anime butler, Soroi is seen dressed in a tuxedo at all times.

Surprisingly, he has the strength to carry several people, as shown during an escape from the Kiryūin Manor.

4. Merry From One Piece

Merry From One Piece

Merry is Kaya’s loyal servant and was the one who designed the Going Merry.

Merry is a tall, formally dressed anime butler whose most distinguishing feature is his lamb-themed appearance.

His hair is curly like a lamb’s fleece and has two lamb horns sticking out of it; these have been seen shorter 20 years before the start of the series. 

3. Norman Burg From The Big O

Norman Burg From The Big O

Norman Burg is Roger Smith’s anime butler. Forty years ago he, along with all of Paradigm City, lost all memories, but he would not hesitate before going unto the breach for his master.

Aside from his duties of anime butler, Norman is also the chef who makes it a point to keep hot food available for Roger no matter what time his employer’s arrival home.

Norman is older than Roger, and has apparently lost an eye, which he keeps covered with a patch. The butler is a fatherly influence for both Smith and Dorothy.

2. Paul Moriyama From Keroro Gunsou

Paul Moriyama From Keroro Gunsou

Paul is a loyal anime butler to Momoka. When Momoka is in danger, Paul becomes more dangerous and lethal. Paul seems to have both war and combat experience, and is shown to be a quite a superhuman martial artist.

Paul also shares a friendly rivalry with Giroro, who is obessed with fighting him as a strong soldier. It seems of all the Nishizawas, Paul is most loyal to Momoka, as he actually defied Baio’s orders when they conflicted with Momoka and has attacked him to defend her.

Even though Baio has proven to be a more powerful and skilled warrior. In the Funimation dub, he sometimes says that he gets his power partly because of his mustache.

1. Sebastian Michaelis From Black Butler

Sebastian Michaelis From Black Butler

Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall, handsome adult with black hair, red eyes, pale skin, and black fingernails. The back of his left hand contains the mark of his Faustian contract with Ciel Phantomhive.

Sebastian typically dresses in a butler’s outfit, which consists of black trousers, a six-buttoned double-breasted tailcoat, and a gray vest; on is his shirt cuffs and tie is the Phantomhive crest.

He also sports white gloves, a pocket watch, and a chained silver lapel pin bearing the Phantom-hive crest, which is traditionally worn by the house’s head anime butler.

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