17 Games Like Galaga

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A paid arcade, action, and shooter video game called Galaga was made by Namco. The player of this game must pilot a spacecraft in a setting that is set in outer space.

The story of the game is that aliens are coming toward the player and want to destroy his home land. In this game, there are different fighters, and the player has to join them to fight aliens.

Also, the game has many levels, and each one has obstacles, power-ups, and tough enemies. For the whole game, the player’s main goal is to get as many points as possible by killing aliens.

Since it’s an open world game, the player is free to move around in it however they want. Galaga has beautiful graphics, the best gameplay mechanics, and players can’t stop playing it.

17. Ares Fighter 3

Games Like Galaga

In Ares Fighter 3, a single-player shooting game, players move the fighter jet up and down to destroy enemies’ planes. To destroy the enemy in the air, Ares Fighter 3 uses numerous fighter jets.

With their mouse and keyboards, players can control every part of the game. In Ares Fighter 3, players get diamond points for destroying enemy planes. Each time they play, they only have three lives before the enemies kill them.

For diamond points, Ares Fighter 3 players can change the way their planes look and make them stronger. The Ares Fighter 3 algorithm functions in such a way that the player’s plane improves after fixed diamonds.

16. Galaxy Attack: Chicken Shooter

chicken shooter 17 Games Like Galaga

Onegame Studio Global created the free video game Galaxy Attack: Chicken Shooter, which is a shooter and action game. The player in this game must take part in an epic battle with the Chicken Invader Squadron. To defend Earth from enemies, the player must assume the role of a legendary fighter.

The player is given a variety of weapons in this game so that he can easily defeat enemies. The player can choose from multiple game modes, including Endless, Campaign, and Raidboss. The player receives coins for completing the game’s multiple levels. Great sounds, graphics, and music for the player make Galaxy Attack a great game.

15. Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War

Air Force War 17 Games Like Galaga

OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. made Galaxy Shooter: Air Force War, a free shooter and action video game. The player must play the role of a space defender in this game.

The player must defeat enemies from outer space who have entered the solar system. This game’s story mode is fun, and it has more than 100 difficult levels.

Additionally, the game offers you multiple different space ships from which to pick your favorite. For defeating enemies, each of these space ships has its special abilities and weapons. The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes, so you can play it by yourself or with friends.

14. Pirates Of Galaxy: Epic hunter

Pirates Of 17 Games Like Galaga

OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. created the free video game Pirates Of Galaxy: Epic Hunter, which is an action, shooter, and arcade game. The player of this game has to handle a spaceship and fight enemies.

To fight enemies in this game, the player has access to a variety of weapons. The player can select their preferred space ship for use in the game from among the multiple available space ships.

The player must fight the boss every three levels while playing the game. This game also has three different game modes: PVP, Campaign, and Endless. The player can play this game alone because it supports single-player mode.

13. Dragon shooter

Dragon shooter 17 Games Like Galaga

OneSoft Global PTE.LTD created the free video game Dragon Shooter, which combines action, shooting, and arcade. Hell Fire named strikers ruled the world in the Stone Age, when this game takes place.

In the story of the game, mutants have attacked Earth to take over the galaxy and become a superpower.

The player must take control of his preferred dragon before playing the game. The player can fight and defeat enemies once he has taken control of his chosen enemy.

These games also give players a variety of weapons to use against enemies. You can play this game in three types: easy, normal, and hard. An internet connection is not necessary to play the game because it can be played offline.

12. Space shooter: Galaxy attack

Space shooter Galaxy attack 17 Games Like Galaga

OneSoft created the action-adventure, arcade, and shooting video game Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack, which is free. From what the game’s story says, an unknown alien force is attacking the whole galaxy.

In this game, the space defending team tells the player to take charge of a spaceship and keep the galaxy safe.

To protect the galaxy, the player has to fight and beat aliens. The player in this game must fight the boss on every level, which has almost 200 levels.

Furthermore, the game gives players gems for successfully killing aliens and finishing levels. The player can unlock the in-game rare content by using these gems.

11. Solar Squad: Space Attack

Solar Squad Space Attack 17 Games Like Galaga

OneSoft created the free video game Solar Squad: Space Attack, which is an action, shooter, and arcade title. Two main powers, humans and aliens, are threatening the planet, according to the story of the game.

As the player of this game, your job is to keep the world safe from both powers. As the player goes through the game, they have to fly an airplane and attack enemies to beat them.

Multiple difficult levels make up this game, and each level has a different set of goals to reach. the game also gives power-ups and rewards to players who finish levels successfully.

The World Boss, Endless, and Campaign modes are just a few of the many that Solar Squad supports.

10. Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Invaders Alien Shooter 17 Games Like Galaga

The free arcade and shooting video game Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter was made by Onesoft. In this game, the player must survive a harsh environment set in space.

According to the story of the game, aliens want to take resources from Earth and destroy it. The player in this game must play the role of a character who is in charge of a spacecraft.

To fight enemies, the player’s spaceship is outfitted with multiple weapons. Throughout the game’s many difficult levels, the player must face an epic boss. Open-world games let players freely explore the whole world of the game.

9. Sky Champ: Space Shooter

Sky Champ 17 Games Like Galaga

Spirit bomb made the free action, arcade, and shooting video game Sky Champ: Space Shooter. The story of the game is that the player must save the earth from the evil monster force that has invaded it. The player’s main job in this game is to navigate the spaceship and fight off enemies.

The player progresses through the game’s nearly 100 levels, which get harder as they go. The player must collect rare items while playing the game to upgrade his space ship. Additionally, the game gives players rewards for killing enemies.

8. Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game

17 Games Like Galaga

The free action, shooter, casual, and stylized video game Galaxiga: Classic Arcade Game was made by ONESOFT. In this game, the player must control a spaceship and shoot different enemies. To survive, the player must protect the people of Earth from these enemies.

The player must collect gems and coins to upgrade and change their weapons in addition to fighting and surviving enemies.

The game goes on, and you have to keep upgrading your spaceship to make it more dangerous. Multiple levels make up this game, and each one is very challenging. Furthermore, the game is very simple to control and has beautiful pixel graphics for the player.

7. Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded 17 Games Like Galaga

Infinite Dreams created the free video game Sky Force Reloaded, which combines arcade and shooting. The player must play the role of a hero in this 3D game that is set in that world.

To control a spacecraft and fight off enemies is the player’s objective. The player gets in-game rewards when they defeat these enemies. There are many playable levels in the game, and each level is set up differently.

The game also offers the player almost nine different spacecraft from which to choose. Using the various weapons provided in this game, the player can easily defeat enemies.

6. Galaxy Shooter

Galaxy Shooter 17 Games Like Galaga

The company OneSoft Global PTE Ltd. made Galaxy Shooter, a paid action, casual, combat, arcade, strategy, and shooting video game.

The player must control a spaceship and fight various enemies throughout this game. The player must choose a spaceship from among the ones offered by the game to play.

There are over 200 levels in this game, and each one is full of aliens and bosses that are very dangerous. You also get coins and gems when you beat enemies in the game.

The player can upgrade the spaceship and fight aliens more effectively with the help of these coins and gems. The player has to play this game with friends because it supports multi player mode.

5. 1945 Air Force: Airplane games

1945 air force mod apk 17 Games Like Galaga

ONESOFT made the free shooter, action, and stylized video game 1945 Air Force: Airplane games. The player in this game must control a warplane and take part in thrilling combat.

This game requires the player to take on the role of a squadron leader in the air force. The player can fly vintage planes such as the Lockhead P-38, P-51, Su-5, P-36 Hawk, and Grumman F6F in this game.

Besides that, this game has 30 legendary battle zones and almost 500 challenging campaigns. It can be changed in many ways, so the player can make their own super planes.

For completing the daily tasks, 1945 Air Force gives the player prizes and other rewards.

4. Sea Invaders: Shoot ‘Em Up

Sea Invaders Shoot Em Up 17 Games Like Galaga

Viva Games Studios made Sea Invaders: Shoot ‘Em Up, a free shooter, casual, and action video game. In this Galaga-style space invader game, the player has to fight waves of shark enemies.

This underwater shooting game has a lot of difficult levels that the player has to beat. This game lets you make your shark stronger, faster, and healthier.

The player is given keys to open epic chests that contain valuable items while playing the game. Along with friends, the game lets you form teams to fight the enemy sharks.

3. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Galaxy Attack 17 Games Like Galaga

Free arcade, shooting, and real-time PVP video game called Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter was made by OneSoft Studio.

The story of the game is that aliens want to hurt Earth, and the player must defend Earth from them. The player must control a spaceship and fight off aliens in this game. The player is also provided with a variety of weapons to fight enemies, such as guns and upgrade lasers.

This game has almost 100 levels, and each one is hard and full of challenges. For slaying aliens, the player is provided with points, and by using these points, they can unlock upgrades.

Because it’s an open-world game, there are no limits on what the player can do in the game world.

2. HAWK: Airplane Space games

HAWK 17 Games Like Galaga

My.com B.V. has created HAWK: Airplane Space Games, a free casual, action, and shooter video game. In this game, the player must take part in combat and fight against enemy forces.

In order to fight enemies in this game, the player is given a variety of weapons and upgrades. The player can team up with other players to form a falcon squad in the co-op mode of the game.

When enemies are defeated, the player receives points, and their leaderboard scores rise. The player must play the game alone because it only supports single-player mode. You can’t play HAWK without an internet connection because it supports online mode.

1. Sky Force 2014

Sky Force 2014 17 Games Like Galaga

Infinite Dreams made Sky Force 2014, a free shooting, arcade, and action video game. The story of the game is that there are troubled civilians in the area, and they need the player’s help to clear out dangerous enemies.

The player must fight and defeat enemies in this 3D game that is set in the real world.

The player can explore the game’s world from a top-down viewpoint because it is an open-world game. The game is split up into different levels, each with its own missions and challenges.

When these levels are finished successfully, the player is given in-game points. It lets the player use different weapons, such as guns, shields, mega-bombs, and missiles.

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