10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Dragons are among the most popular mythological creatures in Asian literature. 

It’s not surprising that dragons are the main focus in many anime films, series, and manga on their own.

But when you search for anime-related girls, there isn’t a complete list of recommended girls.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the greatest anime dragon girls ever made.

10. Princess Luna From Majuu Senshi Luna Varga

princess luna 1 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Princess Luna, who is the main character in the show, is princess-like. 

She’s not the typical princess who would rather sip tea, admire her garden, or read her book. 

Luna is determined to defend her country, Rimbell, and wants an opportunity to participate by herself… enough so that she was willing to take on an old authority given by her parents at times of need.

After being attached to an enormous Lizard, she discovered what this power meant. 

Despite all the flaws that plague Luna Varga (one that pretty heavily relies on being an homage to Godzilla imitation) Princess Luna herself is worthy of being included on this list because of the way she utilized her unique and strong situation to defend her nation from the danger of Dunbas invasion.

9. Mink From Dragon Half

dragon half 1 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

If you’re looking for something that will bring laughter, the 90s animation comedy Dragon Half is the right choice for you. 

However, if you’re seeking something as serious as that of the Dragon Ball series or Fairy Tail, it won’t be found in this two-part OVA in any way.

As for the other side, Mink, the main character from the show, who technically is a half-dragon, is an extremely powerful creature! 

If you don’t mind her factual assertion that she desperately wants to be with the attractive dragon killer and her idol Dick Saucer, you can be amazed at how powerful she is! Her wings can emerge in a matter of seconds. 

She can withstand poison. Plus, she has ecdysis, which requires the skin to shed to boost her power due to the blood of her dragon!

8. Kuro From Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to Another World)

kuro isekai shoukudou 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

If you only take one look at Kuro, it’s possible that you won’t be convinced that she’s a dragon girl. She isn’t exactly a model, is she? Don’t let her fool you!

The waitress who works for Western Restaurant Nekoya is an ancient goddess of the Other World and a black dragon that’s more than three thousand years old! 

Plus, she’s a fierce dragon that battled with her fellow dragons to conquer The Chaos of Many Tentacles and is considered to be the god of darkness. God of Darkness is a specialist in Death Magic.

However, generally speaking, Kuro is just a dark-haired, pointy-haired lady who communicates via telepathy and is a huge fan of Curry Chicken. What’s not to like about her?

7. Tear Lightning From JuuouMujin no Fafnir (Unlimited Fafnir)

tear dragon 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Let’s get one point clear: Tear Lightning isn’t an actual dragon girl. 

However, throughout her entire life was a belief that she was part of a cult that worshipped her as a dragon! 

Her story is a bit shaky background that will bring you to tears. No pun intended.

Today, I believe Tear is worthy of being listed on this list due to her dragon power, which led to numerous issues in Midgard and the way she gradually accepted that she’s a human.

6. Eco From Dragonar Academy

eco dragon academy 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

The most appealing aspect of Eco’s character is that Eco was never described as flawless. 

She’s selfish, stubborn as well as lazy, jealous, and a bit childish. 

Despite all that, her personality is charming. 

In all likelihood is there any other place to find a woman that can send people flying with a single sneeze? 

She’s certainly one of the strongest dragon ladies in anime, with the ability to perform complex dragon-like things even at just a little over a year old.

It’s an amazing benefit it Eco (and the other students at Dragor Academy) had magnificent artistic talent and animation style and style.

5. Laika From I was killing slimes for over 300 years

laika killing slimes 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Leica (also known as Laika) is as fierce as dragons can get. She can fly, breathe fire, and even destroy homes when needed. 

But the most impressive characteristic that has placed her in the top 5 on the list is her modesty, which isn’t often seen in dragon girls. 

The girl believes in fair play and is considerate of her teachers, as shown by her request to Azusa for the position of her teacher after having her fight with Azusa and losing.

But when it comes time to confront enemy dragon clans, she sheds any sense of fear and engages in battle with all the determination and bravery she can get—all in the name of the Red Dragons.

4. Rose From Dragon Crisis!

rose dragon crisis 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

The majority of anime dragon ladies are much more human and dragons are more, making Rose an individual. 

Although she’s not able to into a dragon she is normal when she’s in her human form. 

She is a bit aggressive with almost everyone, except Ryuji the one who found her before she laid her eggs. 

She is clinging to him and sleeps with him in his bed.

The meticulous care given to the design for her characters is highly commendable and makes Rose among the best dragon characters in anime.

3. Grea From Manaria Friends

grea manaria 1 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Grea is a timid half-dragon who is in love with Anne the human princess. 

This unique LGBT representation in an anime about dragons is a step forward in its day, and you are likely to overlook the fact that the show is rather tinny and uninteresting. 

The characters that main female characters are quite deep and the deep slow burn of their romance will leave you wanting more.

The sound and art design are flawless and make the show worth watching regardless of the flaws.

2. Zefiris From Scrapped Princess

zefiris scrapped princess 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

The Scrapped Princess is an awesomely written show that has at least three dragons in it. 

Sorry to those who are on Team Natalie or #TeamGloria, but Zefiris is the one who takes the cake as the most powerful dragon girl in the story.

She’s calm, solemn, and composed, and often offers the most valuable suggestions when she senses that the Casulls encounter trouble. 

For Zefiris her duty to safeguard the Providence Breaker is more important than any other thing in her life.

It’s fascinating to watch her stand by her convictions despite the unexpected wave of confusion that ishes over her at times.

Regarding whether she should adhere to the plan humans devised in the past 5,000 years as a last resort to break free from the encapsulated ,rld,.

1. Tohru From Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

tohru kobayashi dragaon 10 Best Anime Dragon Girls

Our top pick of the most popular anime dragon ladies is the legendary Tooru The adorable young, active dragon who wowed busy Kobayashi by having nowhere in the world to be.

Kobayashi was the one who took the young dragon girl to her home as a reward for her efficient, but unorthodox methods of housekeeping that can be a bit scary however, they are always funny. 

Don’t let this story’s lighthearted beginnings fool you.

When Tohru confronts her past and painful memories, you’ll find yourself lying on the floor, sitting on your knees, and wiping the tears away.

Final Words

Here’s the list -the top 10 dragon ladies ever to exist in anime. 

Each of them is eccentric in its own right, but incredible in all respects.

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