How old is Franklin in GTA 5 Online and his Events of Grand Theft Auto V

FRANKLIN GTA How old is Franklin in GTA 5 Online and his Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Franklin Clinton is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series. He is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, along with Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips.

Additionally, he is a main character in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Contract update. Additionally, he is one of the two playable characters in the Short Trips mission series and the Double Down Adversary Modes, along with Lamar Davis. Each of these roles is played by Franklin Clinton.


Given that Franklin Clinton was born in 1988, he would be 24 or 25 years old in Grand Theft Auto 5 and 32 or 33 years old in The Contract with Grand Theft Auto Online.

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One of the most compelling pieces of proof that he was born in 1988 is the fact that his license plate reads “FC1988.” There is a good chance that the component of that license plate that reads “FC” stands for Franklin Clinton, which would imply that the year 1988 is significant in some way.

As a result of the fact that Grand Theft Auto 5 already treats him as the youngest protagonist in the game, it is quite likely that his birth year is 1998; otherwise, 1998 is not significant to the storyline.

2013 was the only year that Grand Theft Auto 5 could have been released. A particular birthdate for Franklin is not included in the game, and the dates that are presented in the game are not very specific. In light of this, it is possible that he would be either 24 or 25 years old, depending on the precise time that the game takes place.


GTA How old is Franklin in GTA 5 Online and his Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos was the place where Franklin was born and where he spent his entire life. At an early age, he joined the Chamberlain Gangster Families, where he and his best buddy, Lamar Davis, committed a variety of minor offenses for the purpose of making a livelihood.

He became a gangbanger. They, along with their other CGF homies from Forum Drive, would eventually come together to form the independent Forum Gangsters in order to avoid the “retro gangster” crap that was being spread by the CGF. When Franklin meets Michael, he becomes a mentor figure to him and recruits him in all of his robberies and various jobs for other criminals, which ultimately leads to Franklin’s success and wealth.

The story revolves around Franklin’s desire to become something more and make something of himself, which he succeeds in doing when he meets Michael. Even though Trevor is not as close to Franklin as Michael is, he still manages to become something of a mentor for Franklin. Franklin also develops a friendship with the third protagonist, Trevor.

In addition, he was addressed briefly in Grand Theft Auto Online by Lamar Davis in the objectives “Mall or Nothing” and “Community Outreach,” as well as by Hao when he recalled “Shift Work” during the introduction to the LS Car Meet.

Subsequently, he is presented as a prosperous businessman and multi-millionaire by the year 2021. He is the proprietor of the F. Clinton and Partner agency, which he shares with his new partner, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto Online.

Shawn Fonteno, who is the cousin of Young Maylay, the voice actor of Carl Johnson, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, is the one who provides his voice for him throughout the game.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

FranklinClinton GTA5 Devin2 How old is Franklin in GTA 5 Online and his Events of Grand Theft Auto V

Lamar and Franklin start their takeover.

The first time Franklin is seen, he is working with Lamar on a repossession job. This occurs shortly after Franklin has a fortuitous contact with Michael De Santa, who will later become his criminal partner.

De Santa unknowingly takes them to their assigned repossession task. Later on, Simeon gives Franklin and Lamar the task of reclaiming a Bagger that is located in a region of Vespucci that is under the hands of the Vagos. As the two individuals are looking for the bike, they are confronted by the Vagos, and Lamar draws a gun on them, which leads to the beginning of a shootout.

The pair is then compelled to engage in a struggle in order to escape the area. Although they are successful in locating the bike, the owner was slain in the gunfight.

The fact that Lamar takes the bike for himself despite the fact that he is aware that the repossession is pointless causes Simeon to blame Franklin for the theft of the bike. During the process of collecting a BeeJay XL that had been sold to Jimmy De Santa, Franklin’s father Michael, who had been hiding himself in the back seat, places a pistol to Franklin’s head.

Franklin gets a payout from Michael personally for what he referred to as “a job well done” after he drives the automobile through the window of Simeon’s dealership. This action was carried out in accordance with Michael’s instructions.

The two individuals are terminated by Simeon due to the fact that Franklin had driven through the dealership and Lamar had failed to return the motorcycle.

Franklin assisting Michael in demolishing the home

In the aftermath of Franklin’s termination from his position as a representative at the dealership, Michael approached Franklin to inquire about a drink that Michael had provided him without any prior notice.

Franklin provides assistance to Michael in rescuing Jimmy from his yacht, which was taken after an effort was made to sell it while Jimmy was on board. After some time has passed, Michael and Franklin pursue him to a residence in the Vinewood Hills neighborhood after he discovers his wife Amanda engaging in post-coitus sexual activity with her tennis coach.

Michael and Franklin, who are under the impression that the tennis coach owns the property, use a pickup truck to pull the deck down, which ultimately results in the destruction of the house. Martin Madrazo, a drug kingpin, makes an appearance after returning to the De Santa Residence.

He explains that the property in question was actually the residence of his mistress, and not the tennis coach’s. The repairs to the house will cost $2,500,000, and he demands that Michael pay for them. He assaults Michael with a baseball bat and demands that Michael pay for them.

Lamar and Franklin attempt to abduct D.

Lamar brings Franklin along with him in order to kidnap a member of the Balla gang named D. The only reason for this is that Lamar recognized “opportunity” in the situation.

Lamar and he get together and ride in Lamar’s van to Vinewood Boulevard. They run into D down an alley, but D manages to get away on a motorcycle while the two of them are chasing after him.

The two are successful in capturing D with the assistance of Lamar’s dog Chop; however, they are compelled to release him after Lamar accidentally discloses their location to the authorities while he is talking on his cell phone.

The situation took a turn for the worse when Stretch returned from his prison sentence and went to Rogers Salvage & Scrap to participate in a narcotics trade, which turned out to be an ambush.

Stretch was taken by surprise. D is killed by Stretch, and the three of them make their escape, with Franklin being furious at Stretch for returning.

After a period of time has passed, Michael makes contact with Franklin in order to recruit him for the heist at the Vangelico Jewelry Store. Franklin agrees to participate in the heist since he views it as his first serious payoff and a significant opportunity to demonstrate his proficiency.

The theft is successful, and Madrazo is able to obtain his money. Michael and Franklin, on the other hand, choose to divide the remaining funds among themselves.

Dave Norton, an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, gives Michael orders to penetrate a morgue and assassinate numerous guards.

Even though Franklin continued to have faith in Michael because the latter offered him assistance while he was in a difficult financial situation, Michael phones Franklin in a state of panic and admits that he is linked with the Financial Institutions Board (FIB).

In addition, Franklin makes the decision to collaborate with Michael in the expectation that he will receive higher compensation for his work with him.

The three make their way off Grove Street.

Franklin is introduced to Trevor Philips and Lester Crest, two of Michael’s acquaintances from his days as a bank robber, when he is working on a variety of jobs on behalf of Michael. Because of his work, Franklin is able to put some space between himself and the Families.

When Franklin gets back to his residence, Lamar and Denise yell at him for his “disloyalty” to the family. Trevor suddenly appears, expressing his desire to “make new friends” as Franklin says that he does not wish to be ensnared in the pattern of gang life once more and that he desires the opportunity to make a success of himself. Franklin is informed by Lamar that Stretch has organized a drug deal with several Ballas, and Trevor has made the decision to join them during this time.

All three of them, along with Chop, make their way to a residence on Grove Street. There, Lamar is presented with an opportunity to purchase a sample of a cocaine brick, and he is on the verge of doing so when Trevor steps in. In the process of stealing the brick from the vendor, Trevor realizes that the brick is actually made of cardboard.

Following the outbreak of a gunfight, Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar are compelled to engage in a struggle in order to escape Grove Street since their van has been inoperable. Just a few moments after the gunfight, the Los Angeles Police Department arrives to pursue them.

Franklin and Trevor follow Lamar into the Los Santos Storm Drain by way of a short alleyway before entering the drain. As they make their way towards the open sea, they steal three jet skis and eventually manage to evade the authorities.

In the event that Franklin decides to pursue Lamar, he will inform him that he believes Stretch deliberately set them up in order to kill Lamar.

Within a short period of time, Trevor is successful in persuading Franklin and Michael to steal an experimental super weapon from Merryweather, a private security business.

The theft is successful, but immediately after that, Lester appears and orders the three individuals to return the weapon. He is furious with them because he warns them that if they steal it, they would be pursued by every agency that is known to exist on the world.

Despite the fact that Trevor is determined to maintain it, Franklin and Michael are of the same opinion that it is not worth the effort. Trevor gives in and makes the necessary arrangements for it to be returned.


Franklin is hired by the millionaire Devin Weston, who wants him, Trevor, Michael, and eventually Lamar to steal three valuable automobiles for him so that he can ship them to Asia.

Franklin is responsible for stealing the automobiles. Additionally, he is hired by Lester for a number of assassination operations, which enables him to relocate to a spacious home that was Lester’s property but required a resident to occupy it in order to give the impression that it was legitimate.

Franklin starts hunting for Michael and Trevor at a time when he is unaware that they were hiding at Trevor’s trailer in Sandy Shores after a task for Madrazo went awry.

Franklin discovers that Trevor has been targeted by the remaining O’Neil brothers, who are angry and vengeful at Trevor due to his earlier attack on the O’Neil household, which resulted in the deaths of most of the O’Neils and the destruction of their farm.

Franklin arrives at the condo that Trevor was using as a Los Santos base in order to inquire about the matter with his associates, cousins Wade and Floyd.

Franklin discovers that Trevor has been targeted by the O’Neil brothers. The O’Neils are being pursued by Franklin, who causes them to crash due to an elk that is on the road and then escapes into a forest in Raton Canyon. The chopper that transports Trevor and Michael arrives at some point.

Michael is able to kill Walton and Wynn O’Neil by shooting them with a gun that is equipped with a thermal scope. However, he is unable to obtain a clear shot of Elwood, who is hiding behind a boulder and firing rockets towards the helicopter. Franklin is able to locate and eliminate Elwood with the assistance of Chop.

Following this, Trevor and Michael come to pick up Franklin and Chop, and they are later brought back to Sandy Shores Airfield in a secure manner.

” What’s up! What’s up? Excessive! This is a victory for you. You have ensnared me in your lunatic and absurd world of crap. If it had been lies, New Age nonsense, and discussions about how much better life used to be, I could have stayed in Los Santos and not been bothered with any of that.”

Franklin provides assistance to Trevor and Michael in their attempt to rob the Blaine County Savings Bank. This bank is a repository for millions of dollars that have been deposited there by the corrupt police enforcement of Blaine County, who extort money from all of the local meth laboratories and cannabis fields.

Trevor, Michael, Franklin, and one other gunman successfully rob the Paleto bank by using stolen military body armor and machine guns.

They each take a small cut of the profit, but they give the larger profit to Haines and Norton so that they can purchase the necessary equipment for a robbery at the Humane Labs and Research chemical plant. This causes the team to feel irritated.

When Franklin becomes frustrated.

Franklin gets a phone call from Lamar, who tells him that he has indeed taken the last automobile that Weston has on his list of stolen vehicles.

The two of them make their way to Little Bighorn Avenue, where Trevor is waiting with a Packer that is loaded with the other automobiles that the group has acquired for Weston. Franklin and Lamar catch up with each other. Franklin drives the vehicle onto the final available spot on the Packer, and then he, Lamar, and Trevor start the journey to the location where the vehicle would be dropped off.

Franklin comes to the conclusion that he would unhitch one of the stolen cars, a JB 700, and use its weaponry to destroy the police cars when the police find the cars and begin to pursue them. In the meantime, Franklin is making his way along the freight carrier, ultimately arriving at the JB 700.

Trevor is responsible for maintaining the stability of the car. Franklin is successful in putting an end to the police pursuit by utilizing the caltrops and pistols that were just incorporated in the 700. They deliver the automobiles, but Devin enrages the three individuals by not paying them. He promises to “invest” their money and pay them at a later time, which causes the trio to become angry.

Franklin questions Trevor regarding Michael’s location.

Franklin, who is irritated, contacts Michael, but later finds out that Michael’s phone is not working. Due to his confusion, he decides to call Lester, who informs him that his phone has been on and off ever since he departed for Ludendorff. Lester then proposes that he inquire about it with Trevor.

When Trevor runs into Franklin at his aunt’s house, Franklin asks him where Michael is. Trevor responds by saying that Michael was taken by the Los Santos Triads while they were in Ludendorff. Franklin inquires further about Michael’s whereabouts. Trevor refuses to assist Franklin in liberating him, citing that Michael is “dead” to him.

Trevor found out that Michael was responsible for a set up heist that they participated in many years ago. Franklin asks Trevor for his assistance in rescuing him. Given that Trevor has declined to accompany him, Franklin makes the decision to rescue Michael on his own.

Through the assistance of an application that Lester had forwarded to his phone, he eventually follows Michael’s phone signal to a slaughterhouse.

The two of them make their escape from the abattoir, where Franklin finds out that Michael had aligned himself with Norton in order to get out of his criminal life and to remove himself from the borderline psychotic Trevor. Franklin is successful in rescuing Michael after a gunfight, and the two of them make their escape.

Franklin and Michael are called upon to complete one more task for Steve Haines, which involves breaking into the FIB building and deleting evidence that could be used against him.

This is because the raid on the Research Lab had resulted in his incarceration, which had a negative impact on his reputation.

After successfully infiltrating the building, the crew is able to retrieve the data and then escape. Following their triumph, they get together with Lester and celebrate with alcoholic beverages. When Michael has left to resolve the matter with the FIB, Franklin and Lester take some time to unwind together.

We had to come to Lamar’s rescue.

After some time has passed, Franklin receives a visit from his ex-girlfriend Tanisha at his residence.

She informs him that Stretch has re-established Lamar’s relationship with a huge group of the Ballas, who are currently holding him prisoner at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.

In spite of the fact that Franklin is initially hesitant to assist since Lamar is adamant about maintaining a way of life that has not been beneficial to them, he is eventually persuaded to assist.

While he is on his way to the sawmill, he begs Lester to get in touch with Michael and Trevor so that they can assist him in pulling Lamar out of the situation.

The three arrives, and they immediately begin to eliminate the Ballas. While he is bringing Lamar home, he and Franklin get into a minor argument.

They argue about Franklin’s numerous attempts to save Lamar from troubles that he got himself into, as well as Lamar’s feeling of abandonment on Franklin’s part.

However, they both agree that Stretch most likely sold out to the Ballas while he was incarcerated. Franklin encourages Lamar to maintain his civility, to give up his lifestyle of gang-banging, and to find a career that is more suitable for him. Franklin is abruptly accosted by the FIB agents blackmailing Michael, Steve Haines, and Dave Norton.

They have given Franklin the duty of killing Trevor because of his aggressive conduct and general liability. This occurs after Lamar has been dumped off. Franklin declines and asks them to consider recruiting Michael to carry out the task instead. However, Norton adds that Michael is unable to do so since Trevor does not trust Michael and will not permit Michael to come close to him.

Shortly after that, Franklin and the rest of the squad began making preparations for their final robbery. In the end, they are successful and walk away with millions of dollars worth of gold.


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