What anime is Zero Two from?

Zero Two is the main protagonist and deuteragonist of DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a hybrid of a human and klaxo sapiens who fights largely on the front lines as a member of the APE Special Forces.

As she got up, Zero Two is said to have developed a deadly, icy, and seductive attitude. She didn’t bother with a name as they were all intended to battle and die since she has a very pessimistic attitude toward life.

She hardly notices when people close to her are having trouble because death is just a part of life for her.

Zero Two’s cynical humor, nihilism, and emotional distance always keep people at a distance. Additionally, Zero Two is open about how much she despises civilization.

Later, it becomes clear that Zero Two is a very wild, passionate, hot-tempered, self-assured, haughty, arrogant, and carefree girl who doesn’t like the rules made by adults.


ZerotwoFRANXX What anime is Zero Two from?

Due to her crimson horns and klaxosaur blood, elite pilot Zero Two of APE’s special forces is a strange and disobedient young woman who is often referred to as a monster.

She is also known as the “partner killer” since, except Hiro, every companion that pilots Strelizia with her perishes after just three rides.

She refers to Hiro as her “darling” often. Although her exact age is unclear, it is obvious that she is close to Hiro’s age.

Her greatest ambition is to become human to reconcile with a significant figure from her history, which in this case was Hiro.

A novel called “The Beast and the Prince,” which she observes is comparable to her circumstances of her and Hiro has influenced her since she was a little girl.

She starts writing her version of the narrative, but since she may have to break up with Hiro, she purposely left the final page blank.

Later, she learns that she is a Dr. Franxx clone of the Klaxosaur Princess. Zero Two can mentally connect with Strelizia to rescue Hiro and stop VIRM from destroying the world when Hiro is made to link with the princess, but this left her physically paralyzed.

She carried on mentally engaging VIRM in cosmic space combat. When she and Hiro get back together, Zero Two may combine with Strelizia to become the Strelizia True Apus and defeat the VIRM.

The two then split ways with their buddies while making a return commitment. In the climactic episode, Zero Two and Hiro come dangerously close to losing, yet they give their lives to destroy the VIRM home planet and release the captive souls.

They are reborn as two children at some time in the future.


gioi thieu Zero Two What anime is Zero Two from?

The character of Zero Two is seductive and menacing. She is a skilled pilot who goes by the nickname “Partner Killer” due to the unexplained deaths of her co-pilots after a limited number of FRANXX sorties.

Even though she seems fun with Hiro and sometimes displays some humor, she nonetheless does her tasks. In Episode 7, it is suggested that she is more knowledgeable about the outside world than the other Squad 13 members.

Zero Two is fiercely independent, unflappable, aloof, and indifferent. She is also quite sincere, thinking that everyone, particularly the “weaklings,” would perish the next day while doing their job to slay klaxosaurs.

She sometimes displays these traits, particularly in Episode 8 when she deceived the other Stamen into taking a bath in the girls’ restroom and then took their clothing. She also has odd habits, such as when she licked individuals to sample their “flavor” and put honey on her meals.

However, as the plot developed, it became clear that she was depressed, which contributed to her increasing wildness, aloofness, and difficulty being controlled.

She starts to dislike herself and makes a promise to kill Klaxosaurs to turn into a human.

Zero Two feels bad about what she did and tries to talk to Hiro when he regains his memory of who she is and how she almost killed him.

But since she’s in such a foul mood, she assumes that Ichigo and the other members of Squad 13 are attempting to keep her away from Hiro because she’s a monster.

Zero Two become more animalistic and unruly after being coerced into being picked up by APE.

She was also overcome with melancholy as a result of having previously let Hiro and the other members of Squad 13 see her “real” self.

After making up with Hiro and Squad 13, Zero Two became more logical, open, happy, and friendly. She also stopped being angry at Ichigo.

Does “Zero Two” have a name?

zero two What anime is Zero Two from?

As she was a Hybrid Human- KlaxoSapien, Zero Two was put through more tests than other kids. During one of these experiments, Hiro just so happened to witness the heinous abuse of adults on Zero Two.

Even though he had no control over the situation, he decided to leave the facility with Zero Two. Hiro introduced himself once they were in a secure area, but Zero Two couldn’t properly converse with him since she couldn’t speak.

Hiro chose to call her after seeing the distinctive designation 002 etched on a shackle placed on her thigh.

He first considered calling her Oni since 002 in Japanese means Oni (Demon), but after thinking about how it would affect her mental health, he decided to call her Zero Two, which is how her codename is pronounced in English.

As shown in episode 13 of Darling in the Franxx, She loved it a lot and even attempted to pronounce it.

Dr. Franxx wiped Zero Two and Hiro’s memories, but she clung to the name her loving sweetheart had given her.

As shown in episode 1 of Beloved in the Franxx, Zero Two still addressed herself to Hiro and the other kids as Zero Two years after she had forgotten what her darling looked like.

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