World of Warcraft Reveals How Many Mounts Can Use Dynamic Flying in The War Within

Over 440 mounts will be able to use Dynamic Flying in The War Within, according to a recent World of Warcraft announcement. Getting around World of Warcraft will never be the same again with hundreds of new ways to take to the skies and the ability to unlock flying earlier and easier than ever.

The War Within is currently being made. It will be the tenth expansion for World of Warcraft and will add new areas to explore, items to collect, and fun features.

But Dynamic Flying, the new version of Dragonriding that is easier to learn and has more mounts, is one of the most exciting changes in this World of Warcraft expansion.

The number of mounts that will be able to use Dynamic Flying in The War Within has been revealed by World of Warcraft just now. It released a sneak peek video showing some of the more than 440 mounts that will be able to use Dynamic Flying.

These mounts are spread across more than 200 models with more than 50 different shapes and sizes. Wonderfulhead made a list of all 464 mounts that will be able to use Dynamic Flying. This list includes a dozen new mounts from The War Within, but it could grow even more before the game comes out.

Dynamic Flying in World of Warcraft: The War Within

  • Over 440 existing flying mounts spread across more than 200 models and 50 different shapes and sizes are becoming Dynamic Flying mounts in The War Within.
  • Characters unlock Dynamic Flying at level 15, gaining more talents through level 70, when every ability from WoW: Dragonflight‘s Dragonriding will be unlocked automatically.
  • All Dynamic Flying mounts can switch to Standard Flying in all old zones, and in Khaz’Algar after exploring all the new areas.

The majority of flying mounts with wings, including dragons, gryphons, wyverns, and bats, were included, along with fan favorites like Ashes of Al’ar, Invincible, and Sandstone Drake. However, many wingless mounts, including the majority of mech suits, cloud serpents, flying horses, void worms, and even Mimiron’s Head, can use Dynamic Flying, allowing players to experience some of the rarest rides in World of Warcraft at high speeds.

For even more excitement, Dynamic Flying will be unlocked much faster in The War Within. As early as level 15, all players will be able to use Dynamic Flying, with Dracthyr unlocking it even faster. Characters will gain the old Dragonriding skills automatically as they level up, so they don’t need to collect glyphs.

With The War Within pre-patch, these new changes and the Dynamic Flying system as a whole go live. However, fans who were lucky enough to be invited to the World of Warcraft expansion’s alpha can try it out even earlier.

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