All GTA Online Service Carbine Locations

As you go through the enormously successful “Grand Theft Auto Online,” you will have access to a vast arsenal of potent weapons that you can use to arm yourself on your way to becoming one of the most dreaded crime lords in Los Santos.


Perhaps one of the more advantageous choices available in the game is the Service Carbine, which is a more recent weapon. The real-life M16 serves as the inspiration for the Service Carbine, which is a very effective weapon that possesses a respectable rate of fire and significant stopping power.

From the information that was provided by GhillieMaster, a YouTuber, it can be concluded that the Service Carbine is one of the more effective assault weapons in the game in terms of the damage that it deals.

The Service Carbine is capable of bringing down adversaries with ten bullets, which is only surpassed by the Military Rifle and the Assault Rifle Mk 2, both of which can take down foes with nine shots apiece. If you are aiming for the body, the Service Carbine is the most effective against enemies.

If adding the Service Carbine to your arsenal in “Grand Theft Auto Online” is something you are considering doing, then there is some good news for you: there are two different ways to get it.

While searching the map for materials, one of these approaches is absolutely free of charge and entails searching the map. When you use the alternative method, you have the option to purchase it outright if you are not able to wait.

Construct the Service Carbine, Purchase it from Ammu-Nation

gta 1 All GTA Online Service Carbine Locations

However, if you want to get the Service Carbine for free in “Grand Theft Auto Online,” you are going to have to construct it on your own. Visiting any one of the ten crime locations that are dispersed over San Andreas is the means by which this objective can be completed.

The barrel, the magazine, the receiver, the sights, and the scope are the five components of the rifle that you will need to acquire in order to successfully construct it by yourself. It would appear that the precise crime sites at which these components can be found are completely random situations.

If, on the other hand, there is a rifle piece to be discovered at the crime scene, the blip for the crime scene will change blue (indicating that you will know where to find one).

If the idea of roaming throughout Los Santos and the places surrounding it does not appeal to you and you have some extra cash on hand, you may alternatively purchase the Service Carbine from an Ammu-Nation store (via GTA Base).

Additionally, a variety of attachments and customization choices are available at the store. If you decide to take this way, you should be aware that the rifle is quite expensive.

In the event that you are interested in purchasing the Service Carbine, the normal asking price is $370,000. By purchasing it directly from Ammu-Nation, on the other hand, you can avoid the necessity of traveling around the entire map in the hope that one of the Crime Scenes will have the components that you require.

If you have been playing “Grand Theft Auto Online” for a considerable amount of time, this cost might not be as costly as it is for players who are just starting out or who play the game occasionally.


In Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games is responsible for dividing the Service Carbine into five distinct pieces and distributing them among ten different places.

locations All GTA Online Service Carbine Locations

It is possible for the Weapon Components Collectibles event to take place at any point within a multiplayer instance. On the other hand, it takes players close to twenty minutes to get it into play.

There are five pieces of the Service Carbine rifle that players need to search for and retrieve in order to participate in the event. The search zones, on the other hand, are typically crime scenes, and there are two police officers who are constantly monitoring and inspecting the perimeter.

These are the five components that make up the weapon:

  1. Barrel
  2. Magazine
  3. GunSight
  4. Stock
  5. Receiver

These pieces can be found in the following locations in GTA Online:

  1. Elysian Island, Los Santos – Between Abattoir Avenue and Buccaneer Way
  2. East Vinewood, Los Santos – Near Popular Street
  3. West Vinewood, Los Santos – Near Eclipse Boulevard
  4. Strawberry, Los Santos – Under Olympic Freeway Overbridge
  5. Del Perro Beach, Los Santos – Under Red Desert Avenue overpass
  6. Banham Canyon, Los Santos – Behind the convenience store near the Great Ocean Highway
  7. Ron Alternates Wind Farm, Los Santos – Between Senora Way and the train tracks
  8. Alamo Sea, Blaine County – Near Marina Drive
  9. Grapeseed, Blaine County – Near Grapeseed Main Street
  10. Paleto Bay, Blaine County – Between Procopio Drive and Paleto Boulevard

One can also find these locations on the map by following a blue dot called “Crime Scene”.

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