Franklin Clinton in GTA 5

Along with Trevor Philips and Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton is one of the three playable characters in Grand Theft Auto V. Most players of Grand Theft Auto 5 believe that Franklin Clinton is the most endearing of the three characters.



Franklin, a poor, uneducated child born in South Los Santos in 1988. He eventually turned to a life of drug selling and gang activity, but in 2008, when he was 20 years old, he was arrested for possessing cocaine and carrying a concealed weapon.

Five years after his release from prison, Franklin made the decision to forsake his previous life of petty crime and turn his criminal ways into something more intelligent. He became the boss of the Forum Gangsters, a subset of The Grove Street Families Gang, and recruited Lamar to manage the group with him in the event that he was shot or imprisoned again, to supervise the group’s operations, and to ensure that the drug trade continued to thrive in his absence.

A few years later, Franklin was apprehended once more and found guilty at trial of murder, attempted murder of a law enforcement official, possessing a handgun without a permit, and taking part in an ongoing criminal operation. He will serve 37 years to life in the San Andreas Department of Corrections, according to the judge’s sentencing.

Franklin reached out to the Triple OGs in the Families Set as soon as the Forum Gangsters lost their most important leader, and with a single phone call from the High Command As the official “hitta” (hitman) for the Forum Gangsters, Trevor was initiated into the Familes Gang.

His duties included carrying out drive-bys, shootouts, and gangland killings against their longstanding foe, The Ballaz, as well as killing and stabbing people with knives or machetes who belonged to other rival gangs, including the Mexican and El Salvadorian gangs Vagos and the Marabanque Grande. All of this was done to safeguard the GSF’s territory and reputation as the most vicious gang in San Andreas while Franklin was in prison.

Franklin was primarily confined to a 23-hour isolation cell, but he was still able to use his cell phone to smuggle in communication with other prisoners. This gave him the ability to communicate with his family by phone, smuggle cigarettes, drugs, and weapons into the prison yard, and periodically check in on Trevor, Lamar, his aunt Denise, and the gang from his cell. Franklin’s OG status gave him the authority to make decisions both inside and outside of the prison.

He could even order hits on members of the opposing Ballaz gang from inside his cell, which discouraged them from waging war to retake their territory. Following the appointment of a new legal team and almost seven years of incarceration at Bolingbroke Federal State Prison, Franklin was declared innocent and released from prison after an appellate court declared the case to be a mistrial and dropped all of his charges.

Franklin would rise from Triple OG to the top ranks of organized crime following his fourth release from jail, when he would become one of Los Santos’ most feared and revered gang bosses.


Franklin is characterized as an aspirational young man who is ready to take on novel challenges, many of which are illegal. In addition, he acts with a great deal of optimism, which sets him apart from Michael De Santa, the other protagonist. He and Michael become close, frequently functioning as a father-son team.

Skills and Abilities

As a young adult, Franklin possesses a degree of physical strength that Trevor and Michael, the other characters, do not, as well as a wide range of skills from his varied employment. He knows his way around a car and has gotten skilled at robbing unwary owners of their vehicles as a repo man at the Armenian Car Dealership. He also shoots firearms with remarkable accuracy.

Franklin’s unusual ability to slow time while driving is similar to that of other protagonists. But these are only from the standpoint of gameplay.


Michael De Santa: The two become close father and son after meeting during Grand Theft Auto V. This resulted from Michael and Franklin’s strained relationship with Jimmy, Michael’s biological son, and Franklin’s lack of a family and father figure as a child. Michael viewed Franklin as a means of advancing in the criminal world and saw him as a person who could use his life experience to gain access to his former way of life.

Trevor: At first, Trevor and Franklin don’t get along, and Trevor was hesitant to ask Franklin to assist them with different tasks. His mistrust of Franklin was so profound that he openly disparaged the bond that Franklin and Michael had built. Nevertheless, Trevor gains Franklin’s trust, and the two characters are able to get along.

Lamar: Mostly because of his erratic tendencies, his relationship with Lamar is fragile. Lamar is among the select handful who have managed to reassert Franklin in the Criminal world.

Simeon Yetarian: Franklin’s boss at the Armenian Arab Car Dealership, Simeon used the company as a front for his side business in real estate. Franklin works for him as a repo man, but because Franklin doesn’t always comply with his instructions, their relationship isn’t great.

Franklin’s pet dog is named Chop.

Jimmy: Jimmy and Franklin don’t get along very well since they have very different interests and worldviews. For instance, Jimmy enjoys playing video games, while Franklin doesn’t like them and takes things more seriously than Jimmy.


Franklin’s mother died in 1992 at the age of four from cocaine abuse. Franklin was given to his grandparents to live with. He started selling smokes with Bradshaw in 1999 when he was 11 years old, marking the start of his criminal career. Eventually, his grandfather managed to catch them.

His grandfather passed away in late 2000, and after the death of his grandmother in 2003, he was placed under the care of his aunt. He and his partner moved into the Strawberry home left to him in his grandmother’s bequest. Franklin began high school in September 2001. He attacked a teacher in his junior year of 2004 and was expelled. Carjacking, robbery, and gang warfare ensued as a result.


“In the current world, when the gang banging glory days, if any, had long ago passed, Franklin was the embodiment of this street hustler. What do you do as someone who has lived in that world when some of the illusions of this life are broken?

A man in his mid-to-late 20s who wants to advance but is hampered by some of his more foolish and dangerous pals and doesn’t really know how seems like an intriguing character. With Franklin, the goal was for someone to go outside of their comfort zone and standard operating procedure because, although they are still in their mid-20s or whatever, that approach hasn’t proven effective.

Thanks to the modern world, shifts in the economy, or whatever, the world they thought they’d be in and be able to succeed in has just failed. It isn’t actually real.

Now, they’re searching for something different. A fresh chance. They have all the credentials and experience necessary, and the only things they excel at are driving and robbing.

How do you really move forward and who do you approach to serve as a mentor of sorts? That contrast worked well. The post-gang-banging world’s gang-banger.”

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