15 Games Like The Quarry

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Paid horror and action-adventure video game called The Quarry was made by Supermassive Games. In the game, the player must play the role of a camp counselor in an exciting movie plot. The game has almost nine camp counselors, and the player can play the role of his favorite.

During the game, the player has to make choices that affect all nine characters’ chances of survival. The player can explore the game’s open world from a third-person point of view.

The player is also able to select his favorite game ending thanks to the game. There are both single-player and multiplayer modes in The Quarry, so individuals can enjoy the game by themselves or with friends.


Games Like The Quarry

Paid horror, survival, adventure, and independent video game MADiSON was made by BLOODIOUS GAMES. The demon who forced the player to participate in a bloody ritual tortured him, according to the game’s plot. In this game, the player must play the role of Luca, a character who is being forced by the demon to do horrible things.

The player has to use an instant camera to take pictures by hand during this game. The player must look for items, interact with the environment, and gather them while playing the game. The player also has to figure out a lot of difficult puzzles in this game. Players can enjoy high-quality visuals, 3D sounds, and immersive game play in MADiSON.

14. Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine 3 15 Games Like The Quarry

For players who enjoy playing First-person Exploration and Puzzle games with horror elements, Labyrinthine introduces an exciting new game. Valko Games Studios made Labyrinthine, which has a mode called “Player Versus Environment” and team-based gameplay where the player moves from a first-person view around the scene.

Play a psychological horror game in a randomly generated environment and face supernatural forces. Following Joan’s lead, the story is about four characters who go on a journey to solve a mystery in the abandoned Hapsburg hedge maze. The game’s leveling system is randomly generated, and as you level up, you can unlock new monsters and maps.

13. Monstrum

Monstrum 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Monstrum is a Survival Horror, Rogue-like, and single-player video game for multiple platforms that was made by Team Junkfish. In this exciting game to play as a survivor, the introduction of the vicious monsters might scare you. Aside from adding randomly generated levels, it stays true to the survival horror genre.

It has a permadeath option and AI-driven predators, just like Rogue-like games. Your goal in the game is to use your wits to outwit monsters and try to get away from the environment that is killing people. Each of the various monsters has its own unique skills and abilities.

12. Devour

Devour 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

With both Single-player and Online Co-op modes, Devour comes with Survival Horror, Co-op, and Multiplayer game elements. It can accommodate 4 players at once and comes with a difficult game where the player must defeat evil powers.

During the game, the player moves around the land from a first-person viewpoint to complete missions and defeat evil. The addition of nightmare mode throws you ahead of procedurally generated land as well as ritual objects.

11. In Silence

In Silence 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Horror, cross-platform, online multiplayer survival video game In Silence was made by Ravenhood Games for a variety of devices. As Rake, you can hunt survivors while playing the game. Unique skills, including hypersensitive senses, are possessed by the protagonist. Additionally, the player can choose to either play as a Rake or as a Survivor.

In addition, the game has two modes: Nightmare Mode and Single-player Mode. There are sixteen types of perks available, and each one is useful in various scenes or modes. In order to defuse the rake, the player is also capable of using the advanced flashlight. The difficulty level of the game starts out easy and gets harder as the player learns how to play.

10. Bigfoot

Bigfoot 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Bigfoot is a survival-horror, single-player, and multi-player video game that was released by CyberLight Game Studio and is currently in Early Access. Play against Bigfoot and Gain as a monster are the two new game modes introduced. The player selects his favorite mode to enter the game land in the exciting world where it takes place.

If you play the game as a monster, your job is to kill all the survivors and earn in-game points to unlock more content. When you choose to play as a survivor, however, your job is to stay away from the monster and survive as long as possible in order to win. Gather a team of hunters from friends or other players; you can also choose to go alone and not select or take anyone.

9. Visage

Visage 1536x864 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Visage comes with Survival and Horror elements to give you an amazing game play experience where you feel the thrill of facing a monster. It has a single-player mode and first-person psychological horror gameplay where you slowly try to figure out a strange mystery in a house that is always changing.

Discover what terrible things are happening in the land around you by exploring it. There are a lot of mazes available, and you can look at the objects to discover clues about your next goals. First, there is no goal other than to plan your escape. While there are no weapons in the game, there are tools that can be used to solve puzzles. You master the game by playing it more often.

8. Phasmophobia

phasmophobia 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Phasmophobia is an Online Co-op and Virtual Reality video game that comes with the Horror genre and Multiplayer mode as well. It was released by Kinetic Games for PC users. With the ultimate objective of navigating haunted locations full of paranormal activities, the game supports four players at once who can experience psychological horror game play.

Prepare to enjoy the amazing game play that supports multiple platforms.

7. Soul at Stake

Soul at Stake 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

The addition of RPG game elements guarantees a thrilling game play experience that you may not have experienced before. A deadly cruse brought on by an engine bug stands in front of the game’s start.

You should know before purchasing that the English version isn’t out yet and can’t be loaded into the game. So, avoid purchasing at this moment until the developers fix the engine bug.

6. Dead Realm

Dead Realm 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

Section Studios has made the perfect mix of Action-Adventure, Survival-Horror, and Multiplayer games. The game’s premise involves one player taking on the role of a ghost, while the remaining players are humans who must avoid being haunted by the ghost in order to survive.

There are a maximum of eight players in the game. It has two types of games, like Bounty and Seek & Reap. Both are meant to pit two teams against each other, with the last remaining team to win the game.


GTFO 2 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

A Survival Horror video game made by 10 Chambers Collective, GFTO, was released in 2019. The game’s opening sequence takes place millions of years in the past, when a massive asteroid hits Earth, causing a mass extinction that wiped out all the dinosaurs.

Additionally, a team of prisoners is forced to investigate the game by navigating the underground complex built on the site where an asteroid landed in order to scavenge and perform difficult tasks for a unique entity known as The Warden.

4. Pacify

Pacify 1 15 Games Like The Quarry

You can play all different types of game experiences with the help of Single-player, Multiplayer, and Online Co-op gaming modes. Get ready to play a psychological horror survival game where you discover a horrible creature that wants to kill you no matter what. You must make your escape before a ghost kills you.

Try to solve mysteries and finish tasks as you move on. You can play in three different modes: PvP Mode, Co-op Mode, and Single-player Mode. Below is a list of the best games that are similar to Deceit.

3. Wolflord

Wolflord min 1536x864 3 15 Games Like The Quarry

Some Wolflord is a game offering similar game play modes to Deceit and is available in both Online PvP and Online Co-op game modes. Players from different platforms can join the same match and play the most thrilling game to solve different cases. Lizard Factory is a great addition to the gaming world, and it puts you in charge of stopping a terrible curse that is spreading like wildfire through the city.

As a result of the curse, the night comes earlier and the majority of people turn evil. Various types of dangerous animals are roaming the world, including ghouls, skeletons, demons, and more.

Wolflord is currently in its beta version, offering you a social deduction game play experience with high-quality graphics. The inclusion of both Online Co-op and Online PvP modes won’t let you get tired or bored because they unite players from all over the world in a band and let them fight for their lives in a breathtaking environment.

2. Deceit

Deceit 3 2 15 Games Like The Quarry

Other than using a third-person viewpoint, navigating the environment using a first-person perspective is challenging. When viewing the landscape from the protagonist’s perspective, only the hands of the character are visible to you. The thrilling environment filled with blood-thirsty creatures won’t let you go until they kill you.

In addition, the only goal is to stay alive until the game is over. Different weapons are available that assist you in killing zombies and other creatures of a similar type; therefore, you should adopt some stealth aspects to stay a little away from enemies and silently take on.

1. The Walking Dead

the walking dead season 2 sarah clementine 15 Games Like The Quarry

A different horror title with choices was introduced to the gaming world ten years before The Quarry. The Walking Dead is that game.

It’s a zombie narrative adventure title where talking to people, interacting with objects, and performing random quick-time events are the main activities.

You need to find a safe place in the world full of zombies. In the first season, you have to take care of a young girl named Clementine in addition to your main character Lee Everett. Then she becomes the main character in later seasons.​

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