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You might have to pay $4.99 for Gris on Android and $16.99 for it on PlayStation. It’s a single-player adventure, puzzle, and platform video game with side-scroll end that looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. Reach the end of each stage to access the next scene.

Begin by navigating the world surrounding you from a side-scrolling perspective. When the game is over, you’re left in a beautiful world where you can enjoy both the peaceful and moving experience and the frustration of dying.

Control a girl from a side-scrolling perspective and move through the environment surrounding her to solve challenging puzzles and look for new ways to reach the end.

Explore several different areas, each of which has a story to tell. Find your way around the land and find out its dark secrets to enjoy the exciting gameplay. If you’re looking for the best games like Gris, we have something special for you.

12. We Are OFK

Games Like Gris

The team known as We Are OFK OFK is an action-adventure, cinematic, point-and-click, visual novel, single-player video game.

Some people have said that this game is about four Los Angeles friends who have decided to form a band and take turns playing and singing in it.

They picked songs that were about daydreaming, dating, or money. People can argue over the lyrics, send each other sad messages, and play interactive music and video clips during this part of the story.

This episode-based game has five difficult levels in total, and each level has its own features and prizes.

11. South of the Circle

South of the Circle 1536x864 1 12 Games Like Gris

Peter and Clara, two professors at Cambridge who are caught in the political chaos of the Cold War, have a touching story in South of the Circle.

There is a story about how hard it is to keep our promises, love, and work all at the same time. You have to choose between work, love, the present, and the past in this story.

You play Peter, a Cambridge professor who gets lost in Antarctica during the Cold War.

He is asking for help while his life story plays out in front of him. It shows how his ambitions and the need for power have brought him to the edge he now has to climb.

Peter falls in love with Clara, a fellow student, and it is during this time that Peter begins to understand the importance of his promises. Forever, some promises stay with you, like the best childhood memories.

10. Planet of Lana

PlanetOfLana 1024x536 1 12 Games Like Gris

Wishfully made Planet of Lana, a paid adventure, puzzle, and sci-fi video game. This game takes place in a brightly colored world full of unfamiliar creatures and cold machines.

The story of the game centers on a young girl and her boyfriend, who go on a rescue mission. A trusted companion can help the player explore the open world of the game.

There is also a single-player mode in this game, which means that the player has to play it by themselves.

The player must deal with various creatures and defend himself from them while playing the game. The player of this game has to successfully solve a number of difficult puzzles.

9. Unravel 2

Unvravel 2 title pic 2 12 Games Like Gris

Coldwood created Unravel 2, a paid action-adventure, single-player, and cooperative multiplayer video game. A game’s story is centered around two yarns, which are small creatures that look like people.

One or two players can control the two yarns at the same time in this game’s single-player and multiplayer modes.

Players can easily understand the game in this game because it has a storyline. You can explore the world, try to simulate in different places, and go on different quests.

Additionally, you can make friends, teach them, and accompany them on your journey. This game gives players a map to find specific places like cities, deserts, and forests.

8. Labyrinthine

Labyrinthine 2 12 Games Like Gris

For those who enjoy playing First-person Exploration and Puzzle Game Play with Horror Elements, Labyrinthine introduces thrilling game play.

The first-person shooter game Labyrinthine was created by Valko Games Studios and features a Player Versus Environment mode as well as team-based game play.

Play a psychological horror game in a randomly generated environment and face supernatural powers.

The plot follows four characters, including Joan, who set out on a journey to solve a mystery in the abandoned Hapsburg hedge maze.

The game’s leveling system is randomly generated and unlocks monsters and maps.

7. Toby: The Secret Mine

Toby The Secret Mine 1 12 Games Like Gris

A lot of people, including me, love to play Puzzle-Platform games because many of them have beautiful romance storylines and vibrant graphics.

The cast is wonderful, and it offers a lovely experience. Much of the gameplay looks like Limbo, and there are also some similarities with the Little Nightmare 2 game.

6. Orphan

Orphan 1 12 Games Like Gris

Are you prepared to take control of a ghost-like creature who requires your assistance to survive? In a dangerous world, you are in charge of a character who has the task of searching for family.

Discover the land from a side-scroll perspective, get past the challenges, and reach the end with the most points possible. Combating enemies and their bosses can be done in a lot of different ways.

5. Unravel

Unravel 1 12 Games Like Gris

One of the best games like Little Nightmare II that I like is Unravel. It has a combination of Puzzle and Platform genres, offering you to play the game while taking in the stunning environment and the heartfelt story revolving around the yarn-made character.

4. Planet Alpha

PLANET ALPHA 1 12 Games Like Gris

The first thing that probably comes to your mind is what criteria I use when searching for Best Games like Little Nightmare 2 and why Planet Alpha is offering the same game set as LN2.

First off, it offers the same game play experience via a side-scroll perspective as well as the Puzzle-Platform genre.

Second, to leave the scene, the character is trapped in an unknown world. It’s time to go explore the unique environment and solve the puzzles that are hidden there.

3. Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares II 1 12 Games Like Gris

You’d be surprised to learn that the game has successfully received the majority of positive reviews across all platforms, and that its Steam rating is an incredible 10/10. This proves that the game doesn’t have any bugs or other issues that make it hard to play. It is released on Cross-Platform and only has a Single-Player mode, similar to the first title.

2. Another Sight

another sight 83538 1 12 Games Like Gris

An adventure, steampunk, puzzle, and single-player video game called Another Sight was made by Lunar Great Wall Studios and released by Fish Eagle.

The game takes players on a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements that takes place in London in the year 1899. With a focus on culture and character, the game is mostly about how the relationship between two main characters, like Kit and Hodge, grows emotionally.

They meet in the darkest construction site in London during the journey, after Kit loses her sight when the tunnel collapses.

Hodge is trying hard to show that he is a loyal friend as the two characters go on an unexpected adventure together.

The game play is superb, and the player moves across the world from a side-scrolling perspective.

The surreal world with superb animation effects will be experienced by the player as they move through it. Some of the most notable features of Thief Simulator are its story-driven gameplay, emotional adventure, and more.

1. Limbo

limbo 4118 1 12 Games Like Gris

Limbo is a PlayDead video game that is an award winning Puzzle-Platform and Action-Adventure.

The game offers wonderfully immersive game play and lets you enjoy a Side-Scrolling marvel in which your task is to be a little kid, travel through a dark jungle, solve several puzzles to carry on your task, and defeat some scary monsters to survive.

Big spiders, bear traps, dark passages, machine enemies, and anti-gravity guns are just some of the challenges you’ll face as you try to stay on track, leave this godforsaken world, and find your sister.

Limbo is a lot of fun to play thanks to its mesmerizing and amazing visuals, brilliant game, and addictive and difficult environment.

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